Learning styles


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Learning styles

  1. 1. Learning StylesThree Aspects of How People Learn
  2. 2. Three Elements of How People Learn• How we perceive information.• How we process information.• How we organize information.
  3. 3. Perceiving Information• Senses/sensation used in gathering information from the world around us: – Sight – Hearing – Reading/writing – Kinesthetic
  4. 4. Processing Information• How do you grasp information? – Through abstract concepts and generalizations? – Through concrete, practical examples?• How do you order information? – In logical, sequential, detailed way? – By looking at the big picture?• How do you engage with information? – Through active experimentation? – Through reflective observation?
  5. 5. Organizing and Presenting Information (Sharing With Others)• How do you organize information? – By looking at a holistic overview? – By making a detailed, logical analysis?• How do you present information? – Verbally? – Graphically or pictorially?