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Design Thinking / A4 / Prototype


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For Design Thinking 2013 course.

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Design Thinking / A4 / Prototype

  1. 1. Design Thinking / A4: Prototype / All rights reserved. Carlos Escalante 2013. Young graduates need a way to find their calling more efficiently because they are afraid of losing valuable time and resources on too many a dead end. PROBLEM STATEMENT   Maria, 23, the graduate recently interviewed for the second assignment. INTERVIEWEE   A. Being boss for a day, while making upstarts conscious of the effort and though decisions implied by following your dreams, This would then be documented by the universities and included in a vocation or special course, so they could acquired extra insights from someone in their situation. B. A career bootcamp, A required course for every bachelor, it will require one week of absence from the classrooms and drill them in all mayor branches of their interested field (ex. For marketing you get an advertising, research, pricing, etc. drill. SELECTED IDEAS  
  2. 2. Design Thinking / A4: Prototype / All rights reserved. Carlos Escalante 2013. Imagine that during your vocational training some of your class mates would get to star in a reality show, were they would be recorded before and after a “boss for a day” experience. This would be documented and the analyzed in class, so you could learn from your friends and from different job environments. EXTRA DETAILS   BOSS FOR A DAY EVALUATION   worked   To improve   ?   ideas   Fun   Better sense of the work envmnt   Interesting   Would firms want the publicity? Slots available?   2 much responsibility   Student / boss pairing could spark interesting things
  3. 3. Design Thinking / A4: Prototype / All rights reserved. Carlos Escalante 2013. BOOTCAMP EVALUATION   worked   To improve   ?   ideas   A required curricular course, this two week, full-credit class will put graduates through the wringer, working in teams developing real life (or near real life) projects in a high pressure, multi- disciplinary environment. This will help them get a sense of their areas of interest fairly obviously. EXTRA DETAILS   Fun   Real sense of work env.   Would attack a real area of opportunity (lack of experience)   Practical   # of participants (many)   2 weeks is too little   Avg. or poor students   Will firms and univs. do this for students?   Mentors for boot camp