Lee Odden - Optimise & Persuade your Audience to Act - ionSearch 2012


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Lee Odden - Optimise & Persuade your Audience to Act - ionSearch 2012

  1. 1. Op#mize  &   Socialize     For  More     Customers    @LeeOdden  Op9mizeBook.com  TopRankMarke9ng.com  TopRankBlog.com   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
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  4. 4. Every  2  Days,     We  Create  As  Much   Informa#on     As  We  Did  Since  the   Dawn  of  Time     To  2003   Source:  Eric  Schmidt  –  8/10  (via  TechCrunch)    @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  5. 5. Trust:  Product  Recommenda9ons   Newspaper   Blogger   Social  Network  Contact  TV   Radio   Microblog  Content   Global  Web  Index  Annual  Report  2011   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  6. 6. Paths  to  Purchase   1%      Social  Alone   51%  Search  Alone   48%  Search  &  Social   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  7. 7. UK  in  2011:   UK  Social     82%  use  the  web     Facebook  56%   48%  use  Facebook   YouTube  19%   B2C  Ecom  £100  billion   Twiaer  2.6%       ”Global  Search  Engine  Marke9ng  2012”  Que   Yahoo!  Answers  1.9%   Gumtree  1.4%   LinkedIn  .66%   UK  Search     Tumblr  .53%  Google.co.uk    91.5%    Bing.co.uk  3%   23%  of  9me  online  is  Yahoo.co.uk  2.5%   social  Ask.co.uk  1.4%   ”Global  Search  Engine  Marke9ng  2012”  Que       Experian  Hitwise  2011   Nielsen  2010     @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  8. 8. Google  sites  handle  88  billion   searches  per  month  worldwide   Source:  At  any  given  9me  there   comScore      are  50-­‐200  different  versions  of  Google’s  core  algorithm  in  the  wild  *Google  Inside  Search   What  are  you   op9mizing  for?   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  9. 9. SEO  Basics   Products   Tech  SEO  Audit   Topical  Focus   Services  Keyword  Glossary  Category   Search  Words   Keywords   Keywords   Social  Topics   Keywords  Category   Blogs Keywords   Keywords   Social  Topics   Keywords   Keywords     LINKS   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  10. 10. What  About  Customers?   Customers   Experiences   Outcomes  Op9mizing  for  consumers,  experiences  &  outcomes  transcends  Google,  Social  or  Content.   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  11. 11. Shik   Know  Your  Target  Audience   Consume   Share  Discover   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  12. 12. Shik  Customer  Focused  Op9miza9on  Audience   Discover   Consume   Share/Act  Op#mize   AWract   Engage   Inspire   Interests   Content   Share   Needs   Media   Buy   Pain  Points   Social   Refer   Search   Device     Social   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  13. 13. Op9mized  &  Socialized  Framework   Awareness    >    Interest    >    Considera#on    >    Purchase       Research   Keywords   Content  &   Op9mize   Customer   Topics   Promo9on   Socialize   Segments   Message   Plan   Promote  Preferences Search & Topics, SEO Social & SEOPain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking,Behaviors Sources Repurpose Link Building @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  14. 14. Shik   Op9mizing  Robots  ZRobot  –  Goals:  •  Increase  product   Automate  your  cleaning  with  ZRobot   awareness   All  New   Get  Mean  With  Your  Clean!  •  Grow  networks   ZRobot  Dirt  Terminator   New  series  of  dirt  zapping  robot.  •  Increase  cita9ons   Available  May  5,  2012:   Small  Business   Pre  Order   Ninjas  Clean     Stressing  Out   in  media  &  social   Owners   Without  being   over  Dirt?   Save  Money   seen!   Bring  in  ZRobot   Go  Shopping   Scien#fically   Special  Offers  •  Increase  sales   Whlle  Zrobot   Tested     Buy  Now     cleans  for  you   On  real  dirt!   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  15. 15. Shik   Consumer  Personas:  Goals   Carrie   Stan   Sara   Small  Biz  Owner   Single  Professional   Tech  Savvy  Mom  Low  cost  cleaning   Easy  cleaning   Efficient  cleaning  Save  on  office  costs   New  tech/gadgets   Save  9me   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  16. 16. Shik   Customer  &  Content  Op9miza9on   Maria:  Tech  Savvy  Mom   Buying   Keywords   Social  Topics   Content  Type   Cycle   Time  Saving  Housekeeping,   Blog  post,  ar9cles  in   Awareness   housekeeping  9ps   Nap9me  Cleaning   relevant  magazines   robot  cleaners,   What  types  of  automated   Interest   automa9c   Demonstra9on  video   cleaners  are  there?   cleaning   Sara   Product  feature/benefit   Mom   robot  cleaner   What  are  the  best  robot   Considera#on   list.  Comparison  to   reviews   cleaners?   compe9tors   robot  ,  Zrobot   Store  locator,  geo-­‐specific   Customer  Pain  Points   Purchase   how  to  buy,   Where  can  I  buy  a  Zrobot?   