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Wild norway

  1. 1. Wild Norway – Unlocking the potential by workingtogether
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Strategicchallenges& vision• Brandingissues• Who are the potential visitors?• Key market segments• Why work together&how• How to take Wild Norway forward• Case Study – Nature’s Best, Sweden
  3. 3. Strategic Development Challenges• Broadening the Audience• Price• Creating a year-round destination• Adventuretourisminfrastructure• Quality ,knowledge&expertise• Brand, Positioning and Visibility• Marketing, Sales Distribution & PR
  4. 4. Establishing a Vision Vision – EstablishTrondelag as the premier adventure&outdoor destination in Norway. Mission – Establish a stronger market position in the international market place, convertinginterestintosales. Target – To meet the needs of high valuetravellersthroughimprovingquality Target standards, by enhancingproducts and by creating new networks. Develop Develop – a) the brand; b) knowledge; c)Vision Mission infrastructure. Focus Focus – Deliver a range of products that meet Manage market demands; create an inspiring and targetted on-line presence; widensales distribution channels. Manage – The infrastructure to enhance the quality of the experience.
  5. 5. What’s your Brand DNA?Knowingwhat you stand for People make decisions based on how they feel about a place – people, culture, products, built & natural environment. A reflection of the true ’spirit’ of the place. You need to appeal to their emotion. Being distinct & memorable raises the chances of a destination making it on to the travellers shortlist. This is where a strong destination brand, or competitive identity can make a difference. A destinations appeal has to be stronger than its competitors in target markets. Without a clear brand you risk being a ’me too’ destination that fails to differentiate itself from others or inspire potential visitors Your brand should be based on your values - what’s Wild Norway’s DNA?
  7. 7. Engage&Inspire Your Tribe
  8. 8. Synergy with national goals • Despitebeing a small segment of the market wildlife and wildlifewatchingopportunitiesadd to the image and attractiveness of Tondelag& Norway. • Outdooractivities, beautifulscenery, a nd a qualityenvironmentcreate positive perceptions and make the destination as a wholemoreappealing and addsdiversity to the experience. • Wild Norway will support Norway’s ”Powered by Nature” branding and enhance the destination’spositioning for thematic, active and sustainabletourism.
  9. 9. Cooperationinternally, regionally, nationally& cross boarder
  10. 10. AdventureBranding
  11. 11. City Hip, OutdoorSavvy
  12. 12. Be Visible, Be Sexy& Be Profitable collaborate with outdoorindustry partners
  13. 13. Bespoke, Luxurious, Active
  14. 14. Tell the story with multi-media
  15. 15. Who are the visitors?• Local&domestic market• Overseas – leisure& MICE• Primary&Secondary Motivations for AdventureTravellers• Demographics – adventureactivitiestransc endsocio- economicgroups, age and gender.
  16. 16. Hybrid Consumer • Increasinglysophisticatedconsumersr equireblending high qualityaccommodation and cuisine with low-budget access. • Tech savvy&conduct extensive on- line research • Adventure&outdoor markets defytraditionalsegmentation. • Independent holidaysmore in demandthanpackages. • Demand for uniquecustomizedexperiences. • Theywant it all – activity, luxury, authenticity and highStats: ATTA European snapshot Feb 2010 levels of service at a perceivedvalue for moneylevel.
  17. 17. Active Seniors • Increasinginfluence of the 45- 64 yearold age group. • 60 is the new 40 • Seek multiple experiences • Considernon-competitive soft adventureactivities that couplescandotogether • Wantlocal interaction • Control 80% of the luxury market • 1 in 5 go on 3 holidays or more a year • Off-seasontravel potential
  18. 18. Popular Activities• Walking&hiking • Soft Adventure – represents a• Cycling&mountainbiking substantial % of trips worldwide. Morelikely to try a range of• Sea kayaking&canoeing activities& destinations.• Sailing Increasingnumber of participants• Fishing&Shooting are women as well as seniors and enjoycombinedwalking and• Climbing&Trekking wildlifeexperiences.• Wilderness trips &training • Hard Adventure – High risk• Wildlifewatching, birding activities that require a high level &photography of specialist skills.• Winter Small, highlyfocused market.
