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  2. 2. We are part of Interpublic Group, an integrated global network of marketing services companies Interpublic Group (IPG) Advertising Public Relations Branding & Brand Events Media CRM Design Services Jack Morton McCann Erickson Golin Harris Universal McCann MRM Momentum Campbell Mithun Weber Shandwick Initiative Media Lowe Group Draftfcb Deutsch Springer & Jacoby
  3. 3. We work with some of the world’s most successful corporations...
  4. 4. And some of the most powerful country, travel and tourism brands
  5. 5. The Country Brand Index
  6. 6. Country branding complexities
  7. 7. Opportunities for a country brand • Provides the “glue” (consistency) among political, social and economic pillars • Defines how the country’s own citizens and the world perceive it • Aids in the achievement of strategic objectives across political, FDI, export, tourism, etc. • Creates a seamless connection between the country’s strategic intent, its marketing and its experience • Delivers a unifying platform that builds synergy, allowing for cross-promotion and public and private sector alignment
  8. 8. Branding helps build compelling tourist destination brands that distinguish the country and attract visitors
  9. 9. Country-branded products extend the country brand into the realm of commerce and enhance export sales
  10. 10. Country branding plays an important role in helping to attract FDI
  11. 11. CASE STUDY
  13. 13. Before After
  14. 14. By 2008, Singapore had improved its image so that it was seen as one of the Top 10 country brands in the world for: •Resort & Lodging Options •Shopping •Nightlife •Fine Dining +66% +34% visitor arrivals for 2004 over 2003 5.4% annual growth for 2005-2008
  15. 15. The Singapore image as a business destination is one of the Top 10 country brands in the world for: •Easiest to Do Business In •New Country for Business •Conferences •Advanced Technology +95% 14.4% average annual GDP growth since 2003 67% total increase in FDI, 16.8% annual growth 2004-2007
  16. 16. A Quick Look at the Ukraine Country Brand
  17. 17. HDM identifies the relationship between marketing measures and financial performance The Hierarchical Decision Model Awareness Familiarity Associations Preference Consideration Areas of Brand Investment Decision/ Return on Visitation Brand Investment Advocacy FutureBrand ®
  18. 18. HDM snapshot of Brand Ukraine from the 2009 Country Brand Index research Global Rank / Top 2 Box Rating Awareness 68 / 67.1% Familiarity 29 / 24.6% Top 25 Rankings Bottom 25 Rankings Associations Fine Dining Authenticity Ease of Travel Friendly Locals Preference Rest & Relaxation Safety Consideration Value for Money 90 / 0.2% Easiest to Do Business In Decision/ 74 / 2.2% Standard of Living Visitation Political Freedom 49 / 6.9% Desire to Visit/Visit Again Extend a Business Trip Advocacy 63 / 1.3% Quality Products New Country for Business Rank denotes place out of 102 brands measured, a rank of 29 means the Ukraine had the 29th best Top 2 Box rating for the measurement FutureBrand ® Top 2 Box is the percentage that rated the brand “Very Good” or “Excellent” (6 or 7 on a 7-point scale) for a specific quality
  19. 19. Our Country Brand FRAMEWORK APPRAISAL COUNTRY BRAND Framework is a proprietary tool for assessing and managing country brand assets The The Essentials Essence The places, practices, The vibe and social structures and standards experience of a country of a country. Business, and how it resonates. travel and investment What you feel and what considerations. you remember.
  20. 20. The specific elements of the framework Attractions Authenticity Culture Ethos Monuments, People, Arts, music, Beliefs, mores, Wants icons, places, programming, intellectual customs, values, activities rituals, events, output, creative history, legends, discovery environment mystique Tangible Abstract Geography Infrastructure Economy Governance Topography, Communications, Industry, fiscal Domestic and Needs climate, transportation, policies, standard foreign policy, naturalresources, healthcare, of living management, location technology stability 23
  21. 21. High-level framework assessment of Ukraine country brand Attractions Authenticity Culture Ethos Historical sites, Very low profile, Architecture, Not perceived as Wants fine dining, relatively unknown museums, art friendly/open, nightlife & beach; outside the region from medieval- little-known history need resorts present times outside the region Tangible Abstract Geography Infrastructure Economy Governance Strategic location, Ease of travel is a Difficult to do Strong institutions Needs mineral/metal strength, business with and and environment; resources and telephony is good, graded as unfree overall hurt by agriculture internet pen & political infighting tourism lags Key Strength Opportunity Weakness 24
  22. 22. Five key takeaways 1. The primary branding issue is your country is not well known globally 2. You have significant assets to work with to become more of a tourist destination; tourism infrastructure needs to improve to capitalize on the opportunity 3. Whether economy remains a weakness or becomes a strength is up to you: you’ve got the educated workforce and resources to thrive 4. Don’t discount the impact of politics on how the world perceives you 5. You are a young nation with ancient roots; perhaps more than anything what you need is a clear vision of who you are, can be and will be as a nation 6. “The best way to predict the future is to create it” - Peter Drucker 25
  23. 23. Thank You FutureBrand ® 08/17/09