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Juan de O, Kevin, Jonathan, Christian Ch.


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Ghost in the Guitar

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Juan de O, Kevin, Jonathan, Christian Ch.

  1. 1. She is Katherine and she had a silly dream. She wanted to be a pop star. Katy was playing the electric piano in a band. It was called Steel City
  2. 2. He is Tom and he is the Katy’s boyfriend. Tom worked in a supermarket. He was the guitarist in Steel City and he didn’t play well.
  3. 3. Steel City had a singer and a drummer. The singer was Aruna and she was playing the bass guitar too. The drummer was Danny.
  4. 4. Tom had a surprise to the band. He suscribed Steel City in a big competition, the Battle of the Bands. e Bands T le of Th The BaT
  5. 5. But something happened… Katy jumped to give Tom a kiss and she hit Tom’s guitar.
  6. 6. • Tom needed a new guitar and Katy received a lending of her sister. They went to music shop and they bought an old guitar. …But they didn’t know that their lifes were going to change
  7. 7. The next day Tom came late to the practice of the band, and he was very strange. Also he play very well, but he didn`t looks happy. He was very angry and he said that the rest of the band play terrible, so they played for hours. Then tom and katy discussed in the car. Katy began to get trouble.
  8. 8. Some days later Katy went to the Tom’s house and he wasn’t there. She spoke with his mother and then she went to his room and looked the new guitar. She felt that someone looked her. An hour loater she went to the music shop and spoke with the shop owner. He gave her some information about the guitar. She went to the last owner’s house.
  9. 9. Katy spoke with Linda Carter, the last owner, and Linda told her the story of this guitar. His real owner called David Ryan, and he played in a band twenty years ago. He wanted to win the Battle of the bands and Katy thought that his band lost the event. Then he drove the car quickly and crashed. He died inmediately and the guitar remained intact. Katy was worried that the same thing happens because she thought that the Ryan’s ghost was in the guitar. She did a plan. She decided that Steel City have to lose the competition and the ghost will dessapear.
  10. 10. The next day Tom finished the job at the supermarket. He discussed with the supermarket’s owner per telephone. Every day Tom left first at the end of their practice. He didn’t speak.
  11. 11. The day came. Katy was nervous. The Battle of the bands was the most difficult for Steel City, but the band played very well. There was another band and It played well too. The Passengers and Steel City! Both bands will come back on the stage and play one more song, said the judge
  12. 12. Before that Steel City was playing the last song, called “The Last Goodbye”, Katy’s sister, Rachel, and the Ryan’s friend, Phil Carter, came to the room. Carter said to Katherine that Ryan won de competition with the band but He wasn’t happy, he played their last song alone. Tom wanted to play last song alone. Katy changed the plan. She decided break the Ryan’s guitar and she did it. When Tom started to play, Katy knew the song. She moved behind Tom and pushed him hard. She pulled the guitar away from him and brougth it down hard. Katherine saw his eyes blue again and she knew that the ghost wasn’t there. The people didn’t know what happened but It didn’t matter for Katy. Everything was returning to be normal and the band was happy. Steel city lost the event and they didn’t made their first CD yet, but They will one day.
  13. 13. Dato de Oyarbide Fuksman Chibana