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Film studios (1)

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Film studios (1)

  2. 2. COLUMBIA PICTURES  Columbia pictures is an American film production and distribution studio of the Sony Pictures. It is a member of the big six (the 6 leading film studios - Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, 20th Fox, Paramount, Columbia) It was founded on January 10th 1924 by Harry Cohn, Jack Cohn and Joe Brandt.
  3. 3. METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is an American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of feature films and television programs. It was found in April 17th 1924 by Marcus Loew and Louis B Mayer. It is one of the oldest mini-major film studios and a former major film studio.  In 1971, it was announced that MGM would merge with 20th century fox. After that the studio was bought and sold multiple times between companies until it became bankrupt. However, executives of Spyglass Entertainment, raised it from bankruptcy in 2010.
  4. 4. WHY IS COLUMBIA AND METRO- GOLDWYN-MAYER INSTITUTIONS GOOD FOR OUR MEDIA PRODUCT?  I think Columbia is suitable for our media product as they produce lots of thriller-based films. Paired with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia distributed the James Bond franchise, including it’s latest hit Spectre.  Specifically, both film studio’s thrillers are more action-based, such as Men in Black and Bad Boys. This is similar to our media product which would be more action-based than horror-based thriller.  Our media product shares the same conventions of a espionage thriller.  Therefore Columbia and Metro would be quite suitable to distribute our product.
  5. 5. TARGET AUDIENCE  Typically, the James Bond franchise is aimed for a target audience between ages 25-70. This is due to the long lasting fame and admiration for the films. It is particularly loved by the females, who admire the figure that is James Bond and how he acts around women.  However, more and more espionage thrillers are becoming increasingly popular with the under 25’s. In particular, some spy films have been released with the target audience of little children, such as spy kids and stormbreaker.  The target audience is interested in dangerous and thrilling situations along with technologies. As well as the key themes of suspense and mystery.