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What happens in the rest of the film


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What happens in the rest of the film

  1. 1. What happens in the rest of the film? Obviously the rest of the film is important to think about otherwise I won‟t know how I want the film opening to start. So for the film opening I decided that I wanted to revolve it around a woman who is upset and has a „guilty conscience‟ about some sort of crime that took place in her family. But why was she guilty? What had she done? At the end of the script she asks the audience the question “Did I kill her?” while we are seeing an arm holding down the teen in the bath tub. This lets the audience question her innocence. Who was she supposed to of killed? Did she actually do it or just know about it? As she said in the script “Is standing by and letting it happen, worse than committing the act itself?” I considered all of the questions whilst doing the pre-production of my film opening, I decided that the after we see the arm in the bath tub the girl comes up from the bath and gasps for air. The film carries on and shows that the father is abusing the teenage daughter. But they represent themselves as a normal family to the public. The girl attends a normal school but is not allowed a social life because of the chance she could tell a trusted friend what is happening inside the house. The main character (the women at the beginning of the film) is incredibly controlled by the man, she knows what is going on but her mother instinct is not kicking in and telling him to stop what he is doing. So the abuse carries on but just gets worse and worse. So bad that eventually towards the end of the film the abuse turns into murder, the film progresses to show the father blackmailing the teenage girl and abusing her. He pours petrol inside her room when she goes to sleep that night and the mother knows what he is doing, she confronts him and starts shouting and screaming, but his reaction is vicious. He throws the mother down the stairs and she stumbles out of the door crying. She hears the lighting of a match and the next thing she knows the house goes up in flames, she can hear voices, crying, and screaming. She tries to go upstairs through all the smoke and fire to get her, but he has locked her door from the inside. And she realises that he is in there too. She tries kicking the doors down but she has not got enough strength. She ends up passing out from the substances inside the house like the smoke. The ambulance comes which is called by a local neighbour. She wakes up, in a hospital bed. “2 weeks later” comes across the bottom of the screen. The nurse is sorting out her bed and the news is on in the background. As the mother wakes up she asks “what‟s happened? Why am I here? I‟m so confused… get me out, get me out of these wires!” then we hear the news talk about the investigation of a father and a daughter burnt to death in their house. The women reacted surprised and started screaming, kicking and crying knowing it was her husband and daughter. When she is released from hospital her mother buys her a flat to move into for the time being and she tries to get herself together and put a Christmas tree up. This is when the beginning of the film starts playing. But once she had run her bath. She gets in it and commits suicide with some pills she takes alongside her glass of wine.