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The Big Sleep

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Roshan Licht

  1. 1. THE BIG SLEEP Roshan Licht 3ero 2da T.M.
  2. 2. CHAPTER 1The girl giggled suddenly, The General stared at me. “I hate big dark handsomeand put her thumb in her “Look at this, and have men like you.” Vivan mouth like a baby some more brandy”. Regan said.
  3. 3. CHAPTER 1Philip Marlowe is a private detective who was asked to deal with ablackmailing case for the General Sternwood,  who has two daughterscalled Vivian and Carmen. The General teld him that Rusty Regan,Carmen’s husband, went away without saying goodbye. Since thatmoment, someone was sending him a package threatening. Inside thepacket was card with the name Arthur Geiger, Specialist Bookseller.After that, he promised he would investigate.
  4. 4. CHAPTER 2Marlow went to the Geiger’s store to investigate him. He entered inthe store and asked a woman if Geiger was there, but she answer thathe was not there. He waited Geiger a few minutes when the dooropen. He took a packet and went out again. The detective followedhim. Marlow saw he left a packet between some houses. He picked upit. When he opened the packet, he saw many books of pornography.Geiger’s store was a library of ugly dirt.
  5. 5. CHAPTER 3 kiked in a window, and stepped through it into the house.
  6. 6. CHAPTER 3The detective was watching Geiger’s store wile he was drinkingwhisky. After waiting an hour Geiger left the store with his car. Hefollowed him. Geiger was going home to Laverne Terrace. He parkedhis car in a garage and entered to the house. After a few hours a redcar stopped and a woman got out and went into Geiger’s house.Marlow knew that car, he saw it in the Sternwood’s house. Then heheard a bright light, a terrible scream and three shoots provenience to
  7. 7. CHAPTER 3the house. Someone came out of the house and went by car. Hebroke a window and entered into the house. There were two peoples:Geiger who was on the floor dead and Miss Carmen Sternwood whowas naked, drugged and asleep. The bright light has come form thecamera and the scream from Carmen, but the three shots came fromsomeone else. He found Geiger’s notebook with a lot of names in itand put it in his pocket. Then Marlow took Carmen to home.
  8. 8. CHAPTER 4The big black car had been pulled out of “The Sternwoods have lots of mony, all it the water onto a boat brings us is trouble.
  9. 9. CHAPTER 4Marlowe received a call from Bernie Ohls, who had gotten the jobwith General Sternwood. Bernie said that one of the cars ofSternwood was sunk at sea and had a subject completely dead inside.Marlowe went to sea in Lido Pier where the body was. He had abroken neck and a head wound that as the doctor had been broughtbefore the car entered the water. He was the driver of the Sternwood.Ohls said his name was Owen Taylor and told him he had tried toescape with Carmen but Vivian stopped them. Marlowe returned toGeigers store. The detective noted that a guy was packing all thebooks in boxes Geiger and uploading them to a truck.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 4arlowe took a taxi and followed the truck. When he arrived he saw abuilding that had boxes labeled with the name of Joe Brody, who was theone who the general had paid $ 5,000 to leave Carmen alone. Marlowewent to his office, where was waiting Vivian Regan. She already knewabout what Owen Taylor, but she was more interested in knowing why hisfather had hired him. He refused to talk about the subject, until sheshowed him a photo taken by Geiger in which she was naked. She saidthat the blackmailers asked for a lot of money and if she didn´t give himthe money, they would publish the picture in the newspaper. Marlowetold vivan that get the money fast and did not tell police. She agreed toborrow money from Eddie Mars, whose wife had run away with Regan.
  11. 11. CHAPTER 5 Search this guy,” Eddie Mars said. “Get his gun”.
  12. 12. CHAPTER 5arlowe went to the Geiger ´s garage to investigate. When he arrived hefound with Carmen Sternwood. The detective started askingquestions about what happened last night in the house. Marlow askedif she was there to find the photos and who had killed Geiger wasBrody and she nodded with a smile. Marlow told him to go home andnot said nothing. As he was leaving the house came Eddie Mars.Surprised asked to speak with him. He asked who it was and he saidhe was a detective who worked for Sternwood. Eddie Marloweaccused of providing protection to Geiger. Then Marlow told Eddiewhat was doing Geigers people.
