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How Blockchain and Smart Buildings can Reshape the Internet


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Talk at the Smart Building Alliance Summer School, Lyon, September 15

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How Blockchain and Smart Buildings can Reshape the Internet

  1. 1. Smart Building Alliance Summer School A Data Center in my Backyard ? How Blockchain and Smart Buildings can Reshape the Internet.
  2. 2. Big Data … … are Now Everywhere … SimulationsBig Science Open DataInternet
  3. 3. Requires Dedicated Infrastructures
  4. 4. The Problem with Cloud Computing • IT has a Huge Environmental Footprint • Data are Far From their Consumer/Producer
  5. 5. Towards Distributed Cloud Computing • Distributing the Cloud in the Smart City – Better energy efficiency – Data closer to the user • Example of next-gen Data-centers • Fog/Edge Computing 5G network -- In-network storage and processing a) Rutgers b) Stimergy c) Qarnot
  6. 6. Blockchain ? • Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin – Storage and information transmission – Transparent, secure and without central control
  7. 7. Ethereum Blockchain • Ethereum is a new Blockchain technology (a la Bitcoin) • Key feature is the Smart Contracts allows to write Distributed Applications running on the blockchain
  8. 8. Global Market for Computing Resources Low cost, Secure, on Demand and Fully Distributed Cloud Ethereum Blockchain
  9. 9. blockchain-based Cloud Computing • Provides Blockchain-based Distributed Applications access to the computing resources they need: – Services (deployed as containers) – Applications (compute and/or data-intensive) – Data – Computing resources
  10. 10. Origin of the Technology : Desktop Grid Computing Using Idle PCs on the Internet to Execute Parallel Applications : • Mature technology • Advanced features: security, virtualization, QoS • European Desktop Grid Infrastructure • Many applications : Finance, Bio-medical, Chemistry, High Energy Physics etc… Book on Desktop Grid Computin. Ed. C. Cérin & G. Fedak, CRC/Chapman and all
  11. 11. New Usage of the IT Infrastructure $ • Cloud providers • Private enterprises IT • Home PCs EC2 Spot instance Offer/demandstorage, GPU, CPU, applications when there are available Exem ples Less waste Green Computing
  12. 12. Will Blockchain Revolution Cloud Computing ? Greener & Smarter Cloud Computing
  13. 13. Thanks Questions ?