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River of Nessie

This is an adventure novella written by Sheikh Sameen Nawaar Anindya a boy of 9. This is the first part of the 3 part series book where Edward, Daniel and Robin makes atrip to the Loch ness River to explore the river monster Nessi, but becomes prey of a gang looking for treasures.

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River of Nessie

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. River of Nessie Part-1 By Sheikh Sameen Nawaar 2
  3. 3. This is the 2nd book written by Sheikh Sameen Nawaar, a student of class three of Scholars School and College. Written in December, 2014 3
  4. 4. Chapter-1: River of Nessie “Please, dad pleeeeeease”. Can I go to the Loch Ness River? Asked Daniel. “No, you’re not going there all alone.” I am not going alone. I‘m taking my bravest friends Edward and Robin. For what reason you want to go there? Asked Daniel’s father Mr. Benson. “I want to see the sea monsters”, said Daniel. I will not let my son die in the monsters stomach said Mr. Benson. Alright, as you say. 4
  5. 5. Daniel makes a plan. The plan was Daniel will act like he is going to bed but he will call up Edward & Robin so they would wait with a big trampoline in the back of the house or if they make mistake by taking the trampoline in front of their house, Dad will catch them. Daniel will jump from the terrace and fall on the trampoline. So that he could not get hurt himself. At the late night, the bravest boys Edward and Robin came up. Daniel was trying to jump but he stepped back again. Edward said, 5
  6. 6. “Don’t be scared Dan! We have done it hundred times. Yeah sure, it is easier than you thought, said Robin. Keep praying or I shall pass my deadline. Alright, we shall pray for you, but don’t mess it up. Okay. Hmmm.., yahoo! This is magnificent! Shouted Daniel. Shut up! Do you want your father to catch us, huh? Answer me. 6
  7. 7. Well, sorry for that. Now scram! They waited and waited for whole night along with their suitcases. They passed Atlantic Ocean and then Amazon jungle. Another day left to reach the Loch Ness River. Next day, the Loch Ness River was more 90 kilometers to reach. It is about 1 hour to reach that river, said Daniel. Yes, but you have to hold your breath till we reach Loch ness river, said Edward. 7
  8. 8. Of course! My dream will not come alive if I do not hold my breath and lose my concentration. That’s the spirit of it! Mmm.. wait a second, you dreamt this adventure! How could you trick us? Asked Edward loudly. Well..ummm, I didn’t trick you. It was a dream and of course the Loch Ness River and the monster is real, said Daniel. How could it be? It was your dream and you’re now saying that it was real! Said Edward. Yeah, it is real and I saw the island also in the news. 8
  9. 9. Lie! All this is a LIE! Shouted Robin. What are you talking about? It’s not a lie anyway. I shall give you the proof right on when we shall reach the island and find a newspaper store, said Daniel. Heh! Heh! Hah hah hah hah! How can you find it, it’s just one lonely island, said Edward. Let’s just see who wins. I shall give you five bucks if you win, deal? It’s a deal. And I shall give you twenty bucks if your unnecessary speech comes true, said Edward. 9
  10. 10. Chapter: 2: Another Way Mr. Benson almost was having a heart attack when he saw Daniel getting up in a Limo with his friends from the window. The police were all over the city. After Mr. Benson’s scream, he was taken into a hospital. When he woke up in the third day he heard that Daniel Benson is missing. He ate some strawberries after waking up. The police also saw their Limo going towards the ocean docks. But the speed of the car was even speedier 10
  11. 11. than a racing car and the boat was waiting there for them was even faster than the car. They also launched helicopters to follow their boat where it goes but somehow the helicopter engine got destroyed because the boat that were shooting their boat toppled over by a wave and hit their helicopter in the engine. There were a lot of pieces floating around the river after the disaster. So, they were free again. 11
  12. 12. Chapter-3: Gang in the river The island isn’t a lonely island. Edward saw it after reaching Loch Ness; they saw some signs like a rose burning in fire. 12
  13. 13. They were actually scared but they didn’t able to recognize the meaning of Rivertos. So they followed the signs on the tree. After they saw a door which was also sketched with the same sign as like the trees. “Who would live in this manor (mansion)?” said Robin. Let’s see what we can find inside. Maybe it’s it… waao! It’s like the same as the haunted manor! Said Robin. Of course not. We have no time to lose. 13
  14. 14. Right, but hey, wait where is Henry? Our boat sailor, said Daniel. Don’t worry Daniel; he’s somewhere drinking his whiskey somewhere near. Now get in you cowards! Said Edward. There were a bunch of roses and many large boxes that were filled with fiery hot heaters. They walked more close to hall room and they saw that the hall room was decorated with fruits. Daniel and Robin were freaked out but Edward told them not to be scared of anything and started to give them a 14