store  pages,  FB  fan  pages   Zrobot  prices  •  No  9me  to  clean  •  5  small  children  who  spill  and  make   Reten#on   Zrobot  cleaning   How  to  get  more  uses  from   Blog  posts,  guest  posts,   messes     9ps   your  Zrobot   video  •  Cannot  afford  a  weekly  maid   Zrobot  fans,   Zrobot  mom  user  group  Q   Facebook  Fan  page,   Advocacy   Zrobot   and  A,  9ps   Forum,  Zrobot  Newsleaer     accessories   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  17. 17. Shik   Op9mized  Editorial  Plan   ZRobot  Content  Calendar   Suzy  Business   Owner   Sara   Mom   •  Planned  topics   •  Media   •  Dates   •  Promo9on  channels   •  Titles   •  Repurpose  plans   •  Categories   •  Cross  linking   •  Keywords   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  18. 18. Hub & Spoke Publishing @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  19. 19. Hub & Spoke Publishing How  to   Auto   Clean   Videos   Demonstra9on   Enewsleaer   Microblogging   Blog  Industry  Pub   Tes9monials   Ar9cle   Buying  Guide    #ionsearch   tudy   @leeodden    -­‐   Case  S
  20. 20. Keyword  Glossary  Compe9tors   Keywords   Popularity   Categories   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  21. 21. Editorial  Plan   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  22. 22. Op9mize  for  Awareness   Awareness    >    Interest    >    Considera9on    >    Purchase       I need a clean office but my budget is small. Blog  subheadings  are  prime  for  keywords.   Breadcrumbs  >  Are  >  Beau9ful   All  New  Robot   Low  Cost  Clean!   Terminator   Watch  a  Demo   Video   The  content  of     the  blog  post  appeals  to  the   Categories:  Sara   interests  of  the  consumer   Robot  Cleaning  Mom   Robot using  language  that  is  search   Cleaning  Tips   cleaners? I and  social  media  friendly.     Save  Time   never thought Save  Money   of that.   Tags:  Keyword,  Word,  Key     Efficiency  Tips     @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  23. 23. Op9mize  for  Interest   Awareness    >    Interest    >    Considera9on    >    Purchase       #Op#mize  Video  Tips:   Demo  Videos:   •  Shoot  video  with  promo9on            channels  in  mind   •  Host  with  YouTube,  Vimeo   •  Embed  video  on  blog,  site   •  Op9mize  with  keywords   •  Promote  video  via  relevant  Sara            social  channels   •  Give  the  viewer  op9ons:    Mom              Share,  Refer,  More  Info,              Purchase   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  24. 24. Op9mize  for  Considera9on   Awareness    >    Interest    >    Considera#on    >    Purchase       Reviews    &  Product  Pages   Have  you  ever  heard  of  ZRobots  or  robots  for     cleaning  offices?   #Op#mize  Reviews  Tips:   Clean  Times  Mag  Sara  Mom   •  Pitch  your  product  for  reviews   •  Monitor  for  organic  reviews   Robot  Invasion!   •  Build  links  to  posi9ve  reviews   Top  10  Robot  Cleaners  for  Your  Office   1.  ZRobot   •  Socially  share  reviews     Product  descrip9ons  are  good  for  keywords.   •  Promote  reviews  from  social   2.  Roombot     Product  descrip9ons  are  good  for  keywords.   •  Make  your  own  product     3.  Officebot              comparison  page     Product  descrip9ons  are  good  for  keywords.   4.  Click  Clean     Product  descrip9ons  are  good  for  keywords.   5.  Biz  Bot   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch    
  25. 25. Op9mize  for  Purchase   Awareness    >    Interest    >    Considera9on    >    Purchase       Offers,  Store  Locator   Store  Locator   Special  Offer!   Sara   Mom  Op#mize  for  more  specific  topics:   Order  •  Loca9on  •  Product   Special  Offers   Buy  Now     Go  Shopping   Whlle  Zrobot   Scien#fically   Tested    •  Outcomes   cleans  for  you   On  real  dirt!   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  26. 26. What Would Your Hub Look Like? ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch   ?  
  27. 27. Social KPIs - Business Outcomes Social SEO KPI’s Business Outcomes •  Fans •  Share of Voice •  Friends •  Improve Service •  Followers •  Shorter Sales Cycles •  Comments •  Increased Order •  Likes Quantity, Frequency •  Google Plusses •  More Referrals •  Links •  Lower Marketing •  SERPs Costs •  Search Traffic •  Grow Revenue •  Improve ProfitsTools:Social Media MonitoringWeb AnalyticsSocial Media Marketing Management @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  28. 28. Just Say No to SilosTo scale, companies need to look beyond social for marketing,PR & service & look at evolving a social business. Marketing Marketing Community Customers Customers Public Relations Public Relations Sales VS Sales Customer Service Customer Service Human Resources Human Resources @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  29. 29. Takeaways  •  Segment  customers    •  Develop  an  editorial  plan  •  Op9mize  &  socialize   content  •  Monitor  KPIs    •  Measure  business  goals  •  Refine.  Repeat.  ABO!  •  Get  #Op9mize   @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch  
  30. 30. Thank YouLee Oddenlee@toprank.org@leeoddenTopRankMarketing.com OptimizeBook.comTopRankBlog.com Buy the Book – Get Optimized! Wiley - 2012 @leeodden    -­‐    #ionsearch