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Ghost in the Guitar

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Matías, Eduardo, Christian

  1. 1. Ghost in the Guitar. By Mathias Fortuna, Eduardo Rinaldelli and Crisitan Stuppia 3 2 Afternoon Shift
  2. 2. This is the story of Katy, his boyfriend Tom and they’re band. My name is Katherine, and he’s my boyfriend Tom . We have a band, called Steel city.
  3. 3. Tom is the guitar player of the band, he isn’t very good, but he has lots of good ideas.
  4. 4. One day, we went to play in a pub, called King’s arms... • We were playing good, but the crowd didn’t stand up. Tom was playing well, but he had a lot of mistakes...
  5. 5. At the end of the concert, Tom turned on the radio and listened, he was waiting for the bands of the year, he wanted to play in the battle of the bands... At the end of the list, the man says: “and the last band is... Steel City!!”
  6. 6. I jumped of emotion, but I kicked tom’s guitar and I broke it..
  7. 7. And the next day.... I said Tom: I have some money for a new guitar, we can go and buy a new one. Tom was very happy, and we went to the musical shop..
  8. 8. • I was afraid of Tom’s cold smile, when we went to take the guitar, but one second later, he was the normal Tom again..
  9. 9. The next day.. We went to practice for the battle of the bands. Tom was late for the practice, but he still was very good with the guitar... He played wonderful, but he looked different..
  10. 10. When we finished the song, Tom was so angry, he shouted us.. He thought we were bad.. We need more practice for the battle..
  11. 11. Some days later.. I went to the guitar shop, and I talked to the shop owner about the guitar, he gave me the name and the direction of the last owner of my guitar. I went to talk with she.. She told me the story about the guitar, and the first owner of this guitar.. And now he’s dead..
  12. 12. I was nervous, I couldn’t think anything, and I told my sister... She helped me discover the true about the guitar’s ghost.. We discovered something.. The story of the first owner was going to repeat on Tom... Tom is going to die..
  13. 13. At the concert day.. Tom surprised all the crowd, and everyone went up and started dancing, at the end, the judge couldn’t decide the winner, and we had to play again, but Tom went to play alone. I was so afraid... I couldn`t decide... I ran to Tom, and took his guitar , I broke it.
  14. 14. I could never be a star?, said tom. No, I said.Seconds later, I was seeing the normal Tom again, I was so happy.