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Orgasm in America


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Orgasm in America

  1. 1. ORGASM IN AMERICANew Findings on a Perpetually Explosive Topic Leanna Wolfe, Ph.D. Sex and Culture Salon May 30, 2012 Sponsored by Loveology University
  2. 2. What is an Orgasm? From the Greek, orgasmos, from organ to mature-swell Re: sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle
  3. 3. Why is Orgasm Interesting? Pleasurable Male ejaculation can lead to pregnancy In (at least) the Western world female orgasm has been elusive  Female anatomy has been misunderstood by both males and females  And by both amateurs and professionals  Missionary position sexual intercourse is not often women’s most reliable means of reaching orgasm
  4. 4. Language and Orgasm Sapir Whorf Hypothesis (re: how language conditions thought)  The names we give sensations impact our noticing and valuing them
  5. 5. Types of Orgasms Male  Ejaculatory  Non-ejaculatory  Single  Wet Dreams Female  Clitoral  G-spot / Vaginal  Blended  Ejaculatory  Butterfly  Multiple New Terminologies  Unigasm  Bigasm  Trigasm
  6. 6. Orgasm in America Slam bang thank you ma’am (not so much)  Quickie inconsiderate sex with a near stranger Men are expected to bring their partners to orgasm Women are expected to be responsive and skilled More interest in pleasing a partner than pleasing oneself  Power over a partner…gain compliance, commitment  Creates pressure to fake orgasm
  7. 7. Changing Perspectives on the Sexual Response CycleEllis (1906) Two-stage Process: Tumescence and DetumescenceMasters (1966) Four Stage Model: Excitement,and Plateau, Orgasm, andJohnson ResolutionKaplan (1977) Triphasic Model: Desire, Excitement and Orgasm
  8. 8. Sigmund Freud Clitoral Orgasms are an adolescent sensation while Vaginal Orgasms are a mature woman’s experience (1905)
  9. 9. Masters and Johnson • Four Phase Sexual Response Cycle •No Physiological Difference between a ―Vaginal‖ and a ―Clitoral‖ Orgasm
  10. 10. Four Phase SexualResponse Cycle
  11. 11. 1970s Feminist Analysis
  12. 12. The Hite Report 70% of women unable to reach orgasm through intercourse alone (1976)
  13. 13. Beverly Whipple and the G-spot
  14. 14. Circular Models of FemaleSexual Response
  15. 15. Circular Models of FemaleSexual Response
  16. 16. Survey Overview 27- question Internet Survey 1,053 completed surveys (84% response rate) January 10, 2010 – November 12, 2011 Sponsored by Loveology University 28.5% of respondents from Dr. Ava Cadell 17% of respondents from Loveology University 54.5% of respondents from Dr. Leanna Wolfe Designed and Analyzed with Survey Monkey Software
  17. 17. Featured in June 2012Women’s Health Magazine
  18. 18. Overview of RespondentsGender Distribution Sexual Orientation667 males (53.6%); 566 females 81.3% Males heterosexual,(45.4%; 12 transgenders (1%) Females 57.6% straight; 23.4% bi
  19. 19. Relationship Status Incidence of Current Relationship Open Relationship54.3% of males and 33% of females Respondents in open relationships werewere married; Females more evenly more likely to be bisexual and to engagedistributed in other relationship forms in a wider variety of sexual activities
  20. 20. Sexual ExperienceLifetime Sexual Partners Frequency of Partner SexMode of 2-4 lifetime partners Mode of 3-4 times a week 60% at least weekly sexual activity
  21. 21. Experience with OrgasmFull Survey Younger Respondents (17-29)97.6% of males and 90.8% of Younger women less likely to havefemales are sure they have experienced orgasm (83.6%) andexperienced orgasm more likely to not be sure (9.4%)
  22. 22. Orgasm Duration The mode was 6-8 seconds. More males report shorter (2-5 seconds) orgasms and three times as many females report 30 second to 1 minute orgasms.
