Hitachi data systems and tsys success story


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Financial services processing giant TSYS deploys Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform for mission-critical data compliance and performance.

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Hitachi data systems and tsys success story

  1. 1. S U C C E S S S T O R Y“I can’t say enough about the TSYSpre-work that went into making INDUSTRY Banking/Financethis project such a success. Thedue diligence, the service and SOLUTIONS Enterprise Platform, Storage Management, Business Continuity and Replicationthe knowledge provided by the Hardware — Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Software — Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP), Hitachi UniversalHitachi team surpass any we’ve Replicator (HUR), Hitachi Command Suiteever encountered in the industry. ” Services — Residency Services provided by Hitachi Data Systems Global Solution ServicesMark HoltSenior Director of Distributed Technologies,OperationsTSYS
  2. 2. S U C C E S S S T O R Y 2 The data being managed, its security andFinancial Services Processing Giant TSYS Deploys Hitachi availability is mission critical to TSYS, and ensuring the access to and protection ofVirtual Storage Platform for Mission-critical Data its clients’ transactional information is ofCompliance and Performance premium importance. As a company that handles sensitive cardholder informationTSYS is a Fortune 2500 company that orchestrates end-to-end for major credit, debit and corporate cards, TSYS is required to comply with datacommercial credit card processing and information management security standards issued by the Paymentfor some of the world’s biggest financial institutions and their end Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council, a global oversight forum ac-users. To exceed its own global objectives for persistent data countable for increasing controls aroundgrowth, encryption of at-rest data and substantial performance im- cardholder data to reduce card fraud.provements, TSYS implemented Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform. “The Golden facility is at the heart of monitoring across all of the distributedToday’s marketplace is global, with an processing, TSYS is a full-service organi- application suites. It’s where we synthesizeinfinite number of online purchases and zation specializing in secure, web-brows- the end-user experience across all corepaperless payments happening anywhere, ing services and products with real-time products and client-facing web any time. Behind more than 50 million functionality and 24/7 access. Among its Organizations such as ours that processdaily financial transactions is a hardwork- products are CentreSuite and Credit Care, financial information must be PCI certified,ing company dedicated to providing a which are designed to improve client prof- which requires encryption of at-rest data.better experience for buyers and sellers. itability and customer retention. We also have a very limited floor spaceTSYS provides a wide range of electronic footprint there, and must remain cognizantpayment solutions for merchants and their Focus on Data Growth of our heating, cooling, power and spacecustomers, including consumer finance, consumption. We needed to collapse the TSYS has a primary production andcredit, debit, healthcare and loyalty pro- storage footprint yet increase the capac- corporate card processing facility locatedgrams, as well as prepaid, chip and mobile ity at the same time. On the performance in Golden, Colorado, where many of thepayments. front, we wanted to dramatically reduce company’s technical support staff and storage latency to provide better responseHeadquartered in Columbus, Georgia, with software developers reside. The site also times across the database and applicationoffices throughout the Americas, Europe, houses a network operations center and environments,” explains Senior Director ofMiddle East, Asia and Asia-Pacific, TSYS help desk for clients, consisting of more Distributed Technologies for Operations atsupports payment services across 85 than 650 servers that support 9 key plat- TSYS, Mark Holt.countries for approximately 300 clients forms and hosted services.and has a relationship with more than half Stored business data at TSYS has beenof the top 20 global banks. From actually steadily growing at 35% year over year,producing the plastic credit cards to han- keeping pace with industry averages.dling online card activation and statement “We needed encryption technology for at-rest data, less physical footprint with greater storage capacity, and performance improvements for database responsiveness. The Virtual Storage Platform gave us all that and much more.” Mark Holt Senior Director of Distributed Technologies, Operations TSYS
  3. 3. S U C C E S S S T O R Y 3Process New Ways to Manage TSYS Credits Hitachi Technologies of encrypting data while at rest, with XTS- and Services AES 256-bit encryption at the hardwareTo adeptly manage its storage growth and level and no overhead. VSP also combinesmeet regulatory and industry demands, Prior to implementing its new storage with Hitachi Command Suite v7, whichTSYS wanted to expand server virtualiza- solution, TSYS worked with Hitachi Data delivers a comprehensive managementtion and disaster recovery capabilities, Systems Global Solution Services to suite and common interface to help TSYSwhile gaining greater simplicity and scal- thoroughly scope the project. Holt decided unify storage, achieve highest levels of op-ability. “We have heavy storage consump- to also leverage Residency Services with erational efficiency and facilitate a greatertion and utilization. The typical content we project manager Daniel Erickson from virtualization landscape.manage is rich and diverse: lots of images Hitachi Data Systems for managing theand PDF records, which can be very project and migration onsite and accelerat- “With this project, we’re collapsing up todemanding to manage and provide instant ing the deployment. “I can’t say enough 150 physical servers and moving to 30access to clients. Consequently, we’ve about the pre-work that went into mak- VMware servers that will function in 4-nodebeen somewhat limited to what historical ing this project such a success. The due clusters. VSP enables us to fully realizedata we can offer online. I manage centers diligence, the service and the knowledge our virtualization initiatives and speed theall over the world. Part of my overall IT provided by the Hitachi team surpass any delivery of moving from