Tokopedia - How Tokopedia Became one of Indonesia’s Most Promising Startups


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Leontinus Edison, co-founder of Tokopedia, at Indonesia Satellite 2013.

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Tokopedia - How Tokopedia Became one of Indonesia’s Most Promising Startups

  1. 1. Little Story From Tokopedia
  2. 2. Internet Overview NO. Country Users 1. China 538 M 2. India 137 M 3. Japan 101.2 M 4. Indonesia 55 M 5. South Korea 40.3 M
  3. 3. What About Indonesia?#1 China Japan South Korea Indonesia • Top website based2 on Alexa Rank is3 blogspot.com4 LOCAL5 MARKETPLACE6 yahoo.com7 detik.com8 • INDONESIA??
  4. 4. Indonesia E-Commerce Prospect is great but does not make a big jump.Overview• WHY?• Infrastructure.• Security.• Awareness, Culture, Habit.• Ecosystem : Merchant, E-commerce facilitator, Payment, Logistics
  5. 5. Indonesia E-CommerceOverview Indonesi a ? NONE Classified Ads
  6. 6. Problems @ Classified Ads Fraud Attempts There are no guarantee, after buyer send the money to seller, they will receive the items
  7. 7. Problems @ Classified Ads Scalability Difficult to maintain, a lot of manual works, its not convinient at all
  8. 8. Tokopedia as a Solution Solution #1 a simple way of opening & maintaining an online store
  9. 9. Tokopedia as a Solution Solution #2 better & safer online shopping experience
  10. 10. Shopping At Tokopedia• Secure transaction through our escrow account• Easy to connect and communicate• Product information, rating, review, reputation, online tracking.• Personal Assistant
  11. 11. Business Using Tokopedia• You will get your own subdomain• Simple way to manage online store• Easy to connect and communicate• Gain trust even for newbie• Personal Assistant
  12. 12. Investor - Why? WE WANT TO BUILD A BIG BUSINESS NOT ONLY A HOBBYLaunched in 1995 Launched in 2004 Launched in 1998USD 100k in 1995 $500k in June 2004 $100k in AugustFirst provit in 2001 $12.7 M & $27.5 M in June 1998 2005 $25 M in June 1999 Net lost 3.36 M in 2005 Positive cash flow Sep 2009
  13. 13. Investor - Why? • Investors as business partner and mentor • Accounting, Finance and Tax • Legal Document and business lawyer
  14. 14. The Journey Begin3Ts = Team, Tool, Time
  15. 15. The Journey Begin - TEAM• Team is the most important part, because we are creative industry. WE NEED A-GRADE EMPLOYEES.• A lot of great peoples but only some of them fit in with the founders.• BUILD OUR OWN CULTURE
  16. 16. The Journey Begin - TOOLS• Economically Wise.• Non branded servers, open source software.• Use social media marketing such as facebook, twitter, forum.
  17. 17. The Journey Begin - TIME• Internet is a long term business• Tokopedia still offer free services
  18. 18. PROBLEMS• Investors say NO, partners reject your proposal, even employees refuse to join.• Chicken and Egg phenomenon.• Educate the Market.• Deal with HUGE TRAFFICS.
  19. 19. Thank you 0812 9404 3000 0818