  15. 15. bombastic speech about what would they do if Robin was James Bond and Daniel would be Sherlock Holmes. They were totally bored anyway, so they walked along together. But when they came down to the basement they saw someone was peeping at them through the back window. Hah! Gotcha! Whoever you are show us up, said Edward. But when they tried to see it, went away. 15
  16. 16. Then they saw a large monkey running towards the trees. They were very hungry as they looked like so, Edward gave their foods away to the monkeys. So, Daniel and Robin were starving for food. But Edward was saying that if you guys are fond of foods so why do not you go back to a blow out party so that you can eat whatever you want. When they were going upstairs somebody blocked their way by aimed weapons. 16
  17. 17. Someone covered their faces with chloroformed towels. They had lost their senses by the time those guys disappeared. When they woke up, they saw they were in a vehicle like a bus or something like that. The vehicle was going through a place like nowhere. The place was dark enough for a little light. Edward felt something that made him timid enough. His mind was playing tricks with him. He heard something violent was happening 17
  18. 18. somewhere. Edward leaned his head forward to see what was happening. Then the thing he saw was even worse than he thought. He saw that some people were holding some shotguns with each of them ray pointed at Henry, their boat sailor. Edward pulled his head back for not to see what happens next. But right at that second something got Edward’s attention, some sound of opening of the door. He tried to wake Robin and Daniel up, but it was pretty much worthless. They were fully chloroformed. They only spoke one or two 18
  19. 19. words after they woke up. Edward was lucky because he sneezed the chloroform out before it could affect him. The sound of the door got louder in Edward’s ears, but not the people of those gangs or something like that. He saw few SWAT men entering from somewhere. First he tried to scream but one thing stopped him. It was Edward’s uncle Sgt. Smith. He told Edward in stealth for not getting caught by those people. 19
  20. 20. Those people were still disalerted. They didn’t even notice a single whisper between Sgt. Smith and Edward. He told Edward to take the knife from his pocket so that they could cut the ropes those were linked together with the hands. 20
  21. 21. Edward wasn’t able to cut it himself. So, he said “Uncle, I can’t do it alone, please try to brain-storm a clever idea” by whispering. Sgt. Smith said “wait a second, I’ve got one. But you gotta be ninja silent”. Alright, said Edward. A minute later he saw his uncle getting on the vehicle with a ton of soldiers with some dangerous weapons. Those people were asking Henry about their personal subjects. Sgt. Smith told everyone to kill those people. After that it was a complete cataclysm. 21
  22. 22. The only sound Edward could hear was only BANG & BANG. One of them shot Henry with his weapon. Sgt. Smith knifed that man to cause more pain. They captured the rest of them and took them outside by giving them an oxygen cylinder and a gas mask plugged by a life- jacket. Edward asked his uncle if they are in a spaceship or something. 22
  23. 23. He replied to Edward, “You’ll see when you get out”. He carried Henry out of that thing. A soldier told Edward to put his suit on. Smith shouted to get out of the thing. The soldier grabbed Robin and Daniel and carried them out of there. Edward jumped with his life-jacket out side and he saw that the thing they were on was only a submarine. 23
  24. 24. He saw that it was gonna blow in any second. So he swam towards a boat which was floating over the water. It started to blow off at the second he reached the boat. He saw that Daniel’s dad was on the boat also. And he was in a pretty much bad shape & mood. 24
  25. 25. Chapter-4: Returning Back The SWAT team drove them to their houses. Mr. and Mrs. Benson took Daniel to the hospital. The parents of Robin Mr. and Mrs. Warren took him, too. Sgt. Smith took Edward to his house. His parents Mr. Perron and Mrs Perron didn’t speak anything. They told Edward to take a shower and explain them everything. Edward explained them about the journey. His 25
  26. 26. parents were mad at him. But Sgt. Smith told them what brave things they have done and how they helped them to capture the Rivertos gang. Sgt. Smith said, “Do you know something about the gang? “Nope! Said Edward. Well, the gang was of the man whom you hated in your life. “Who is it?” asked Edward. It was Zhukov! What the! Ah, what’s he is up to now? 26
  27. 27. I don’t know – but he’s up to something massive. Replied Sgt. Smith. Edward covered himself with a blanket. It was cold winter. He went to bed early and woke up in the next afternoon. He looked at his clock and believe it or not it was 9:00. I don’t really think I’d slept that long if I was Edward. But when I came back from a mysterious journey anytime I’d take at least 9 or 12 hours for a nap. 27
  28. 28. He went to ask his parents. But no one was there. He thought about searching the house for them but it was worthless. He had been reading a book from his birth. It has been a big little book named “How to back-fire your parents by their own pranks.” The name of it might be a little queasy, but that helped Edward in everything he wanted to know about their parent’s pranks. He read the chapter which could tell you the thing when son couldn’t find any relative or 28