  13. 13. CHAPTER 6 armen was on her hands and knees, trying to find her gun
  14. 14. CHAPTER 6arlowe went to the home of Joe Brody. knocked on the door and askfor Geiger. Brody said he did not know him and tried to close thedoor. Marlowe put his foot in and told him that he knew about thebooks. Brody agreed to let him in and talk to him. He sat down andshot him a cigar to Marlow and Brody pointed with a weapon. Joebegan questioning Marlowe, who reuse talking until he left the personbehind the curtains. Was the same girl from Geigers store. His name
  15. 15. CHAPTER 6as Agnes. Marlowe told him who he was and what he wanted. Hecould convince Brody that if he gave the photos the Carmenconvince not to testify against him. Achieving convince Brody that ifhe gave the photos to Marlow, he convince Carmen to not testifyagainst him. Brody pointed to Brody but it was Agnes who wastargeting Marlowe. was a mess and Marlow ended the 3 guns.
  16. 16. CHAPTER 7fter Carmen left, Marlowe stayed talking to Brody, who said thephotos took them off to Owen Taylor but had not killed him. afterthat the doorbell rang. Brody went to see who it was and executedthrough the gate. Marlowe under the stairs and found a guy running.Marlowe followed him as he hid behind two cars. Marlowe tookCarmen´s gun and threatened him in the back. He got into his carand forced him to drive. The detective ask for his name and he told
  17. 17. CHAPTER 7is name was Carol Lundgren. Marlowe said he had killed the wrongman as Joe Brody didn´t killed Geiger. They came to the Geiger´shouse . Marlowe asked Carol to open the door, but he reuse andMarlowe knock him out and dragged him to the house. and put himin handcuffs and inspected the house. Marlow found the Geigersbody in Carols room. Ohls then called and asked if Owen Taylor hada gun . Ohls nodded and headed toward the house of Geiger
  18. 18. CHAPTER 8 read all the newspapers next morning
  19. 19. CHAPTER 8hls and Marlowe took Carol to the police station, where he wasarrested. Marlowe said what he knew except some details about theGeneral Sternwood and his family. The detective also told them thatTaylor had killed Geiger because he did not like what he was doingwith Carmen and Carol hid the body because he was afraid of thepolice, then went to the store and saw someone carrying the books toBrody then thought Brody killed Geiger and so he shot her. Ohlsasked Marlowe if he had said all this to the police and he said nobecause he wanted to protect his client. Marlow gave one of thebooks of Geiger, to the cops. When the pocie opened it, theyshocked when thy see the face of women drugged. They agreed thatthe name
  20. 20. CHAPTER 8f Sternwood would be out of the papers. Later Eddie Mars calledMarlowe and asked if he had mentioned his name to the police andthe answer was no. Then he asked who had killed Geiger, but Marlowdid not answer clearly. Mars told him if he wanted to find Regan hewill help he. After this, Marlowe called the house and leave a messageto Vivan Sternwood saying that the photos were safe.he next morning the newspapers said that Brody had killed Geigerand Carol had taken over. Also said that Taylor was stabbed in theback, got into a bag and threw himself into the sea.
  21. 21. CHAPTER 9arlowe went to see Captain Gregory in "Missing persons" and said hewas looking for Regan. Sternwood, was afraid that Regan was embersinvolved with blackmail. Gregory told Marlowe that Regan haddisappeared on 16 September and that his car was found outside theapartment of Mona Mars, who had also disappeared. Eddie andMona had separated before she died. Marlowe thought that Reganhad bored Vivan and found someone he likes more. Leaving realized
  22. 22. CHAPTER 9hat a gray car was following him. He went to his office and Bultercalled it telling that General was not very well but he had read thenewspaper and Marlowes work was done, and to would send a checkewith 500 dollars. Marlow went to the Eddie´s club to ask for Regan.Marlowe had a little talk with Eddie. Before leaving he ask Eddie if heknew who was chasing him in the gray car. Eddie said that he didn´tknow but his expression was one of srprise and concern.
