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The value of blockchain application


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Blockchain application on Big data transaction and traceability for food safety.

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The value of blockchain application

  1. 1. The Value of Blockchain Application The structure of Blockchain big data transaction  The openness protocol. The interactive protocol and data format have been made public by the system, and the participants can make the related components join the system by self technology, ensuring the safety and controlled for the data.  The open source code. The data access module has been written for the participants by system, and the openness code can make users more clear, proving the innocence of the system at the same time. Whole architecture The whole system consists of three parts:  The public chain for exchange: common area in the main chain. The operation has been constructed by the third party, building the foundation of communication architecture to realize the connection between members and the written of hidden protocols; Member authentication and access management; Maintenance the public record chain to realize the record of index and transaction; Set rules for the data and transaction to maintain the transaction order; Assist parties to complete the traceability rights of data.  The member chain for exchange: member area in the side chain. The area for parties data, storing the backup recorded data of common area, supervision the correctness of Blockchain record from the common area; Maintain the private data of the shared data, provide the query service; Initiate query, access to the external data.  Node device. Connect the common area to member area, realize the backup record from the common area, then complete the generation and submit of the block chain and receive the message from the common area access to communication terminal. According to the openness code, members can develop by themselves and also can obtain the source code from the trading platform. Blockchain for traceability Food safety is one of the international livelihood projects called “popular project”, which is directly related to people’s health and life safety, then related to the economic development and social stability. In recent years, the food safety incidents about pork, mutton fraud and pesticide residue on vegetables that will
  2. 2. increase the consumer concerns. So the food safety in China is an important topic. The food traceability can ease consumers’ anxiety and develop the safety responsibility consciousness of food producers. The traceability system can connect every sector like production, inspection, supervision and consumption, then improve the degree of consumer confidence. At the same time, it can help to find the cause of problems by analysis and tracking, prepare the measures ahead of time to avoid the expansion of problems.  The current food traceability system is mainly based on the development of enterprises, it can meet the traceability needs of enterprises but it is difficult to achieve information sharing;  The chain of traceability is not long enough, so as to the information transfer between the upstream with the enterprise, the product information is difficult to be found in time, and impact the survey of food safety problems.  Due to the lack of credibility of the third party, consumers have doubts about the traceability data, while the corporate enterprises have misgivings about providing the operation data, resulting in the platform data in lack of accurate verified and managed.