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Album Cover Photoshoot


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Album Cover Photoshoot

  1. 1. These photographs were taken in the photography studio, using a Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera. Additionally I used a wireless flash and a hot light. For this specific image I disabled the hot light after focusing so that it was completely dark until I took the photo and the flash created this spotlight effect. All images were taken in colour, and then transferred to black and white through Photoshop in editing. After that I played with the vibrant and contrast settings so that the coat seemed dark enough, but there was still enough light that Matthew would stand out, all the while making sure I didn’t ruin the spotlight effect.
  2. 2. For this image I wanted to use the rule of thirds and create a kind of off putting attention to Matthew from the way he is standing off to the right and even facing that way, but turning his head to look directly at the camera. By using a black and white filter I hoped to go with a stereotypical look for rock music that’s deep and emotional, and completely centred on the lead singer. Since this image is more close up than the others and Matthew is making eye contact, I used Photoshop to edit his eyes, and perhaps make his stare more intensive. For this I used the dodge tool on the whites of his eyes to make them brighter, and the burn tool on his pupils to make them darker.
  3. 3. For this image I wanted to experiment with different poses that portrayed a different feeling from the hard, cold stare of a rock singer. The song I’m using for my music video is by a rock band, but is quite slow and sad at the beginning. I had Matthew remove his black coat so that the image would appear softer for this feeling. I used the hot light, standing to Matthew's right, to create a deeper shadow, helping define Matthews outline against the white wall.
  4. 4. For this last image I wanted to go the complete opposite way from the previous photo. Instead of making Matthew appear upset and someone that viewers could sympathise with, I wanted him to appear slightly psychotic. This is, again, the same as my music video, as his character starts off as someone who seems sad that he’s lost the girl he loves, but then evolves into someone who is angry at the loss as he pushes the girl down. I also moved the hot light further away so the his shadow would seem softer, blending into the white wall better.
  5. 5. Digipak Practice Assembly. I used all four photos when practising how I would set out my Digipak, with what I felt was my most successful image as the front. The CD is shown just as a plain red with the title written over it, as I wanted to focus on the placement of the images. The spine will probably be black with white writing to match the filter of the photo’s, and the writing will have a matching font to the title on the CD.