Real-time Marketing. From Analog to Digital.


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Presenting Simplify360's first webinar of its brand new series. Nishad Ramachandran - Vice President of Hansa Cequity, expresses his views on the evolution of marketing and how it became realtime.

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  • Opener
  • Pimps who tried selling prostitute services seem to have been the the original real-time marketers
  • Hawkers in marketplaces were able to reach larger audiences
  • Gutenberg’s printing press expanded the real of marketing
  • Early advertising agencies and magazines give marketers more choices for marketing
  • Scientific Advertising published in 1923. Download a copy here:
  • Real-time mass marketing…
  • Pre-technology real-time ads that took a few days to be delivered
  • Pre-technology real-time ads that took a few days to be delivered
  • Independence day ad
  • Technology, social media, platforms, smartphones
  • More processing in a smartphone than in early satellites
  • Technology and social networks is now able to aggregate mass audiences
  • Marketing has not moved from a marketers time to consumers time. No more new-improved formula full page ads. Even if they have to be done, they are done when people are seeking for such a solution
  • Automated SMSs, Emails and other ads
  • Technologies like Unica delivering real time campaigns to people
  • Best Buy Twelpeforce
  • OldSpice @kevin part of the Old Spice Twitter response campaign. Here the first video went out to Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg. So the Digg community would share and tweet the ad
  • Tesco Mobile’s interesting Twitter Response Strategy
  • How JC Penny won the Oscars
  • JC Penny Oscars
  • Comps that were pre-created created andactioned at appropriate time
  • When Jennifer Lawrance tripped on the way to collect her trophy
  • The Oreo Moment
  • Oreo Daily Twist integrated social media campaign that took advantage of elements of real-time
  • Tesco trialing facial recognition to provide real-time rewards
  • Foursquare badges that are triggered in real-time
  • Westside Real Time Manufacturing
  • Automated twitter responder makes a hash of itself and BankAm
  • Ads masquerading as real-time engagements gets Target the stick
  • Poor humour makes Petcentric tweets boring
  • The Business of Social Media
  • Gatorade Social Command Centre
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • From independent departments that are siloed
  • To departments coalescing and coming together to create real-time marketing opportunities…
  • Big Data driven online listening service
  • Big Data Analytics and Insights
  • MassRelevance and Infinigraph are two companies that provide such services
  • Defining Objectives is key
  • Depending on what kinds of campaigns are being planned. Some of all of these players will need to become a part of the team
  • Gatorade Social Command Centre
  • Real-time Marketing. From Analog to Digital.

    1. 1. Real-time Marketing. From Analog to Digital. Image courtesy:
    2. 2. The Second Oldest Profession in the World?
    3. 3. Salesmen and hawkers in ancient marketplaces
    4. 4. Marketing evolved as technology evolved
    5. 5. Early agencies and media channels enabled mass marketing
    6. 6. The science of marketing
    7. 7. Real-time mass marketing. Amul 1966
    8. 8. Reactive real-time
    9. 9. Guerilla real-time
    10. 10. Planned real-time
    11. 11. smartphone technology
    12. 12. NASA’s Phonesat project. Smartphones as satellites
    13. 13. 2.4 Billion of us online 1.1 Billion on Facebook 1.2 Billion on Android
    14. 14. From a marketer’s time. To a customer’s time
    15. 15. Automated real-time
    16. 16. Real-time Stream Campaigns
    17. 17. Real-time Story Telling
    18. 18. Real-time Brand Campaigning
    19. 19. Real-time Tactical Campaigning
    20. 20. Pre-planned Real-time
    21. 21. Pre-planned Real-time
    22. 22. Almost Real-time
    23. 23. Real-time Real-time
    24. 24. Real-time Real-time
    25. 25. Integrated Real-time
    26. 26. Predictive Analytics Driven Real-time
    27. 27. Triggered Real-time
    28. 28. Real-time Manufacturing
    29. 29. F*@K
    30. 30. Real-time #Fail
    31. 31. Real-time #Fail
    32. 32. Real-time #Fail
    33. 33. F*@K
    34. 34. Real time Marketing = New Business Opportunities
    35. 35. Real-Time Marketing: Opportunities • Opportunities: – A brand’s chance to wow the world • Oreo’s You can Dunk in the Dark has now become the lexicon for wowie real-time events (Oreo Moment) – Right moment. Right message • Best Buy Twelpeforce has found many imitators – Brand Relevance • JC Penny’s “Dear Stilettos” captured Jennifer Lawrence’s misstep was an opportunity to smartly plug a brand
    36. 36. Real-Time Marketing: Challenges • Challenges: – Always on Nature of the medium • You know a brand is on Twitter and you expect the brand to respond in near real-time. So you get issues like the BankAm case
    37. 37. Real time Marketing: Driving a new way of doing business Sales Design Mktng Logisti Legal R&D HR Service
    38. 38. Real time Marketing: Driving a new way of doing business Sales Design Mktng Logisti Legal R&D HR Service
    39. 39. New companies New services Social Media Monitoring
    40. 40. New Companies New Services Social Media Analytics and Insights
    41. 41. New companies New services Content Hubs
    42. 42. New marketing thinking for a real-time world Start with WHY Define Objectives Align Teams Plan Campaigns Define KPIs Execute Measure against KPIs Ask many many whys Brand impact Tactical. Influencer Service Improvement Internal External Short term, long term, opportunistic Brand Scores Sales Numbers Service level improvements
    43. 43. Real time Marketing: Orchestrating a campaign. Players Produce r Creative Tech Service Writer AC Mgt Social Marktg Art Dir Planning Agency Side HR IT Media PR Sales Legal Complia nce Client Side
    44. 44. Recorded webinar
    45. 45. THANK YOU!
    46. 46. Connect with us