physical to virtualstrategy is to enable our virtual 1st initia- we’ve ever encountered in the industry. environments. The reduction in physi-tive, which is to consolidate our physical From conducting onsite analysis of exist- cal equipment translates into immediatefootprint by taking advantage of virtualiza- ing infrastructure and understanding our savings in heating and cooling costs andtion,” Holt says. unique needs, to managing the configura- the recovery of valuable data center floor tion, migration and build-out, our Hitachi space,” Holt furthers.Disaster recovery is currently being out- onsite resident and all the services staffsourced to a colocation facility. The long- The company is already taking strides to- we’ve engaged throughout this effort haveterm disaster recovery goal is to be able ward its long-term disaster recovery goals been outstanding. They’ve been key toto replicate data from Golden to wherever with VSP implementation. TSYS will soon TSYS being able to implement so quicklyit needs to, and to migrate applications be using Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) and smoothly,” states without disruption to users. Holt software to replicate production dataalso wants to unite storage for the Golden TSYS selected Hitachi Virtual Storage directly from Golden to Columbus, andproduction data. “By moving to 1 platform, Platform (VSP), an economically superior teeing up VMware Site Recovery Managerwe will gain a single command center for storage architecture designed to ad- and VMware vMotion for the data migra-managing and scaling production storage. dress the dynamic data environments and tion. “The Virtual Storage Platform andGreater scalability may help us to extend changing business requirements with 1 HUR software give us the flexibility andclient offerings and provide additional platform and many cost efficiencies. VSP footprint we need to do site recovery andfunctionality more quickly in the future,” provides 3-dimensional scaling to dynami- allow production data to live in multiplecontinues Holt. cally scale up, out and deep, combining locations, while allowing data movement with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning to lever- in real time with transparency. With this inWith the new PCI compliance deadline age substantial throughput. place, we’ll be able to eliminate the cost oflooming and growing concerns around the colocation facility. VSP helps to give usdatabase responsiveness, Holt enlisted the “Dynamic Provisioning is really the corner- the depth we envisioned for our disasterhelp of Hitachi Data Systems. “We needed stone of how we’re storing data on the recovery and restore capabilities,” he be able to meet the PCI requirements VSP. It’s the throughput that enables awithout taking an outage or interruption of large number of transactions to be handled Activate an Array of Costproduction systems. That meant mov- simultaneously on a smaller footprint, anding 40TB of data without impact to our Efficiencies and Capabilities able to scale to tremendous size withoutclient base, in a very short period of time. impacting performance,” says Erickson. The Virtual Storage Platform has onlyThe Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform had been deployed at the Golden facility aeverything we were looking for in a solu- At TSYS, the VSP was configured with short time. However, the implications oftion. We needed encryption technology 300TB of usable capacity across 4 racks its success are significant. “So far, we’vefor at-rest data, less physical footprint with and varying performance-level disks, been able to dramatically collapse ourgreater storage capacity, and performance including high-performance SAS drives on physical footprint and double our storage.improvements for database responsive- Tier 1 and Tier 2, and 2TB SATA drives on Golden is our primary location for VMwareness. The Virtual Storage Platform gave us Tier 3. To satisfy the annual PCI certifica- proofs of concept and virtualization. Plus,all that and much more,” he says. tion, TSYS is using the back-end directors to date we’ve virtualized 40% of produc- internal to VSP. The directors are capable tion servers and 90% of development
  4. 4. S U C C E S S S T O R Yservers. Storage latency has decreased “We have an optimal framework at Golden10-fold, from 60 milliseconds to fewer than now along with a more advanced suite5 milliseconds, and testing with the new of capabilities. We also have standard-hardware shows a 200% improvement in ized hardware and software that allow usdatabase reorganization and maintenance to manage larger environments withouttimes,” says Holt. increasing staff. The VSP lets us scale much larger and invoke a greater number of proj-The entire back end of TSYS monitoring ects, enabling us to extend our offerings forsolutions now sits on VSP. Longer term, clients and end users. For example, we canall the office systems will also dwell on the now go deeper into providing additional richsystem. Because space is at a premium in content and historical statements or data.Golden, the existing storage systems have The performance improvements and versa-been reassigned to non-production storage tility are visible across all our core the Columbus center. I would definitely mark this experience as a“We’re going into peak season with heavy tremendous success,” finishes Holt.database activity. The VSP is handling itall very well, enabling the workloads tobe distributed across RAID groups forthe dynamic pools. The implementationwith VSP and dynamic provisioning andVMware seemed so easy from our end. Wewere able to leverage all the capabilities ofvirtualization, and rolled this out in 60 daysinstead of what normally might have been 6months. This is the pilot program for futuremigrations at TSYS,” adds Erickson.Corporate Headquarters Regional Contact Information750 Central Expressway Americas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@HDS.comSanta Clara, California 95050-2627 USA Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or Asia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or is a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd., in the United States and other countries. Hitachi Data Systems is a registered trademark and service mark of Hitachi, Ltd.,in the United States and other countries.All other trademarks, service marks and company names in this document or website are properties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offeredor to be offered by Hitachi Data Systems Corporation.© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved. SS-335-A DG February 2012