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Karla, Martina, Maia and Laila


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Karla, Martina, Maia and Laila

  1. 1. Ghost in the guitar Students: Maia Aranda, Karla Gutierrez, Laila Pecheny and Martina Monzon
  2. 2. K aty R ac e hl Tom D avidR yan A runa Ph andL inda. il D anny
  3. 3. ♥ Katy ♥ • Her name is Katherine, but every body call her Kathy • She plays the piano in a band called Steel City • She works in a factory but her dream is to be a big star.
  4. 4. tom ☺ • He is the Katy's boyfriend. • He plays in the Steel City band and he play the guitar, but he doesn´t plays very well. • He works in a supermarket, but he doesn't like that. • His dream is to be a big star. • He likes Eric Clapton, and lot of guitarists • He is very sweaty.
  5. 5. ♦aruna • She plays the bass guitarist and sing in the band. • She is very confident and a good friend.
  6. 6. Danny ☼ • He plays the drums in the band. • Every practice is in his house.
  7. 7. rachel  • She is Katy's sister • She is studying at the university • She likes study history. • She doesn't like pop music, and she doesn't like “Steel City”
  8. 8. David Ryan  • H ep dinab c d“ Circ o Go . laye and alle le f ld” H ew th gu t, h w wnde l! as e itaris e as o rfu • H ew s lfis andh w angry e ry day. as e h e as ve • H ew dtob as at e ry c s ante e tar ve ot. • H edie andno h isagh s d we ot.
  9. 9. Phil ♥linDa • Phil played in Circle of Gold band. • After the accident of David, he was in shock. • Linda is Phil's wife. She is a waitress.
  10. 10. chaPter 1 The accident
  11. 11. Katy worked in a factory but she wanted to be a pop star. She had got a boyfriend, he usually met her after work, in hi father's cars. Tom worked in a supermarket. They was in band called “Steel City”, he was the guitarist and she played electric piano. They had a gig that evening in a pub
  12. 12. After the gig ,they sat in room at the back of the pub and listened the radio. Tom had got a surprise to his friends. He send a cassette of their song to the radio station .Everybody began to get very nervous when listened “And finally ,the last band in this year's competition is ...Steel City “ . Nobody could believe . Katy jumped
  13. 13. CHAPTER 2 The new guitar
  14. 14. When Katy arrived home, everybody was sleep but her sister, Rachel didn't. She was sitting at her desk and studying. Katy asked her if she could lend her some money for buy a new guitar. She didn't like the pop music. Her sister
  15. 15. They went to the music shop but some of the guitars was very expensive. the owner brought the special guitar .This wasn't expensive. When Tom took that guitar smiled but was a different smile, it was cold. Finally they brought that guitar. When she arrived home from work that night she sat at her electric piano and
  16. 16. Chapter 3
  17. 17. Kathy left her work and waited Tom because they going to go the Danny's house to practice but he didn't appear . Kathy began to worry. she went alone to the Danny's house when she arrived ,Danny and Aruna asked her about tom but Kathy didn't know. she
  18. 18. After a while, they listened a noise from outside. It was the sound of a car .It stopped, and a car door opened and closed. Danny went to the front door .Tom was walking towards the house ,carrying his new guitar in case. Aruna asked him same question. But he didn't answer and didn't say sorry. Tom was very strange. Began the practices ,the first song was “Electric shoes", they started playing .after only
  19. 19. Tom played the guitar very different. He was great!. Everybody were surprised. Aruna and Danny congratulated him but tom wasn't happy. He wanted practice song again but Aruna ,Kathy and Danny didn't want. Suddenly, tom started to get angry and offended everybody .The practice finished , tom carried to Kathy to her house when he was driving ,she spoke about her new song. she gave the song to tom and she asked about the new guitar but he didn't answer. They arrived the
  20. 20. Chapter 4
  21. 21. Kathy knows there is something wrong. she should find out what was happening. then she went to the tom's house but tom didn't stayed in his house. she spoke with his mother (Mrs. Webster).Mrs Webster was very worried about tom . He was very strange. Kathy went to the tom's room to see his guitar. The tom's room was very strange and she felt fear. she noticed the
  22. 22. When she left tom's house, Kathy went to the music shop and she spoke with owner about the Tom's guitar. she asked him “where did it come from?". Owner told what a woman brought the guitar. Kathy asked him who was she? and where did she live ? The Owner answer her. She was Linda Carter and she lived Gresham Street .Kathy went to Linda's house because she wanted to speak with Linda. When
  23. 23. chaPter 5 – linDa carter´s story  Linda's boyfriend call Phil played bass guitar in Circle of Gold, a band. His guitarist, David Ryan, played wonderfully. There was a competition on 10 July, 1980. Here, David wasn't happy. He drove alone and had a car crash and died. But the guitar didn't break. Then Katy told the Linda's story to Rachel. But Rachel said that she wanted to see to Tom. • In the next practise (with Rachel), face's Tom was different. They were still playing when the telephone rang. Tom was talking with his boss. And said that he didn't need his job, Circle of Gold are going to be big.
  24. 24. chaPter 6 – an olD newsPaPer • Rachel believed to Katy because on the telephone Tom said “Circle of Gold”. • Rachel and Katy went to the library. They found newspapers whit three photographs. Ryan's band was in the newspaper. David locked exactly like Tom. • Rachel and Katy thought that history's David was repeats. They were thinking a plan. And Rachel have an idea. Steel City has to win that competition. That will change everything.
  25. 25. CHAPTER 7 The Battle of the Bands
  26. 26. The band of Katy w to the “ ent Battle of the Bands”all of they except Tom There w a , . ere lot of people. Tom arrived late and he looked so strange, and Katy w so as . Lisa Jones introduced all the bands and then, the judges. Then, it w the tim of S te e l City to played. as e They played w onderful, and Tom w his ith Guitar, w brilliant. “ e can do it”Katy as W , thought. The crow love they. d W hen they finished everybody w happy, as but Tom face looked angry. Katy w anted back HER Tom ♥.
  27. 27. All the bands played. The judges had to make their decision. Katy was so nervous. If they didn't won, Tom was going to died. Lisa Jones walked back to the microphone. “ The judges, have not been able to make a decision”- she said- “Two bands are going to play again, then the judges were going to choose the winner!.. The bands are the Passengers and Steel City!”
  28. 28. Suddenly Katy sawRachel w Phil. ith They explained to she that the Phil's band w David w on on, ent stage alone and played. He w as fantastic, but David w still angry. as He drove aw alone and he had ay the terrible accident. Katy w in as shock. They didn't had to w the on com petition! If not, Tom w going as to died. They had to lose.
  29. 29. CHAPTER 8 The Last Good Bye
  30. 30. Tom decided to played alone. He w toent the stage and started playing. Like David Ryan tw enty years ago. He played “ The last good bye” the Katy's song. Katy , didn't knoww to do. Suddenly, she had hat and idea. She ran to the stage and pulled the guitar aw from Tom She brought it. ay . Tom sm , iled at Katy, it w Tom HER as ! Tom They kissed. Tom didn't going to ! died, and Katy w so happy. as
  31. 31. THE END