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‘Dial tone’ treatment sheet


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‘Dial tone’ treatment sheet

  1. 1. ‘Dial Tone’A horror film opening sequence Treatment Sheet. By Kate Burton.
  2. 2. Contents Page Cast List Plot overview Out line and Reasons Technical InformationCharacters and Costumes
  3. 3. Cast List –Stan … Ben ErvineMurderer/Cleaner … Matthew AppleyardMegan … Zoe AngusTracey Watson … Jordan HarlowMark … ConorBennisonPlot Overview –Stan works in an office and is in charge of the resources department for Atkins, apharmaceutical company. Little does he know that the new drugs that are beingtested at the moment hold bigger secrets than the company is letting on. In thewrong hands they could be used in awful ways, and that’s why they haven’tfinished being tested yet. As he organises files and put in the regular orders, thecleaner watches him mysteriously from the distance. He, too, is not all that heappears to be. He knows that he needs to distract Stan away from the computer,and after that find hostages to test the drug on inn the way that he alwaysintended … but how?Outline of the opening horror sequence –Beginning – Characters and places are established as Stan is seen working in anoffice, Megan is seen watching cartoons, and Mark and Tracey are seen lockingup together and speaking of their friend, Stan. A cleaner is also in the backgroundof the office.Middle – Megan is soon lured away and Stan leaves his work to look for her. Asthis happens Tracey and Mark explain how Megan is Stan’s younger sister who isdropped off at his office by his parents so he can look after her, as they do this,they try to get in contact with him. The scene goes back to Stan who doesn’t seeMegan dead as he walks past her, but soon discovers that he is about to fight forhis life.End – Stan weakens and there is no help for him, his spirits sink further when hesee’s his dead sister. Is phone rang but he couldn’t reach it, and eventually he iskilled. His friends still pursue the idea of inviting him out, settling with thedecision to visit him anyway.Technical Information –Location: Red Dreams Unit and the Black Path – Fens.Sequence length: Approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds.Props: Fake blood / blood Pellets Teddy bear Knife Mobile Phones Landline Phone
  4. 4. Keys Fizzy Drink BroomCharacters and Costumes –Stan: He works for Atkins Pharmaceutical Resources. He is in his earlytwenties and has a younger sister, Megan. His friends, Tracey and Mark oftenvisit his at the end of the day after they have finished their jobs. He dressescasually smart with a shirt and tie.Megan: She is ten years old and the younger sister of Stan. Her parentsregularly drop her off at her brother’s office, where she will watch TV in aseparate room and help herself to the free drinks. Stan likes to work late, andshe sometimes likes to explore the building when no one else is around. Shewill wear very childish and colourful clothes, and also carries around a teddybear.Mark: He is Stan’s best friend and the boyfriend of Tracey Watson. Heand Tracey both work in management for a garden centre. The often call in atStan’s office on the way home as it is an excuse for their friend to leave earlysince he works late so often anyway. He would also wear professionalclothes, though not as serious as Stan, and he also wears a warm coat overthe top as they finish late, when it is already dark and cold.Tracey: Tracey is the girlfriend of ark and the friend of Stan. She workswith her boyfriend at management of a garden centre. She will usually dressprofessional as well, as she has no interest in participating in the dirty workof the garden centre. She will also wear a coat over the top when walkinghome.Murderer/Cleaner: He works as a cleaner for Atkins PharmaceuticalRecourses, although he has his own agenda. He is always keeping a close eyeon a young office worker named Stan, and get’s especially annoyed by theyounger sister who makes a mess in the kitchen and leaves her empty drinkcans around the company. There is something off about him, a dark powerthat he will use to get what he wants. But he will keep it a secret fromeveryone until it’s already too late for them. He will always wear his cleaner’suniform, until it’s time for him to make a move, take what he wants andeliminate anyone who would get in his way.