Facebook 101: Fan Pages


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2011 INA Annual Conference Topic about Facebook fan pages and Facebook marketing.

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Facebook 101: Fan Pages

  1. 1. Facebook 101: Fan PagePresented by Dawn Jensen, Virtual Options Coaching & Training Steps to Getting Started in Social MediaSocial Media Checklist for Social Profiles Headshot Photo Resume Feature Biography or Professional/Personal Summary Especially created for participants of “Writer’s” Byline Bio INA Conference 2011. Keywords or Tags/Specialties To Fan INA on Facebook visit: Tagline, Personal Brand Ethos Statement www.fb.me/ InternationalNannyAssociation or Brand/Business Logo TEXT “InternationalNannyAssociation” to 32665Facebook: (Business to Consumer) 1. Have a clear marketing purpose and strategy using Facebook for business 2. Creating the Page for your Business- http://www.facebook.com/pages 3. Gain your first 25 fans. Use your ”Suggest to friends” link on your fan page to get the ball rolling. 4. Create a personalized “vanity” URL – http://www.facebook.com/username 5. Make sure your Facebook fan page is branded with your logo and “looks”, the same as your other marketing. E.g. website, marketing brochures, business cards, other collateral 6. Invite people to “like” your page and suggest your business/fan page to friends 7. Update your Facebook page on a consistent basis. Let your personality shine through. 8. Remember to inform, educate, and entertain depending on your strategy 9. Identify a short list of benchmarks or goals and outline a timeline for them 10. Measure and monitor your Social Media for the timeline and goals in mindNotes:-____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Anatomy of a Facebook Fan Page 1. Profile image: For a product page, like this one, you can use your company logo. Make sure it’s an image that you want representing your brand alongside every status update and post. This will literally be the “face” of your company! Maximum dimensions are 180(w)x 540(h) pixels. 2. Other Photos: These photos get pulled from the photo album and wall posts on your page. Many new pages don’t have ANY pictures in these spots, which is a shame. Try and think of any imagery that you think best represents your brand and post them in an album so they appear along the top. You can hide or delete any images you don’t want displayed later. 3. Post: This is where you share interesting and relevant information with your fans on Facebook. Anyone who “likes” your page will see your posts in their personal newsfeed. 4. Wall/Feed: Your Wall is the primary place users can engage and converse with your brand. Users can comment, like and “share” your messages, links and video. Below each of your posts you can view quick analysis of the post’s popularity, including impressions and feedback rate. 5. Tabs: To the left of the Wall, are your tabs. Users can navigate through interesting parts of your page, including your Photo albums, Discussion forums, custom Apps, and even special tabs like a Welcome page. You can also choose to set one of these tabs as your default landing page (Found under Edit Info>Manage Permissions). 6. Fans/Likes: Beneath your Tabs is the number of “likes” your page has. Likes are the number of people who are a fan of your page and are receiving your updates on their personal newsfeed. You can click on the “people like this” link to view the names and profiles of your fans. 7. Admin Tools: To the right of your Wall, you have an “easy access” list of helpful administrative tools. Here you can view analytical data for your profile by clicking “View Insights”. Or, if you have given your personal account ‘Administrative access’ to the fan page, you can sign in as yourself and toggle between using Facebook as yourself or as your company. This is a feature which allows you to interact with other pages & people as your page. More in depth administrative tools, such as editing and updating your profile page’s content, can be found by clicking “Edit Info” at the top of the page. Page | 2 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  3. 3. Getting Started with Fan PagesFor most, Social Media can seem overwhelming at first. If you are new, plan oninvesting 5-6 hours setting up your Social networks, and 1-2 hours planning andposting a week.Does it really have to take that long? No. Not if you are focused. And, there are toolsto help. However, you want to be able to build your business and your brand by:1) Starting small2) Building Deliberately3) Providing Clear, Consistent ActionRemember as you move through these sessions, strategy and clarity will be important. We are here to helpyou along your way. By the way, there are a lot of questions around what cost and value would putting abusiness on Social Media. Most businesses see Social Networks as “new media” versus “traditional media”like print, newspaper, radio/TV advertisement. It is recommended for optimal results that you have acombination of new and traditional media.For bootstrapping entrepreneurs and those with a limited marketing budget, Facebook is a great start.So, if you were to pay someone or DIY (do-it-yourself), use this as an average management cost. Can you getit cheaper? Probably. Be aware, that you get what you pay for in most cases, good and bad. Ask questions.Quality of work will trump quantity on Social network. Your brand and business is here to engage fans, andinfluence people by informing, educating and sometimes even entertaining them.Calculating costs: Time Vs. MoneyUse this chart to provide an estimate of value. In creating strategy for your Social Business presence, this isan initial factor to consider. Page | 3 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  4. 