  23. 23. Incidence of Multiple Orgasms A much more common experience for females (64.6%) than for males (24.1%)
  24. 24. Incidence of Faking Orgasm More commonly done by females (66.3%) than by males (30.6%)
  25. 25. Why do People Fake Orgasm? Please a partner  Make the partner feel as if they are able to satisfy you Cause a no longer satisfying sex act to end To maintain an otherwise pleasing relationship To get into a desired relationship Issues of surrender, trust not (yet) resolved Unskilled partner (not yet trained)
  26. 26. Faked Orgasm ComparisonsYounger Respondents (17-29) Older Respondents (36-69)Younger males have fewer Younger females may be more honestperformance challenges than older with their partners or simply have hadmales fewer years to participate faking…
  27. 27. Middle Years – The Biggest Fakers Women (74.2%) in their middle years (30-35) may feel the most pressure to fake orgasm (4% higher than older females and 15% higher than younger females)
  28. 28. Incidence of Simultaneous Orgasm Male respondents report higher rates of orgasmic synergy than female respondents….
  29. 29. Reaching Orgasm TogetherComparisonsYounger Respondents (17-29) Older Respondents (36-69)While younger females have the highest rate of ―never happens‖(21.3%), younger males have the highest rate of it always happens (3.4%).
  30. 30. Coming Together - Middle Years Respondents between 30-35 have the lowest levels of gender alignment. Just 9.2% of males report ―it never happens,‖ while 17.6% females make this report. This parallels this group’s high level of female orgasm faking (74.2%). Pressure to build/maintain families may be trumping honest partner communication.
  31. 31. Methods for Achieving Orgasm Masturbation is the most reliable for both genders, sexual intercourse is much more reliable for males (12% difference); a wider variety of methods are reported as effective by females.
  32. 32. Methods for Intensifying Orgasm Many gender-based differences except for ―tantric practices.‖
  33. 33. The Orgasmically Challenged 40 females presented as anorgasmic Top explanations:  Unskilled partners (37.5%)  Feeling guilty about sex (35%)  Being too inhibited (30%)  Previous sexual trauma (25%)  Lack of information about human sexuality (20%) (Just 3 males reported being anorgasmic)
  34. 34. EjaculationNon-ejaculatory Males Ejaculating Females 44.8% report non-  46.4% report ejaculatory orgasm ejaculating 19th Oneida  Spontaneous? community practiced  A sought and valued to prevent pregnancy experience… Tantric/Taoist practices pursued by some respondents…
  35. 35. Difference Between Vaginal andClitoral Orgasms? More males are confused (33%) than females (21.7%). Does this reflect Freud’s 1905 observations?! Discount the 1970sfeminist contention that the vaginal orgasm is a myth?
  36. 36. Can Females Climax withoutDirector Clitoral StimulationYounger Respondents (17-19) Older Respondents (36-69) Older respondents are much more definitive that this is impossible (77%)—younger respondents, especially males (22.7%) believe this is can happen.
  37. 37. Females who climax without directclitoral stimulation Tantric Training Use of Pelvic Toners Positions where female can ―grind‖ into partner
  38. 38. Do Females Take Longer to Climaxthan Males? Largely seen as true – even more true for impatient males (84.5%) than the females (78.9%)
  39. 39. Is Sex without Orgasm Satisfying? Nearly half (46%) agree; and another 43.7% concur that ‖it depends‖ perhaps on things like emotional connection, love and rewarding touch.
  40. 40. Discussion Several Schools of Thought re: Women  Women Need Direct Clitoral Stimulation to Reach Orgasm  PV intercourse alone is often not sufficient  Men need to realize this  Women Need to Strengthen their Pubococcygeus Muscles through Kegel Exercises and/or using a Pelvic Toner  Tantric Training (re: eye gazing, breathe work, self and partner awareness) can align couples Sex without Orgasm can be both emotionally satisfying an loving Males (and females) have very little information about how to enhance the Male Sexual Experience…