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The Internet of Things


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What is the Internet of Things?

Sascha Corti, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Switzerland about the Internet of Things, how IoT is changing the business and the technology behind the Internet of Things.

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The Internet of Things

  1. 1. Microsoft and the Internet of Things Sascha Corti Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Switzerland | | @techpreacher
  2. 2. The Internet of Things
  3. 3. Devices by the Numbers 2014 2003 2010 Today 50 billion 2020 2008
  4. 4. 50B
  5. 5. 75B
  6. 6. 212
  7. 7. Connected World Solutions combining Sensors and Technologies to enable Objects and Infrastructure to interact with Monitoring, Analytics and Control Systems over Internet-Style Networks. Things Connectivity Data Analytics Source:
  8. 8. “Things” (Devices) Connectivity 3 4 Existing Systems
  9. 9. Internet of things Wikis / Blogs Audio / Video Log Files Text/Image Social Sentiment Data Market Feeds eGov Feeds Weather Click Stream Sensors / RFID / Devices Spatial & GPS Coordinates WEB 2.0 Mobile Advertising eCommerce Collaboration Digital Marketing Search Marketing Web Logs Recommendations Exabytes (10E18) Petabytes (10E15) Terabytes (10E12) Gigabytes (10E9) ERP / CRM Contacts Deal Tracking Sales Pipeline Payables Payroll Inventory Velocity - Variety - Variability Volume 1980 190,000$ ERP / CRM WEB 2.0 IoT 2010 0.07$ 1990 9,000$ 2000 15$ Storage/GB 2014 Lim -> 0 Zettabytes (10E21)
  10. 10. The Benefits
  11. 11. Advanced Analytics Live Data Feed, Search What’s the Social Sentiment on my Product? Social Analytics How to optimize Services based on patterns of weather, traffic? Prediction Engine? How to better predict Future Outcomes?
  12. 12. Static Advertisement displayed and replaced Monthly Digital Advertisement changes based on Demographics of closest Shopper Service People visit Vending Machines regularly, not knowing what Products sold. Service People are dispatched to Vending Machines only when Thresholds reached Sell replacement Parts and provide Repair Service Maintenance Subscription: Tech proactively visits when a Failure is predicted Equipment Maintenance performed every 12 Months or at Time of Failure Maintenance performed when a Failure is predicted based on real-time Performance Delivery Schedule based on Distances and historical Traffic Patterns Real-time Routes and Alerts of Delays based on actual Vehicle Locations and Traffic
  13. 13. Manufacturing Integration and Automation Remote Servicing Smart Factory Predictive and Reactive Maintenance Cars Letters Packages Containers Smart Logistics Tanks Bulkware Grid Renewables Oil/Gas/Coal Recovery and Distribution Smart Energy Points of Sale Hotels Restaurants Fuel Smart Stations Retail Traffic Buses Trucks Trains Vessels Aircraft Bikes Smart Mobility Games Events Sports Smart Entertain -ment Pollution Control Streaming Television Patients Clinics Hospitals Nursing Homes Mobile Care Smart Health-care Automation Safety Smart Cities Comfort Security Lighting Smart Building Home Water Waste Fire Emergency Public Safety Law Enforcement
  14. 14. Transportation Utilities Government Other $154 B $913 B $326 B $313 B $325 B $201 B $570B 1.78T Transportation Utilities Government Other $92 B $472 B $160 B $132 B $156 B $100 B $301 B 750B Internet of Things Spending Guide by Vertical Market, 2014 $4.93T $1.93T
  15. 15. The Technology Behind The Internet of Things
  16. 16. Microsoft Azure Azure Service Bus • Reliable Transport • Route Messages • Loose Coupling = Scalability & Resilience • Support for Popular (IoT) Protocols Notification Hubs • Push Notification Platform • Notify large Nr. of Users in a Single Call • Easy Programming Model • Available for all Popular Platforms HD Insights • Analyze large Data Sets • Scale Out Storage and Compute • Create a Cluster in 15’ • Scriptable: PowerShell • Export Results to traditional Data Warehouse • Elastic Compute Tier • Spin up / Tear down Instances based on Load • Scale Automatically, based on Queue Depth • Easy to set up, Management is minimal • Very Cost Efficient Azure Storage • Store Petabytes of Data • Scaling is done Automatically • Store Data in Blobs and/or Tables • Highly Cost Efficient
  17. 17. Connect Securely to Various Devices Automate Alarms and Response Actions Analyze using familiar Tools Monitor Field and Customer Devices Extend Intelligent Systems Service Encrypt Data Transmission Internet of Your Things .com
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Large Full Windows PC-Like Apps Windows Embedded Industry Mobile Commercial Phones Ruggedized Devices Enterprise Apps Device Management Windows Phone Windows Embedded Handheld Small Specialized, small industry devices Real-Time ARM and x86 Windows Embedded Compact Micro
  20. 20. Cyril Iselin
  21. 21. CTO AMIEGO PTY Ltd Owner « GmbH» Owner «Auftrag Manager» Project Manager Software Development «RIMIKS» C# Teacher
  22. 22. Architecture
  23. 23. demo Cyril Iselin - Amiego We are interested in meeting investors with links to marketing and sales organizations, as well as channel partners! Contact us at:
  24. 24. The Internet of Things is Real, offering: A lot of the Building Blocks / Data is already there Microsoft Azure is Tailored for Processing IoT Data Windows is a great Platform for IoT Devices
  25. 25. Microsoft Internet of Things MVA: Implementing Big Data Analysis MVA: Mobile Apps to IoT: Connected Devices with Windows Azure with-windows-azure Microsoft Virtual Academy Free On-Demand Online Learning