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Fanpage guideline


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Strategy how to control your fanpage more effective ness

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Fanpage guideline

  1. 1. Guide line12BET.FANPAGE
  2. 2. table of contentsContent guide Page 3 - 8Timeline new feature & design Page 9 - 20Tactics guide Page 21 - 28Recommend and not Page 29 - 31Daily task Page 32 - 33Successful fanpage example Page 34 - 35
  3. 3. 12bet fanpageContents could be use
  4. 4. Type 1: Active FeedActive Feed mean sharing relate andinteres content from various sources.Use short status with Feed can helppeople keep come back to 12BET fanpage.GUIDE LINE• Encourage people to Like Fanpage• Post useful, interesting content from various sources, regularly.• Monitor and participate in the comments on 12BET Fanpage
  5. 5. Type 2: Use photosOne photo and short status can begood for fanpage update. It’s easierto talk about 12BET by photos thantext baseGUIDE LINE• Use pictures to show 12BET product.• Collect images from customers, CSR or sport event to show.• Some time post pictures of your team at work. They will make your company easier to relate to.
  6. 6. Type 3: Use VideoMedia content is the most favoritecontent in Facebook. With oneinteres content video, Fanpage canrecruit at least 3-5 new fan.GUIDE LINE• Post recordings of top-notch talksgiven by your team members.• Post videos that show 12BETproduct in action.• Sharing top trend video relate togambling industry
  7. 7. Type 4:Offline marketingHighlight Offline Marketing onFanpage is a dynamic way to viralyour Brand to social audiencesGUIDE LINE• Highlight company sponsorships(Widgan Athletic, Newcastle United FC )• Highlight events organized by 12BET orwhich we’ll be attending (12BET WorldOpen 2011)
  8. 8. Daily content percentage Fanpage content share throught other internet source (content must be relate to gambling industry) 20% Fanpage content share through Auto update content feed from Fanpage content is human status, comment 50% Corporate blog or Twitter Account and engage with fan member 20%Fanpage content is photo andvideo upload (Relate to 12BET:Product, sponsor, offline event, 10%CSR v.v)
  9. 9. fanpagenew design & feature
  10. 10. over view Fans can now send private messages directly to the brand. This feature can be disabled.Branded cover photo (851x315) and profile pic (125X125) allow for maximum creativity Applications and tabs appear as “favorites” beneath cover photo as thumbnails. You select four to display. Friends of user that like the page Pinned posts keep features at top of page for 7 days Timeline automatically inserts geo-targeted posts for fans in that country/city
  11. 11. over view Fan posts aggregated in a separate stream Browse page history chronologically Ability to post content in full page width box
  12. 12. COVER PHOTO Add 12BET sight to cover with beauty and creativeGUIDE LINEThink of cover photo as your overlays on pictures.showcase. Use an image that best Keep an eye on Facebook Policyfits your brand but also make sure to i.e.Facebook doesn’t allow Callstocreate impact and emotion. Don’t Action.forget to update regular. Avoid text
  13. 13. PROFILE PICTURE GUIDE LINE You can make a creative overlap of your Profile Picture and Cover Photo but remember to avoid repetitionUse 12BETcompany logoor image associated topage content
  14. 14. view & apps Photos and custom apps appear at the top. A detailed view is available by the far right arrow.GUIDE LINEYou can customize images for your apps and rearrange them in theorder of importance. There are many other details for this section, it’simportant to get to know them
  15. 15. larger storie GUIDE LINE This change work great with sharing media news or status (video, picture) The new page design allows the use of bigger more impactful photos to tell better stories. You can also include a person with, date and location with your story.
  16. 16. sta r c o nt e nt You can expand a post by clicking the star to underline a specific story, event or campaign. You can also hide posts that are irrelevant or not as engaging.GUIDE LINEStar Content works well with image and videos. You can easily attractattention to featured campaigns, moments or even products/services
  17. 17. m i l e sto n e s Set milestones for key moments through time. Timeline is a perfect fit for history of events.GUIDE LINEYou can use timeline to create nostalgic moments, a wow effect or simply to inform
  18. 18. You can pin a post to keep an entry at the top of your page. A pinnedpinned post post can be kept for up to seven days GUIDE LINE Pinned posts are great for campaigns that you want to keep alive
  19. 19. date selector Users can navigate in time and jump to a specific period to discover past stories and events. GUIDE LINE For established brands it’s always great and effective to share how things started with the company whether it be an image of the first store, first product packaging or pictures of founders.
  20. 20. 5 MUST DOto redesign fanpageRedesign 12BET Brand page using new timeline featuresUpload a cover photo (see page .... for guide)You may need to rearrange your views and appsAdd Brand description and informationnsert the back catalog of the brand >> + reconstruct history
  21. 21. tactics 12bet fanpage
  22. 22. "like" baiting Ask your fans to ‘like’ a post for afun reason (keep it on brand) and get ready to add the term “likebaiting” to your vernacular.We’ve seen 10-20x the normal feedbacklevels with these posts. If asked for the right reason you get a good level of conversation.
  23. 23. famous "quotes" Everyone loves a quote and regardless of your brand or industry vertical, it’s likely a philosopher or notable personality has made a quotable statement about it. A well-chosen quote posted to your page can see a strong response.
  24. 24. true or falsePost a bold statement and let your fans discuss amongst themselves whether or not they agree. We’ve seen a greater responsethan simply asking people to share their opinion with no prompt.
  25. 25. this vs that“This vs. That” is a quick way to poll your fans on their preference for something product related. Use this as a simple marketresearch tool for your brand or just stir up conversation.
  26. 26. Filling in.......People are more likely to engage with a post that spells out very easily what is wanted from them. A ‘Fill in the Blanks’ post requireslittle effort and sees a big uptake from the easily distracted Facebook user.
  27. 27. Featured fan A simple way to inject a genuine feeling of community into your Facebook Page is to award a “Featured Fan”. It’s a simple wayto showcase your advocates and encourages others to be more involved. It also gives a “human” edge to the personality of the page
  28. 28. brand People have connected with your Facebook Page because they like your brand so don’t feel reluctant to be “product proud” on your page. But don’t just post a pack shot. Make sure they are creative or have some contextual relevance to people’s lives.Yes it is easier if you have an iconicbrand, but remember social should be about quality not quantity. So appeal to your core fan base andnot pander to the wider hive mind.
  29. 29. recommend and NOT
  30. 30. 12bet fanpageNot recommend actionIn Frequent posts Inconsistent postsDeclarative posts Repetitive topicsNo call to action in post Text only status updates
  31. 31. 12bet fanpagerecommend actionMore links, more photos, more videosAlways include media in postsInterest and more post at weekendPost 1-2 time per day with manual postPost with consistent timingMore Interrogative postsNot plain but varied topicsAsking for response (“Like” if you...)
  32. 32. 12BET FanpageDaily task
  33. 33. Daily ActionPost 1-2 time per day with manual post(Using content percentage for your reference)Visit 30 fan’s profile, comment on their activitiesAdd 20 friends by 12BET personal profileReply all comment on 12BET fanpageUsing at least 2 tactic (p20-27) every 3 days
  34. 34. 15 examples Success Bussiness Fanpage
  35. 35. Thank