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SCaaS SmartCity As A Service


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List of Smart City Services (Limited List)

Published in: Technology
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SCaaS SmartCity As A Service

  1. 1. SCaas @EdPimentel Private and Confidential SmartCity as a Service
  2. 2. Vehicle to Infrastructure Vehicle toVehicle Vehicle to Cloud Vehicle to People SmartCity IoT Sensorized Services “Parking,Waste Management, Floods, Environment, etc.. ” Smart Citizens (scID, scAuthorization,scSignature, scTransactions, scDocs) @EdPimentel Private and Confidential SmartCity as a Service
  3. 3. IoT APP Development Stack OTT RealTime Streaming - News -Video RealTime Messaging Platform -Video Conf /SIP / WebRTC / TXT / CHAT / FORUM Cloud-base City Mobility APP Store Shared Economy UBER-Like Services - Independent Agents Logistic Management System Document Signing APP / Optional Blockchain based Document Management APP / Optional Blockchain based Private File Sharing APP / Optional Blockchain based Invoicing APP / Optional Blockchain based Recurring Payment / Optional Blockchain based Mobility Services City Project Management - ‘SLACK / TRELLO -like service’ BlockChain Protocols and Enterprise APPs Membership Management Event Management MooC Massive Open Online Courses @EdPimentel Private and Confidential SmartCity as a Service
  4. 4. IoT Cloud Service IoT GroundCloud Service Cloud Sync / Edge / Fog Sync GroundCloud / Fog Sync CaaS “CyberSecurity as a Service” Resilient Cybersecurity Service DBaaS “Data Base as a Service” mBaaS “Mobile Backend as a Service” mMaaS “Mobile Money as a Service” Energy Harversting Solution Software Define Data Center City / Enterprise SDN MicroServices APPs SmartCity OS SmartCity Payment SmartCity Connectivity LpWAN LoRA PoWiFI Wi-haLow Wi-FM NB-IoT, plus more.... SmartCity as a Service @EdPimentel Private and Confidential