4. Ways to Create Engagement with Friends/FansPosts: Posts made before noon get 65 percent more engagement than posts afternoon across all fans served, according . So you should test during different days ofthe week and times of day to see what works best — check your analytics. One tip-off: Keep chat on and see what time of day most of your friends are loggedin. Finally, be aware that freshness counts: You’ll seldom see content in a News Feedmore than 48 hours old.Contests: Facebook Promotion Guidelines: http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.phpVideo: A YouTube group product manager wrote the other day: “over 150 years worth of YouTube video iswatched on Facebook every day.” (See above for how to embed a Vimeo or YouTube video on Facebook.)Does sharing a link to a YouTube video or embedding a YouTube video bump up your visibility? Yes. You can create a video over a what a typical morning routine would be like. Share about safety and security procedures. Create a video tour of your facility or office. Or, simply allow your clients to be the star. Kids are great at hamming it up and providing honest, insightful feedback.Places: “Facebook Places definitely has a heavier weight than competitors” such as Foursquare andGowalla, whose members’ check-ins carry little weight on Facebook. For one thing, when you utilizeFacebook Places, you allow fans to connect to you and share that they have done so with their friends, fans,and following.Photos: Facebook members today upload more than 4 billion photos per month, making Facebook by farthe largest photo sharing site on the Web. Pictures are an amazing way to create a feeling of your brand. With permission, you can capture the wonderful places and faces of children and clients alike. They each tell a story. Eighty percent of people are visual learners. Pictures are instant reminders of the sense of what clients and prospect get when working with you, your staff, the business, and the brand.Share: Fascinating as you are, it’s not all about you. Use the Share button to share interesting updates fromfriends and Pages you follow. But don’t overdo it, and be sure to add your own personal twist or insightful,provocative observations. “An object created in Facebook — that is, sharing another user’s update — shouldweigh at least equally to, if not greater than, linking externally” Use Example of the types of services you provide. Share where you go. Remember this is about informing,educating, and sometimes entertaining your clients and prospects, and parents.Link: Use the Link option to share content from the open Web, adding your own distinctive take on thesubject, of course. If there is a relevant article on health and safety for instance, share your opinion orsimply link to the article so your fans can gain more information. If the CPC has a recall, make note of the important features and be on the forefront of consumer information. This provides you a platform to be relevant, current and also seen as expert or top in industry.Comments: If items you post attract comments from a few friends, it raises your visibility overall,particularly mutual friends. Comment in a helpful, friendly, engaging way. Add value. Just remember, it’s aprocess — you build up authority a little bit at a time, not overnight. Page | 4 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  5. 5. Likes: Like away — it’s an incredibly powerful tool. Use it for news articles on outside sites that sport a Like button, on updates, even comments. Using lots of Likes doesn’t mean you’ll appear in others’ news feeds, but it will begin to solidify your reputation as a peer and supporter. How to Upload Photos on Facebook By an eHow Contributor While Facebook may be the most popular social networking site in recent years, its functionality can sometimes be tricky. The site helps you to make and connect with contacts, associates as well activity partners. Millions of Facebook users from across the world has a great time connecting with their friends through this site. You can put you notes and share your favorite photographs with contacts and associates on Facebook. For that you need to upload your photos on Facebook. for uploading your photos you need to create a photo album. You can store up to 200 photos per album. There are multiple ways to use the photo upload feature on Facebook. Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions1. Go to www.facebook.com and log on with your Facebook user name and password. Then select the "Photos" link from the left navigation bar.2. Click the "My Photos" link at the top of the page and then select "Create a Photo Album" under the "My Photos" header on the next page.3. Add the required album information such as the album name and privacy settings and click "Create Album."4. Navigate the site. You will be taken to a window where youll be able to look through the photos on your computer (at left) and select the photos youd like to upload by clicking on a check box next to the picture and choosing "Upload."5. Surf on over to the "Try the Simple Uploader" link at the bottom of the upload window. This will take you to a page that allows you to choose your photos one by one rather than all at once. Make sure to agree to the Terms of Use before selecting the "Upload Photos" link. Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_2302401_upload-photos-facebook.html Notes:- ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Page | 5 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  6. 6. 20 Ways to Build Your Facebook Fan Page 1. Promote Your Facebook Profile on Your Website – One of the best and easiest ways to promote your Facebook profile is on yourcompany website. To do so, add a link or a badge on your site with the url to yourFacebook account embedded in it. TIP: Place your Facebook link in a prominent location. The more people that see it on your business site, the faster your following will grow.2. Befriend Others – When you find other Facebook users that pertain to your specific industry, send them afriend request to ask them to add you as their friend, too. TIP: Be sure to include a small note along with your friend request and let the person know why you think it would benefit them to add you.3. Promote Your Facebook Profile in Your Store – If you have a store, promote your Facebook profile at thepoint of sale. Ask them to send add you as a friend on Facebook for special promotions and upcoming events. TIP: If you can customize your receipts, add something like “Be our Fan on Facebook for exclusive discounts”.4. Promote Your Facebook Profile on Your Business Cards – Facebook is just as good at communicating withyour customers as the phone and email, and in certain aspects, even better. Include your Facebook link on yourbusiness cards with your other communication details TIP: Be creative with your Facebook marketing by including fun or value. When you give your card to people, let them know why they should follow you and they probably will.5. Promote Your Facebook Profile in Your Advertisements – Your current advertisements are a great way toget your Facebook link in front of loads of people for free. It shouldn’t cost you anything to change your ad andyou’ll get lots of friends just for including this little piece of information. TIP: Remember value! If you have the space, let people know what they will get for following you on Twitter and you’ll see your conversion rates skyrocket.6. Promote Your Facebook Profile in Your Network – In today’s economy, it’s imperative to spend timenetworking with other business people in your market or industry. Tell those you already know in thesenetworks about Facebook and ask them to be your friend. TIP: Be sure to ask everyone else in your network to become your friend. If they aren’t already on Facebook, invite them to join and to add you as a friend when they do.7. Promote Your Facebook Profile on Other Sites – Do you already have a MySpace, Twitter, YouTube orLinkedIn account? If so, promote your Facebook profile within these networks, as well. TIP: Just like on your company website, promote your Facebook link in a prominent location to get the most attention. Better yet, write a blog post or status update. Page | 6 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  7. 7. 8. Promote Your Facebook Profile in Your Email Signature – Email signatures are agreat way to add some excitement to the end of your emails and one of the easiest waysto promote your Facebook link. If you don’t already use a signature, typically all youhave to do is add it in your settings. TIP: Depending on your business, your email signature may be seen by a lot of people. To increase these numbers, ask people to tell others about your Facebook link within your email signature.9. Promote Your Facebook Profile in Guest Posts/Columns – One of the best ways to brand yourself as anexpert is to write a guest post on other industry blogs or to write a column for an industry publication. If youhave these opportunities, be sure to mention your Facebook link. TIP: A good way to leverage these opportunities is to invite people to get exclusive add-on material of the topic you just covered by following you on Facebook and then sending this information out in a status update or personal message.10. Update Often – A great way to get more friends is to update your status with interesting things on aconsistent basis. TIP: Think of yourself as a filter for your market and provide updates about insightful topics in your industry. The more useful you can be to others, the more likely they will be your friend. Asking questions is a good way to get people to reply to your status updates.11. Converse With Others – On the flip side, it’s also important to respond to other status updates and buildconversations with others in your market. It’s never good to be perceived as a “taker”, so take part instead. TIP: The best replies are those that help solve someone’s specific problem. Keep an eye out for problems you can solve that directly relate to your business.12. Update at Peak Times – The majority of Facebook users are U.S. based and use the service during U.S.business