The client 1


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The client 1

  1. 1. PowerPoint by Tomás Feher, Maxi Esquerdo, Alan Di Giorgio and Federico Pérez Boco (Press the right arrow to continue)
  2. 2. All started with twobrothers: Mark and Ricky.The were both playing whilethey saw a man trying to killhimself…
  3. 3. …the man was an importantlawyer and what he knewwas too much disturbing forhim. He worked for theMafia and was aware of werea body of a victim was.
  4. 4. The man told Mark where the body was.After that… both, Mark andRicky, saw how the manshoot himself.
  5. 5. Mark had phoned the police but he didn´t told them who he was.Indoubtly, the cops knew that who phoned, was him… and guessed that he knew something.
  6. 6. After the terrible events, the cops found the evidence and now the FBI was controlling the case.Mark was too frightened to talk.
  7. 7. Mark was looking for a coffee when he saw a lawyer talking to a man in a wheelchair…. He was offering him to be his client in order to be indemnified for his broken leg.The Lawyer left his personal card but the man didn´t take it. Instead of that, Mark did.Now Mark had to talk to the FBI again but he was still too frightened.
  8. 8. Ricky was in shock at the hospital since he saw the poor lawyer kill himself and his doctor told Mark and his mother that he was the worst case he had ever seen in his life but that he was going to get recovered soon.Mark also decided to tell to his mother what really happened in the suicide.
  9. 9. With the card of the lawyer who talked with the man in the wheelchair in his hand, Mark went to his office in a flat plenty of lawyers.He wasn’t able to talk to the lawyer, but he was going to his way back, he saw a cop… so, to avoid problems, he entered in the first office he saw.
  10. 10. It was Reggie’s office and she was a children’s lawyer. Mark was lucky, he told her what happened to him, and after offering her one dollar, she was his lawyer.
  11. 11. After telling every detail to Reggie, both agreed to meet the FBI but Reggie was going to do the talking. Mark called his mother to tell her what they were going to do.
  12. 12. The FBI started to ask questions to Mark, but he was too frightened. He didn’t want to answer them.Despite of that, the FBI continued asking him and threatening him to put him into jail.
  13. 13. Reggie was too smart for them. He put a recorder into Mark’s chest and recorded the whole interview in which some rules in children’s interviews where broken. The FBI decided to let Mark rest.
  14. 14. Thanks to the newspaper… now the Mafia knew where Mark was. And Barry Muldanno, the killer of the first victim, sent Gronke, an important killer to avoid risks with Mark.
  15. 15. Some newspapers had photos of Mark and Ricky with their names included on them. In the newspaper there was information about Clifford’s death and Ricky’s state of shock in St Peter’s hospital.Mark was scared of the Mafia. When he went to the elevator a man stepped in.
  16. 16. The man had a knife and told Mark that if he tried to tell something about the secret, he would kill Mark, his brother and his mother.
  17. 17. Reggie asked Dianne if Mark could spend the night in her mother’s house and she agreed. When Ricky was asleep, they left the hospital in Reggie’s car.Mark was scared of someone who was following him. He was Gronke.
  18. 18. When Reggie and Mark returned to the hospital there were reporters everywhere and they asked some questions to Ms. Love.Ricky and Mark were in room 943 and they were doubious about if they would speak or not.
  19. 19. Suddenly, Mark’s trailer got burnt and Dianne, Ricky and Mark were really shocked. Now Mark needed custody and Memphis’ Police came to take him to the children’s court.There he would be safe.
  20. 20. Mark went into court and was asked about what he knew. He answered nothing and what was told was private, but the journalist, Slick Moeller wanted to know something and he paid some money to a guard to tell him what he has heard.
  21. 21. Now everyone including the Mafia knew that Mark was going to be get into custody.In addition, the court decided to take the family far away from there and change their names. On the other hand, Ricky was still to bad and was getting worse.
  22. 22. Now the kid was in prison, and Gronke was only able to will the family or the lawyer. After a discussion about if Mark would say the true or not, he was starting to consider to lie. There was no other way.
  23. 23. What nobody expected, was listening a recording of the Mafia threatening Reggie to be killed. She was supposed to know something so the Mafia needed to kill her.Moeller was going to prison for revealing private information and Mark unexpectedly “got into shock” (he was lying).
  24. 24. Now Mark was at hospital… and when he had the opportunity, he escaped as fast as he could and met Reggie in a near car park. They decided to go to New Orleans to look for the body.
  25. 25. They arrived at Clifford’s house and there was the body. But they now were in a hurry…. The Mafia appeared!They were taking out the body, so Mark and Reggie broke a glass in the nearest house to get the bells to ring.The Mafia got scared and ran away.
  26. 26. Finally, Mark and Reggie were at the airport. They were just waiting. Now the FBI was taking the body with them and Muldanno was going to be judged. The family was going to be taken to Phoenix and there the would be safe and happy.Now Mark felt really sad. He wasn’t going to see Reggie any more.