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2 4 Franashek


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2 4 Franashek

  1. 1. Regional brand as a tool of growth Piotr Franaszek Director of Promotion and Tourism Department of Lublin Region President of Regional Turism Organisation.
  2. 2. Agenda g Regional marketing Identity The Brand Lublin Cit B L bli City Brand d Lubelskie Region - vision
  3. 3. Region Area People Infrastructure
  4. 4. Regional marketing • Management tool for terytorial unite development • Social process geared towards genereting value and mutual relations between local autorities and their partners • Presentation and identification of potential resources in a giving area to facilitate its social, culturalal, organisational and economic development i d l t
  5. 5. What does it mean…? Wh t d ? • Discovery of identity • Positioning of advantages • Investment in strong, competive resources I t ti t ti • Inside social activisation • (developing products and establishing infrastructure) • Subbrand management g • Target oriented outside promotion • Evaluation
  6. 6. How to build promotion strategy? • Stocktaking f St kt ki of resources our potential (hi t t ti l (history culture toutist offer lt t ti t ff economy) • Market research (perseption, environment) • Vision and identity = brand • Social consultations • Strategy building (mision, criteria, target groups, aims and targets, positioning, strenghts and weaknessies) • Tools of communications (identification, advertising, public relations) • Implementation and evaluation
  7. 7. Image Product Identity y
  8. 8. More than Club
  10. 10. The Brand A promise to provide clients with uniqe product qualities and benefites Philip Kotler 1997 Kotler, Set of values, impresions and association that sometimes can reinforce significance of the product or service Grażyna Skarżyńska, BBDO Warszawa
  11. 11. Brandt Structure Brandt personality User values Brand B d Emotional values essention Funkcional values Products character
  12. 12. How the brand work? - positioning • identification • loyalty programs • name • PR • ATL • www • packaging • product • BTL • sponsoring • organisational culture • distribution • place of sale • pricing • client service li t i • brand building decisions
  13. 13. Brand Fundations Roots, history and origin of the Brand History What do I do? (area of competence of the Brand – what is it Competence good at? What does it do best? ) What makes me unique? Positioning Klient Who am I for? Personality What kind of man am I? Mission What do I fight for? Values What does the Brand fight for?) Strategic concept
  14. 14. Lubelskie Region
  15. 15. Lublin – The Brand The Brand
  16. 16. The main steps in building the brand: The summary of city’s potential (February 2007) Opinion poll (M h 2007) O i i ll (March Focus research (April 2007) Social consultations (May 2007) Strategy of promotion (September 2007) Logo and Brand Identity (N L dB d Id tit (November 2007 – J b January 2008)
  17. 17. Main points of Lublin s promotion  Main points of Lublin’s promotion strategy gy
  18. 18. Roots f the Brand R t of th B d Historic moments of the Brand essential for its present identity: • splendour of the Jagiellonian period • multicultural character and the tradition of fairs • religious tolerance supporting different faiths ( g pp g (Jews, Catholics, Protestants, , , , the Orthodox) • Renaissance art and literature • pre-war Jewish diaspora
  19. 19. What Wh t makes me unique? k i ? • Historical and cultural variety in a unique and inspiring form • Creative potential of young people • („Eastern competence”) Lublin connections with the East - a combination of geographical proximity of the Eastern European countries and borderline spirituality • Potential of ecological products (organic food)
  20. 20. The perfect customer of Lublin: • Young but emotionally mature person • A person seeking for authenticity • A person who appreciates values and experiences • A person aware of new trends but open to a change • A non-conformist but not a loner • A person who is culturally active • A person who is mobile and metropolitan
  21. 21. Strategic St t i concept t The Point of view: Lublin is the city where the awareness of the rich heritage should inspire the cultural, academic and business future The promise: We want L blin to make people willing to change and open to promise ant Lublin illing creative thinking The way of acting: You need to “feel” Lublin on order to understand it. Lublin should be experienced, not only visited LUBLIN – INSPIRES AND ALTERS .
  22. 22. The most important campaigns
  23. 23. LUBELSKIE REGION Brand Vision - EKOPOLIS 39
  25. 25. 2b. ECOTURISM 41
  26. 26. 2c - Sun 42
  27. 27. • 2d ECO Industries 43
  28. 28. 2e – ECO development 44
  29. 29. 3. Passion 3a. Specialization of science p 4. Hospitality
  30. 30. 5. Culture, traddition, lifestyle 6. Neighbours 7. Creative act
  31. 31. Region of Origin. Origin
  32. 32. Thank You for Attention PIOTR FRANASZEK Special thanks to MICHAL KRAWCZYK (Deputy Head of Lublin City Administration on City Promotion)