hours. Even if you have to take a five minute break during your workday, it’s better to update duringbusiness hours than after them. TIP: Update about limited-time offers in your store. Say something like “15% off product X for the next 2 hours only!” and then promote your sale through other avenues so that your customers understand they have to be your friend on Facebook to take advantage of these offers.13. Organize a Contest Through Your Facebook Profile – Contests are always a good way to build excitement inyour brand. Promote a contest through your store, website and Twitter profile and name the winner in a Tweet. TIP: Think about the type of prizes your prospects would find most beneficial and then offer them to the winners. those that don’t win are a great pool of prospects for you to market to in the future.14. Ask Specific Users to Recommend You – The more time you spend on Facebook, the more users you’ll findthat share similar markets with you. Ask these people to be your friend and then once you’ve had time to builda relationship, send them a message and ask them if they’ll recommend you to their friends. TIP: If your business is strictly local, join up with other local businesses or those individuals who have some influence in your area. Page | 7 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  8. 8. 15. Use Facebook as a Customer Service Tool – Customer service should be one of yourtop priorities and giving your customers another way to contact you is a a good start. Letyour customers know they can send their inquiries through Facebook. TIP: Use Facebook to build a better FAQ section for your website. Ask your friends to send you their questions and see which ones get the most attention. Then add the answers to these questions to your company website.16. Send Valuable Content to Influential Members – Most influential members of any network are starving formore valuable content to recommend to their network. Find those who are influential in your target marketand send them articles and information their friends might find useful and allow them to share it with them. TIP: Be sure to include your contact information in any content you send them. The point of sharing this content is to get more traffic for your Facebook profile, which won’t happen if they don’t know how to find it. For best results, create an additional report exclusively for their followers that they can access after following you.17. Join The Get More Friends Facebook Group – Facebook has millions of groups you can join to expand yournetwork. TIP: Remember to always be a valuable member of any group you join. If your sole purpose for joining the group is to saturate people with friend requests, don’t bother. People in these groups are looking to build their followings too, so provide them useful content and help add value to their communities.18. Use The Built-In Friend Find Feature – While you likely sent friend requests to your email contacts when youfirst created your account, it’s a good idea to go back through these accounts from time to time and add thoseyou left out before or who have recently become new contacts. Find this feature here. TIP: Not all of your email contacts are good candidates for becoming your Facebook friend. Be selective when you send these requests and try to keep your friend list targeted for business purposes.19. Use The Search Box – Facebook’s built-in search feature is another great way to find friends related tospecific industries or geographic locations. Search for specific names, industry topics, locations near you or anyother idea that may spring to mind. TIP: Remember to always include a note with your friend requests letting people know exactly why you want them to add you and what you can provide for their community .20. Ask Those In Your Other Social Networks To Add You – Facebook may be your first foray into socialnetworking, but chances are you’ve spent some time on one or more of the other social networks on theinternet. If you have, ask your followers on these sites to add you on Facebook. TIP: Remember your business goals. Having 1000 friends that have nothing to do with your business is great, but having 100 friends that are specifically related to your business is even better. The most important thing to remember is to always provide value for those who have taken the time to add you as a friend. By doing so, you’ll escalate your status as an expert in your field and garner invaluable goodwill and grow your reputation as a company worth doing business with. Page | 8 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  9. 9. About Virtual OptionsWe are a boutique Social Media & technology training firm that offers digitalmarketing and managed services for select clients who are looking for bestpractices & policy, as well as build exposure and expertise online.We coach you, and your executives and train you teams on digital marketingand new media technology. We refine Social Marketing Strategy with you andassist you or set-up, manage, and build business Social Marketing Presenceonline in conjunction with your off-line, or traditional marketing efforts.Our Top 5 Recommended Social Media Websites for Business Facebook: Facebook Gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. YouTube: Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the worlds most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. 