  19. 19. Popular OutdoorActivities
  20. 20. Supply&Demand• Directbookers • Leisure – incidental holiday activities&activeshort breaks• DMC business • Samplers, Learners, Dabblers, Ent husiasts• FITsthrough tour • Thematictravel operators • MICE – Wild Norway canenhance• Self guidedthrough tour the appeal of Trondheim and Röros operators • Sporting events &competitions to• Guided special help drive largeattendence and broaderbased destination benefit interestleisuregroups• Active MICE groups
  21. 21. Self GuidedImportant and growing segment
  22. 22. SignatureTrails& Routes
  23. 23. Hike&Bike
  24. 24. ActiveMeetings& Incentives
  25. 25. Building a successful adventure & outdoors destination• The need for a destination audit• What are the supplychainissues• Need to cater to consumertravelneeds&ensurethey’remet• The need to developadventurehubs / clusters either destination or thematicspecificsupported by on siteexpertise and resources• Invest in Product Club mechanisms• Research &developSignature Routes &trail systems as drivers of image &growth• Developstrategicplanningbuiltaround the clientjourney• Establishqualitycontrol, sustainability&knowledgeup-liftmechanisms• Design a comprehensivetraveltradedevelopmentstrategy• Develop and promote a compelling brand for outdoor&adventuretourism to Trondelag• Invest for the longhaul
  26. 26. Identifying Key NeedsDevelopment Needs VisitorNeeds• Improved access & support systems • Highlightcultural, heritage&scenicresou• Createadventureinfrastucture rces as a counterpoint to corewildlife&outdoorsproduct• Morelocal guides &improved • Focus on interpretation customercare, friendliness&welcominga• Differentiate markets ttitiude betweenenthusiast and casual • Promoteauthenticity and the quality of• Createlocalambassadorsthroughkn localfood& drinks owledgeup-lift • Emphasissafety, security, regulation, en vironment, sustainability, English• Make speaking wildlife&outdoorsmoreaccessible • Create or implement service and userfriendly qualityschemes and indicators• Developfun, comfort&care as part • Information for of the experience visitors, signage, waymarkedtrail• Improve business practices systems &mapping• Focus on seasonalstrategies• Developoutdoor&adventurehubs
  27. 27. Product Development Partnerships ProductThemes The Canadian Tourism Commission hadidentifiedoutdoortourism, cul turetourism, wintertourism and cuisionetourism for specificattention in terms of productdevelopment. The selection of these clusters is basedupon an assessment of market demand, industryneeds, and Canada’sexisting/potential to satisfy the demand. These clusters align with CTC marketing priorities.
  28. 28. SwitzerlandMobility
  29. 29. Activity focusedaccommodations
  30. 30. ThematicAdventureHubs
  31. 31. Why work together and develop Outdoor & Adventure HubsTourism clusters can work collectively for:• Improved destination knowledge and cross selling• Improved cooperation within the product ’supply chain’• Easier to attract the interest of the travel trade• Collective packaging, collateral & marketing materials• Wider expertise & skill pool• Enable a range of stakeholders to share costs in developing travel to the destination• Easier & wider representation in the media through focused and coordinated PR message
  32. 32. HOST AND KNOWLEDGE LIFT- Education of 350 employees in more than 90 companies1. Host coursing2. Knowledge lift • History: World heritage and region / Circumference • Abouteachother – to make good sellers!3. Coppercard – a selfstudy Foto: Ålen Skisenter, Eivind Moen, 2* Terje Rakke/ Nordic Life/ Innovasjon Norge, Roar Øhlander og Arne Tønset/ Alaskan Husky Tours
  33. 33. COPPER CARD
  34. 34. Quality&Sustainability ’For the longhaul’
  35. 35. Howcan Wild Norway be succesful for the longhaul?• Entrepreneurialjourney - move • MembershipOrganization or from a lifestylechoice to a QualityLabel? profitable and sustainable • Destination developmentproject? business. • Destination Management• Improve access to Company (DMC)? resourcesthroughcollaboration. • AdventureTourism Portal with a• Broaden the range of activities on bookingfunction? offer. • An organization that establishes a• Improve standards and leadingnaturebased brand for safetyissues. Trondelagwhilesupportingentrepr• Movetowards a eneurs so theycancreate and greatercommitment to deliver world classexperiences. sustainabletourism.• Develop a coherentadventure&outdoors brand for Trondelag& Norway.
  36. 36. Wild Scotland
  37. 37. SuccessfulLocalModels
  38. 38. Case Study – Nature’s Best
  39. 39. Sales Distribution ChannelsEstablishing travel trade relationships is critical Product Customer Retailer Customer Product Product DMC / Inbound Retailer Customer
  40. 40. The ProductOwnerDespite being Britain’s best-known specialist wildlife touroperator and having sent large numbers of tourists tocountries all over the world for 24-years, Sweden had neverfeatured in our range of destinations until 2008.It was then that we came across Neil Rogers, an Englishmanliving in Sweden with an infectious passion for Scandinavia, itswildlife and its magnificent wilderness regions.Neil’s enthusiasm, knowledge of Sweden and Norway, andhuge experience in understanding the international tourismmarket, have single-handedly transformed our business toScandinavia.He has brought us a great range of invaluable local contactsthrough whom, with Neil’s guidance, Naturetrek has beenable to develop a large and ever-expanding range ofwonderful tours and destinations in Sweden and Norway.We are indebted to Neil for his drive and expertise in the areaof Scandinavian tourism. He is an enormous asset and sourceof guidance to anyone in the tourism, travel and hospitalitysector. Don’t work without him.David Mills, Managing Director, Naturetrek Ltd.
  41. 41. Neil Rogers Consultingneil.rogers@telia.comMobile: 46-727-327262www.neilrogersconsulting.com