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Lateral Time


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Lateral Time

  1. 1. Studying the idea of time, rather than the technicality.
  2. 2. These images were taken by Julian Germain over eight years that he spent with a quiet, elderly man called Charles Snelling, who lived alone in a small house in Portsmouth. He named this project ‘For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.’ Shortened to ‘Every sixty seconds’. With this image I like how the artist caught it when the weather was grey and rainy and quite miserable – matching the emotions shown on the subjects face. The angle of view in this image makes the viewer feel as though they are looking at the subject from a purely observational standing, and that the subject has no notion that they are getting their picture taken. I’m interested in this image because the juxtaposition of an elderly man driving a car creates a dynamic sense of time.
  3. 3. This image is very unique as not many project centre around one person would take in to consideration their own photographs and the meanings it would have on their lives. By doing this I feel as though this project has been given a better feel of a documentary style as it looks into the past of the subject being photographed. The warm lighting of this image also helps to give it an atmosphere of old memories, as thought the viewers are looking back at good times along with the man who the photo belonged to.
  4. 4. I really like the idea of catching someone in the middle of an everyday activity such as drinking tea. I believe it gives a feel of common ground that helps you see the person as they really are and allows you to get a feeling of what they are like and how they live their life. Even things such as this man’s shirt, which is very old fashioned and something you could expect from a grandfather figure, to the floral cup, which is quite humours in the way it contradicts his serious expression, and also the cluttered background. All of this things helps to set the environment that is this mans home.
  5. 5. Again I feel as though this image gives a sense of an average life, and supports the idea of a documentary style. It gives another look into the subjects life and his interests, such as gardening, which can be seen from the green house and flower beds. Gardening can also be seen as a lost art as many people can’t afford houses that have such gardens, but rather live in apartments, let alone using green houses for things such as vegetables, as prices for groceries are cheap and affordable – meaning there is no need for people to grow there own. This photo has again captured the contrast of different times in the same world, and how one persons sees an average home, were another sees an archaic environment.
  6. 6. These images were taken by Marjolaine Ryley, and the portfolio is called Villa Mona. I feel as though the low angles that this picture was taken from allows the viewer to observe the image in a younger perspective, as though they were a child again roaming their own house. The soft colours, and soft light too, help portray the happy atmosphere. And a sense of general familiarity could be seen, as though everyone has had this outlook of things at least once that they can remember.
  7. 7. Again this image seems to take a child’s point of view as the camera was very low and close to the table when taking this picture. The focus on the toast and the blur of both the foreground and the background make the image seem almost as though it’s a memory that the viewer is flashbacking to. The focus of the breakfast also brings up the idea that the smell of food can resurface a memory from as long ago as childhood. By looking at the image with this mind set, it could be taken as a metaphor of how time can pass and change things, but memories will always stay equal and intact.
  8. 8. With this image other people can be seen, though their faces have been carefully hidden from view by the underneath of the table. This again leads people to think that these photos are from a child’s perspective. So far in these images parts of the house such as the sink and the table cloth have given of an old, vintage style, and the settings of this photo is no different. The way these people are dressed can suggest that this is from a long time ago. And possibly these people aren’t alive anymore, giving a foreshadowing to the careful blocking of their faces. This could be the only thing that time has taken away from the owner of these memories.