1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 110 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. Twitter: Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations. Foursquare: Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. By “checking in” via a smartphone app or SMS, users share their location with friends while collecting points and virtual badges. Foursquare guides real-world experiences by allowing users to bookmark information about venues that they want to visit and surfacing relevant suggestions about nearby venues. Page | 9 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  10. 10. Example Timeline for Social Media CampaignFacebook and Twitter Management Setting up and linking initial Facebook and Twitter business pages with profile logo, graphics and business information with searchable descriptions Daily (min 5 days per week) content addition that is educational and industry relevant Daily monitoring of client wall posts, emails with forwards when necessary Addition of provided content as needed(photos, ads, articles, announcements , events and specials) For target marketing pay per click ad campaigns, weekly results monitoring and reports with analytics Provide links for website manager to add buttons to existing siteConstant Contact Email Database Setting up and linking initial Constant Contact “opt-in” email database with lists Creation of one email blast template using company image to maintain brand with links, logo, graphics and business information (initial content must be provided by business or will use website or existing internal marketing material) Setting up initial “introduction” email blast with opt-in and social media details to send to clients existing contacts Weekly results monitoring and reports with social media statistics Create email blast campaign, setup, scheduling, monitoring and list management Provide links for website manager to add buttons to existing siteWordPress Blog Setting up and linking initial Blog (using WordPress) Page with Logo, graphics and business information with searchable descriptions (initial content must be provided by business or will use website or existing internal marketing material) 2 post per month - content addition that is educational and industry relevant to brand Weekly monitoring of blog comments and active blog promotion Addition of provided content as needed (photos, ads, articles, announcements , events and specials) Monthly research and following of other industry specific, brand growth blog sites Provide links for website manager to add buttons to existing siteYouTube Channel Marketing Setting up and linking initial YouTube Business Channel Initial video – customer testimonial, business tour, collage of business photos or provided video Video uploading, categorizing and keyword tagging for search optimization Video site submission Page | 10 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing and Management Service FeeSocial Media Audit & Evaluation - $1500-2500 - Perform a comprehensive evaluation of your currentnew media marketing efforts, including analytics, your website SEO, social media, blog, video sharingand marketing, email marketing, web reputation and/or keyword use.Initial Social Media Set Up and Launch $650-$1850 - Set up Facebook/ Twitter pages - Branded:Gravatar, Twitter background, FB profile photo, FB landing page that links to website with SEOkeywords, bio FBML page, keyword rich info and description content.Higher fee includes setting up a branded business YouTube channel and LinkedIn page. Guaranteed 500starting Facebook Fans (additional fans and Twitter followers available for fee). Does not included PPCad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube and/or LinkedInManagement and Posting $100-225/wk – Facebook, Twitter (linked) and LinkedIn (linked) –Researched, industry relevant posts with insight/feedback monitoring and interaction - $200/wk for 10posts, $150/wk 7 posts, $100/wk for 5 posts, (min) $50/wk for two postsConstant Contact Set Up $550 - Start Constant Contact email database with auto-response letter, opt-inhtml code for website, opt in App for Facebook, Introduction email to send to current contacts to opt-in.$275 - brand specific e-blast/newsletter template, survey or event invitation and pageBlog Set Up $550 - Start Blog in WordPress or Blogger with brand specific look and initial intro post,$175 per additional postYouTube Channel Set Up $375 per account – Set up branded business YouTube Channel withbackground graphics, Gravatar and keyword rich information content (videos provided by client).Video Submissions will be priced the same and count as a posting, per site, per post. These can includebut are not limited to the following. All video posts that incur additional cost outside posting will bedirectly billed to client/contractor.For more information about working with Dawn or to set up a noobligation 15-minute coaching consult for your company, simplyemail her directly at dawn@virtualoptions.net.If you’d like to hear Dawn speak at your next event contactspeaker@virtualoptions.net or call 407-588-7246. Page | 11 © 2011, Virtual Options Coaching & Training www.fb.me/virtualoptions info@virtualoptions.net 407.588.7246