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The things you need to know about Timeline for your Brand Pages, by 7billion

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Facebook Timeline Guide by 7billion

  2. 2. Contents1. What is Timeline and Why Is It Important?2. Key Features3. Key Benefits4. What Should I Do Now?5. Examples of Timeline Pages
  3. 3. What Is Timeline and Why Is It Important?WhatFacebook Timeline for Brands is different in many ways from theoriginal interface. It is a visually compelling way of engaging andconnecting with your fans emotionally, through your brand’smilestones and historic background, the stories and highlights ofyour brand. It is essentially a storytelling virtual scrapbook that givesyour brand a life that can be worth sharing to your fans.WhyIt is important because it could involve changing your social mediastrategy with Facebook, not forgetting, it will be mandatory for everyBrand page by 30th March 2012 to switch to Timeline.
  4. 4. Key FeaturesWhat Are The New Features To Take Note Of:1. Cover PhotoOnce Timeline is implemented, you will realize that your original landingpage will loose focus. What you need, is to find a brilliant and boldimage as your page’s Cover Photo. It is important to keep it in line withyour brand image and resonate with your fans’ expectations. This will bevisually more attractive and entitles more emotional engagement to yourfans.Note: Facebook explicitly states that “This space is not meant forpromotions, coupons, or advertisements.” The Cover Photo should be851 x 315px and the inset Profile Picture display is now 125 x 125px.
  5. 5. Key Features1. Cover Photoe.g. Livestrong
  6. 6. Key Features2. Custom TabsTabs and Apps now appear directly under your Cover Photo with amaximum of 4 displayed. You can change the order of the tabs andthe image of the tab displayed. Of course, you thus need to put themost important and crucial apps to your business, strategically underthe cover photo.
  7. 7. Key Features2. Custom Tabse.g. Starbuckse.g. Walmart
  8. 8. Key Features3. Pinned Posts & HighlightPin posts: You can now choose to “pin” you most engaging post righton top of your page. This means these updates will remain at the topof your wall, for your choice of period of time (up to 7 days).Tip: How about coming up with a weekly poll? Fan contest? Somethingengaging that keeps the fans coming back.Highlight: If you havent already experimented with this function, it isa very smart way of drawing your fans attention to important postsupdates. It enlarges the width to double the size of a specific post.Whether it be an image, a video or an offer, you can play around withit to your advantage. Just “star” it and you can, remove the highlightanytime as well.
  9. 9. Key Features3. Pinned Poste.g. Red Bull
  10. 10. Key Features3. Highlighte.g. Red Bull
  11. 11. Key Features4. Admin Panel – Real Time InsightsOne great feature of the new admin is that you can admin your Pagewithout leaving the Page itself. The administration is displayed abovethe Page content.In addition, Data on impressions, reach, people talking about this,clicks, video views, negative feedback and more will soonbe available just 5-10 minutes after a post is published rather thantwo whole days later. This will teach marketers what contentresonates most with their audiences, and give them the chance toimmediately amplify the reach of a popular post.
  12. 12. Key Features5. Fan MessageFans are now able to send a message directly to you in private. Thisis beneficial if they are negative comments that you can settle anddiscuss in private. Of course, there are downsides, like an influx ofmessages to your admin panel. This is an optional feature you canturn off.
  13. 13. Key Features6. Milestones and Life EventsThe whole basis of Timeline is storytelling so what better way to doso, then to showcase your brands milestones that dates back tomore than a decade ago.
  14. 14. Key Features6. Milestones and Life Eventse.g. Starbucks
  15. 15. Key Benefits1. Creating an IdentityWith the new Cover Photo, there many ways for you to make thebest out of it, in line with your brand image and in engaging yourcustomers. It is 80% more engaging and entitles an emotionalconnection with your fans.2. It’s like Story TellingFacebook pages take a more storytelling position now rather thanproduct selling. The new features of highlights, pinned posts,milestones and friend activity that appears differently on each fan’spage when they view your page; all these make the pages lookbeautiful, interactive where fans won’t feel that they are forced to likethe page before being able to post their views or share their images.What fans will see, is organic engaging and sincere contentby the brands. This will keep fans coming back.  
  16. 16. Key Benefits3. Improved Management and MeasurementWith the new admin panel, rather than sending admins to a separateinterface, the new Admin Panel drops down and appears overlaidover Timeline when clicked. All the info about your reach, number of“Likes” and demographics of your fans are given in real-time. Withthis new feature, you can configure your settings, manage yourposts and content, attending to any urgent negative commentwhenever needed. This gives you great control to your contentmanagement and garner greater insights to what your fans reallywant.
  17. 17. Key Benefits4. Increase Fans EngagementThis last and final point is important to all brands because withoutthem, there is no you. The entire layout from the Cover Photo to thecuration of events in Milestones, provides fans a much greateremotional engagement to your brand. As long as you know how tostrategically position your posts, create suitable content and pickvisually stunning cover photo and profile photos that resonate withyour brand, with Timeline, you can improve your fans engagement.  
  18. 18. What Should I Do Now?You have up till 30th March 2012 before your Page automaticallychanges to the new Timeline layout and you may just have to end upmaking changes to your original Facebook strategy.Hence, here are some first steps you can take before you roll outTimeline for your brand.
  19. 19. What Should I Do Now?1. Choose your Cover Photo (and maybe a new profile photo) thatyou think is not only visually appealing, but something that isengaging and relatable to your brand image.2. Manage your Tabs Content. Decide which tabs should be kepton display directly below your cover photo. There is more space nowfor your apps when fans click it, so review your current tabs and seehow you can best execute them, and decide which thumbnail imagesyou wish to place on each tab.3. Pinned posts and Highlights. It would be good going throughwhich posts will be worth pinning and highlighting.4. Admin Panel. It will be good going through the new features andyou can choose how different admins see different things on theinsights.  
  20. 20. What Should I Do Now?5. Fan message inbox. Decide if you want fans to be messagingprivately to your page, these messages will be directed to youradmin. You probably need to respond effectively and quickly shouldthere be influx of messages. So, do decide if this is a viable optionfor you. (if you’re a local or big business)
  21. 21. ConclusionIt’s not too late to act so do not worry!Timeline is something we should thank for and embrace. We believeTimeline has the same underlying message as before it wasintroduced; that Pages are ultimately for building communities ofpeople who are engaged in conversations and sharing stories.
  22. 22. ExamplesCover Photos – Coca Cola
  23. 23. ExamplesCover Photos – American Museum of Natural History
  24. 24. ExamplesCover Photos – Walmart
  25. 25. ExamplesCover Photos – Verizon Wireless
  26. 26. ExamplesCover Photos – Macy’s
  27. 27. ExamplesCover Photos – Subway (very good cover)
  28. 28. ExamplesMilestones – Ben & Jerry’s
  29. 29. ExamplesMilestones – Subway
  30. 30. ExamplesPinned Posts – Verizon Wireless & Starbucks
  31. 31. ExamplesPinned Posts – Macy’sCalling for fans to be part of their Macy’s “story” on their Timeline
  32. 32. ExamplesHighlights – Toyota USA
  33. 33. ExamplesHighlights – Starbucks
  34. 34. Thank you!For questions or further information, contact us at info@7billion.se