Miranda, Mercedes, Juan and Ignacio


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Miranda, Mercedes, Juan and Ignacio

  1. 1. Ghost in the guitar Paul Shipton
  2. 2. There was a band, Steel City. A group of friends playing in it
  3. 3. The beginning
  4. 4. Tom and Kathy were boyfriends. Both were bored at work and play together in Steel City. Tom played guitar and Kathy played the keyboard. Tom went every day to pick up Kathy for her work. Then went to rehearse with the band, that night was Steel City for a concert in a bar in the city.
  5. 5. One day the whole band knew they were going to be able to participate in the great concert bands. The excitement felt by Kathy how broken Tom’s guitar by accident.
  6. 6. Tom needed a new guitar. Kathy felt very guilty, so she asked her sister Rachel to give him money to buy a new one. Rachel lend money, so Tom and Kathy were looking for a new guitar. They were all very expensive so they were almost disappointed. But then they find a guitar not very expensive and that Tom likes a lot.
  7. 7. When Tom started to play with his new guitar seemed to have become a great guitarist. Nobody could believe it. But something strange happened. Not only had become a great guitar but had also changed their way of being. He was very aggressive and cold, and it frightened and upset members of the banda, especially Kathy.
  8. 8. Kathy was very sad, so when he arrived to his house began to write a song with which he realized that his feelings for the new Tom were not the same as for her former boyfriend
  9. 9. Kathy showed Tom his new song. He not even looked at this and began to drive faster each time. Kathy was furious and tried to touch Tom’s guitar. This stopped the car aggressively and told him that never touched his guitar.
  10. 10. Kathy was very worried, so he decided to start to find out the origin of this guitar. He went to Tom's house and try to play the guitar that did not deliver any sound. Once down the stairs, heard the guitar began to play without anyone to make this happen. He went to the store where he had bought and got the address of the woman who had sold the guitar at this store.
  11. 11. Kathy went to visit the woman who had sold the guitar. When she spoke with him told that her boyfriend was playing in a band with the owner of Tom's guitar. She told that the previous owner of this guitar had begun to have the same attitudes that Tom and then playing in the great concert band had died in a car accident than by speed.
  12. 12. Told him that her boyfriend had rescued the guitar from his friend's accident and from that moment had begun to have very strange dreams and decided to sell it.
  13. 13. Kathy began thinking and realized that it could be that Tom would die like the previous owner of the guitar. So she ask help from Rachel and both went to the library to find out about old car accident.
  14. 14. The sisters have confirmed his belief that Tom was going to die the same way that David, the former owner of the guitar, unless they change the story and Steel City won the competition. Was very worried but it was the only way, they had to win
  15. 15. In the great battle of the bands Rachel told her sister who had continued looking, and that 20 years ago the band of the ghost who possessed Tom’s guitar had won the competition, so they have to lose to save the life of Tom.
  16. 16. Tom started playing when the audience was delighted by what Kathy was even more scared because she could not let the competition win, not if she wanted Tom live. Kathy decided to enter the stage and break the Tom’s guitar, where did this appear to be back to normal.
  17. 17. They had not won the competition, but it did not matter. Kathy had retrieved her boyfriend and members of the band to his friend.