  29. 29. parents. It showed Edward that “if you ever can’t find any of your relatives or parents, they would always leave you a letter which would be a little unusual. But if you read them it would be like the thing you’ll be looking for: 29 Dear Edward, We took off for the week for exploring new places like Hawaai or the beach. Oh, so don’t forget to eat vegetables from the fridge. They are kept right on the front for you. Sincerely, Mommy
  30. 30. He looked all over the house for the letter. Finally he found it at the front door. It was the same kind of letter like that in the book. After his parents were gone, he looked all over for the phone which they would always leave. He found it and called his parents up. But no one answered neither his mom nor his dad. Edward had no idea what was going on so he took off for Daniel and Robin to the hospital. 30
  31. 31. As he arrived at the hospital, he went on his way to their cabins. He found Daniel’s cabin and he saw few doctors were taking care of him. He asked the doctors whether he is good or still affected. The doctors said that he needs some time to recover and that it will happen if no one bothers him. Edward said, ok can I talk to his parents? Yes, said the doctor. 31
  32. 32. He called up Mrs and Mr Benson upstairs and told them to go and talk in the waiting room. Edward and Daniel’s parents talked for an hour but that’s when they saw Daniel back on his feet. The doctors said he had recovered from the medicine of chloroform and they could take him home. But then Daniel said he wants to go back to their journey to the Loch Ness River. His parents didn’t seem too angered about what he said. But they said they would be 32
  33. 33. happy if he cancels this whole Loch Ness idea from his mind. But Daniel was on the opposite angle from his mom. Daniel told his parents to clear the seats for their personal meeting. Then he talked for a while with Edward. Daniel said that it’s no big deal for him to know that the gang was of Zhukov. Edward seemed pretty surprised but in the next moment he wasn’t, because of Daniel told him that he wanted also to go to that river 33
  34. 34. because of the treasure which was hidden somewhere near the river. Edward was very excited about ‘Treasures” from his childhood. And he also had seen three of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. So, it is not hard for Edward to use the tricks Jhonny Depp uses in the movie. Daniel talked with Edward for some time and left. Edward was planning to leave but he remembered to see Robin and Henry. 34
  35. 35. It was very late in the midnight. The doctors were trying to wake Robin up. But sadly, Henry has passed away while he was in the hospital. Daniel was at his home taking phone call visits from their relatives. Some of them came to his home to see Daniel. There was his Aunt April, Uncle Bob, his cousin Bella from Italy, John, Tomas from Germany, grandma, grandpa, great uncle Steve and his nephew George who’s in Kindergarten. 35
  36. 36. Aunt April has been going to the fashion shows lately. Because she thinks she is beautiful than rose. But she had lost more than twenty times of the show. So that means she is only dreaming those things. Uncle Bob is not much good at anything but he is a master when it comes to mathematics. And he had helped Daniel in his home-works a thousand times. So, Uncle Bob is kind of a favorite for Daniel. Bella is the eldest cousin of Daniel and she always teases Daniel and the other kids of his age. John is a kid younger than Daniel by 36
  37. 37. about two years. He is too smart and it is very rare to find a boy like him. He always tries to stop the crimes which are happening in his social life. Tomas is a grown up boy and he is ten percent dangerous than Bella. Daniel’s grandma is very mean but she has changed it and became very generous. His grandpa is always very generous. He never quitted any of his office days and he finished 37
  38. 38. all the work of tomorrow in one night. And he’s been getting extra holidays for that. What could I say about Daniel’s great uncle Steve? He is just a retired policeman and has very less money to run their family. George is the protector of Bella and Tomas. Tomas and Bella have been also protecting George though he totally deserves it. Other people of Daniel’s family. There are many many many people whom I don’t even know. 38
  39. 39. Chapter-5: Not Givin up When Edward got back from the hospital it was almost 5:00 in the morning. He was very tired so he closed the curtains and went to sleep. It was 6:00 when he heard their calling bell ringing. He ran downstairs and opened it up. A man was standing in the door covered by a blanket. He said he was here to take their group to the Loch Ness River. He didn’t understand what he was talking about but he surely did know that it was Zhukov! And surely it was! 39
  40. 40. Edward said to Zhukov that I was wrong about you; I thought you were a bad man, a cruel man, a stealer, a killer. But you are more and more opposite than what I thought. Yes, cried Zhukov, that SWAT team destroyed my wishes. Now you are the one who can show me that river because you’ve been there and find the treasure together. I’ll keep a bit of treasures and you keep the rest of the treasures. Okay then, when shall we start? Will be continued from Hunter’s prey. 40