  23. 23. CHAPTER 10 ivan had sisteen thousand dollars in front of her. A lot of mony to lose
  24. 24. CHAPTER 10arlowe went to see Vivian as playing roulette. Vivian had won 1000dollars. At that time, Marlowe left the club, when he heard a manthreatening to Vivian with a gun in exchange for giving him all themoney. Vivian asked him what he was doing there and answer thatEddie Mars called him thinking he was looking for Regan. then theywent to drink at a bar. Marlowe began questioning what you knowabout Mars? Why let you play and then takes your money? She evadedthe questions. They drove along the coast, where Marlow kissedVivian. Then, Vivan accused Marlow a murderer.
  25. 25. CHAPTER 11 I´m Harry Jones,” he said. “Agnes sent me. I´ve got something to sel¨l”
  26. 26. CHAPTER 11arlowe woke up and went to his office. The gray car followed and ashort man came. his name was Harry Jones and he had something tosell: information about Regan. He said that Eddie Mars sent to killedhim and Brody try to get money from Sternwood and Mars. alsospoke about Lash Cannino, the bully of Mars. He said he knew whereto find Mona and offered information in exchange for money. Hetold him to go talk to Agnes, who would give him the information.
  27. 27. CHAPTER 12 sat Agnes in her grey Plymouth as she told me her story
  28. 28. CHAPTER 12arlow went to the Fulwider Building to find Agnes. When he was inthe elevator, he heard a convertation with Harry and Canino. Caninoforced him to say where was Agnes and the he killed him. At thismoment the phone rang. It was Agnes. Marlow told to her and theyagreed on a place to meet and talk about Mona. Agnes told him thestory about Mona: “Joe and I were out driving the Sunday before last.We passed a broen car an I saw the girl who was driving it. Eddie
  29. 29. ars´s wife. Canino was with her. Joe followed the car. There´s a smallgarage, wich is owned by a man called Art Huck. She is in thathouse”. Marlow went to find Mona Mars. He stepped to the garagedoor and Canino hit him and he fainted.
  30. 30. CHAPTER 13 s he turnes towards my voice, i shot him
  31. 31. CHAPTER 13he Marlow got up, he found beside him Mona Mars. She asked himwhy he was here, and he answer that he want to talk with Eddie. Thenshe got back with a knife and cut his ropes. She freed him andMarlow told her to come with him, but she didn´t want. He wentoutside and saw Canino. He hid behind the car, but Canino watchedhim. Marlow took a gun andhe shoot four times. Canino fell to thefloor dead.
  32. 32. CHAPTER 14 laughed at her. Iwalked towards her and she fired the gun at me
  33. 33. CHAPTER 14arlow was talking with the Capitan of the Missing People, Gregory.He told him that he thought that Canino killed Rusty Regan. Marlowasked General what happend to Mrs Mars, and he told him that thepolice let her go. Marlow drove home. When he got home, the phonerang. It was Norris. He told him that the Genral Sternwood wanted tosee him. He went to The Sternwood´s house. The General was in bedand he did not look very good. The General asked to Marlow that
  34. 34. CHAPTER 14ontinue looking for Rust Regan. When he was leaving the house, hefound Carmen. Carmen asked him if he could teach him how used agun. They went to the old oil-wells. Marlow gave Carmen her gun andstarted teaching. Marlow started to walked back towards her andwhen he was a few meters from her, she showed him her sharp littleand pointed the gun at him, and she started to shoot.
  35. 35. CHAPTER 15arlow was talking with Vivian. She asked him what happend withCarmen, and he told her. Then Marlow told the story of whathappened: “Geiger was using Carmen to blackmail your father, butEddie Mars was behind Geiger, just using him. Your father didn´t payGeiger, wich showed that he wasn´t frightened of him. Eddie wantedto know that. He had it over the General, too. If he had, to wouldbring him a lot of money very quickly. If not, he would have to wait
  36. 36. CHAPTER 15ntil you got our halg of the familiy fortune. Own Taylor killed Geiger,because Owen love your sister. Eddie didn´t care. Only you, Eddieand Mr tough guy Canino knew what game Eddie was playing. RustyRegan disappeard, and Eddie his his wife out at Realito so that peoplewould think Rusty has tun off with Mona. Eddie knew what has reallyhappened to Rusty, but he didn´t want the police to know. WhenMarolw grabbed the gun, he realized there were no bullets.
  37. 37. CHAPTER 15arlow realized thar Carmen tried to shoot him and Regan.
  38. 38. THE END!!!