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Rsa 0307 1

  1. 1. Infor PM Customer Profile RSA Security ‘‘ Ü Infor PM is a very strategic application that we use proactively to build equity ” in the business. DAVID STACK, VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCIAL PLANNING, RSA SECURITY An enterprising company. RSA Security Inc. is the expert in protecting online identities and digital assets. The inventor of core security technologies for the Internet, the company leads the way in strong authentication, encryption, and anti-fraud protection, bringing trust to millions of user identities and the transactions that they perform. RSA’s portfolio of award-winning identity and access management solutions helps businesses to establish who’s who online—and what they can do. With a strong reputation built on a 20-year history of ingenuity, leadership, and proven technologies, RSA serves more than 21,000 customers, including financial institutions representing hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe. They interoperate with over 1,000 technology and integration partners. Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, RSA, a public company, has approximate annual revenue of $400 million and has entered a definitive merger agreement with EMC Corporation.
  2. 2. Customer Profile Setting the strategy. facts at a glance: When RSA decided to purchase a software solution in > company ...................................... Security RSA 1999 to enhance its budgeting process, the immediate need was to automate its outdated, manual system and > solution ...................................... Infor PM eliminate the inherent problems: intensive man-hours, > product ...................................... Business Process Applications data entry errors, version control issues, and lack of visibility into underlying data. Forecasting was done on an > platform ......................................Microsoft Windows® annual basis and had little value. Company executives > database ...................................... Microsoft SQL Server needed more immediate, up-to-date information to enable > industry ......................................High-tech smart and timely business decisions in the constantly changing technology sector. Beyond budgeting and > customer revenue ...................................... US $400 Million forecasting, RSA wanted to fully leverage its potential in > employees ......................................1,300 the marketplace by being able to access information, both financial and operational, that would give it the data > country ...................................... USA transparency needed to stay a step ahead of competitors. “Budgeting was our initial pain point, but we also wanted a also planned to empower line managers to help drive software solution that could expand as the company revenue growth by being able to model various scenarios grew,“ says David Stack, vice president of financial and provide senior management with a broad list of planning, RSA Security. “We wanted it to encompass alternatives and opportunities. forecasting, reporting, financial modeling, Sarbanes-Oxley RSA implemented Infor's BPAs on the Microsoft SQL Server compliance, and strategic planning. In order to keep our platform. The initial budgeting functionality was rolled out edge in the marketplace against larger competitors, we to 30 users within 45 days. The project teams consisted felt it was critical to find a solution that would provide of a project manager and technical consultants from Infor, centralized, consistent, easily accessible data that could as well as representatives of the finance, IT, and give us superior insight and the ability to respond quickly operations groups at RSA. as opportunities were identified.” Today, 50 people, consisting of finance staff and key managers, access the Infor system on a regular basis. Getting business specific. In addition to budgeting, the system helps deliver detailed monthly expense and headcount reports. The After considering products from other performance forecast is used for determining quarterly earnings per management (PM) vendors, RSA selected Infor™ PM share guidance and has enabled foreign currency Business Process Applications (BPAs). “We could have exchange analysis. done a budget with any of the products we considered,” says Stack, “but Infor PM BPAs had the broad capabilities “Knowing that we had Infor PM BPAs and a finely tuned we would need going forward. We saw an opportunity to financial process, we were confident each quarter design a phased implementation that would improve our that we could make acquisitions and give guidance to key financial processes while taking advantage of Wall Street and the external marketregarding our increased functionality and technical developments as profitability,” says Stack. “We had a high level of they occurred for more strategic future initiatives.” confidence that we would be able to deliver on the expectations we had communicated.” “We liked the fact that everyone would be working from the same data source,” continues Stack. “The Microsoft® Product line P&L reporting has now been built into the Excel® interface was a key feature, too—we knew it would system. RSA compares product line profitability and key accelerate user acceptance and increase efficiency.” By operating metrics against major competitors. “The implementing product line P&L reporting in order to integrated product line P&L forecast is the basis for long- provide the underlying cost structure information, RSA term financial models that take into account market
  3. 3. RSA Security ‘‘ Ü growth rates and ROI analysis,” says Stack. “The resulting The integrated product line P&L forecast in reports are used to determine the effectiveness of RSA’s strategic plan.” Infor PM yields reports used to determine the ” effectiveness of RSA's strategic plan. Seeing results. DAVID STACK, VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCIAL PLANNING, RSA SECURITY Stack cites RSA’s offshoring initiative as one example of how Infor's solution has helped uncover critical information that has helped increase the company’s profitability. “We’ve utilized the Infor PM system over time to track profitability growth,” he says. “Using that information as a baseline and projecting forward, we started looking at some of the product lines where we had an opportunity to improve margins and did an analysis of how much moving offshore would reduce the resource cost to deliver those products. We were able to make some strategic decisions that allow About Infor. us to effectively employ more engineers internationally to help speed up some of the development cycles and still Infor delivers business-specific software to enterprising save expense in the offshore facility, while maintaining a lot organizations. With experience built in, Infor’s solutions of our core development in the US.” enable businesses of all sizes to be more enterprising and adapt to the rapid changes of a global marketplace. With Continues Stack, “During the due diligence process, it was more than 70,000 customers, Infor is changing what obvious that having the divisional and product line P&Ls businesses expect from an enterprise software provider. For was of tremendous value. Potential acquiring companies additional information, visit were able to model how different business units would either stand alone or complement their current structure. Being able to easily model based on those different segments by product line and division helped them determine an accurate valuation for the company.” Being open to an enterprising future. RSA’s current focus with Infor PM BPAs is on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and future enhancements. The monthly forecast is being used as a control on financial data. Plans are in place to roll out digital signing capabilities for key managers who review and sign off on forecast versus plan variances. Additionally, RSA intends to fully automate their three-year financial models and integrate Infor’s strategic planning functionality. “Infor PM has moved from a tactical tool that enables us to accurately close our books to a very strategic application that we use proactively in our process of building equity in the business,” says Stack. “We use the information from Infor PM BPAs to make strategic decisions to improve the company’s overall financial and market position.”
  4. 4. Customer Profile Infor Corporate Please contact your Headquarters local Infor office 13560 Morris Road regarding availability of Suite 4100 products in your region. Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 Direct: +1 (800) 260 2640 Copyright © 2007 Infor Global Solutions GmbH and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries. All rights reserved. The word and design marks set forth herein are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Infor Global Solutions GmbH and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries. All rights reserved. All other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners. INFCP_RSAGEENUS_0307-1