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The Pattern of Sex


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Biological Systematical scheme of the Pattern that is Sex. As a behavioral pattern, there is a distinct systematic ritual with interaction and interconnections. But how can we improve 'Bad Sex'?

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The Pattern of Sex

  1. 1. Sex is generally broken down into 3 distinct phases. Sex begins with the phase known as ‘Foreplay’. This phase initiates the mating ritual and establishes initial arousal. Next is the penetration or intercourse phase, this phase is what generally is called ‘sex’. The plateau phase which brings the mating ritual to an ecstacis halt is the phase known as ‘Climax’. This phase is when semen is released and can begin the fertilization phase. foreplay is generally used to begin penetration is often the ‘sex’ climax is what ends ‘sex’. it is ‘sex’. it is a form of initial arousal. part. it is used for stimulation the result and/or goal of ‘sex’. labia majora flattens urinary bladder closes areola/labia increase in size clitoris stimulation pre-ejacuratory fluid rise uterine/vaginal contractions increase in heart-rate areola and labia increase in size orgasm kissing/petting sexual intercourse: euphoric sensation oral sex vaginal penetration / stimulation cunnulingus anal penetration / stimulation masturbation These phases may be skipped, prolonged or shortened per situation, however they may not be done out of order. Each phase is progressive and leads into the other phase. However the first two phases may be inter- changeable, the final phase of sex is always climax. That is to say it is impossible to reach the Climax phase without having been through either (or both) Foreplay and Penetration
  2. 2. In a quantitative study I conducted, reaserch shows that women and men often have different understandings of what sex should constitute of. These difference of opinions often lead to an unsatisfactory and unhealthy sexual relationship, leaving both partners with feelings of unfullfilment. 10 30 40 45 Foreplay Foreplay Most men believe that sex primarily is Penetration Women on the other hand place a higher Penetration defined by the penetration phase. Climax importance to foreplay and the climax Climax They define ‘sex’ as being 10% foreplay, phase. They define ‘sex’ as being 45% 60% penetration and 30% foreplay, 15% penetration and 40% climax (only 10% less than women). 60 climax (only 10% more than men). 15 Sex is defined as an interactional behavioral pattern. What often leads to ‘Bad Sex’ is a combination of physiological and psychological behaviors which interconnect, resulting in not meeting a pre-conceived notion or expection partners may have. • PREMATURE • BODY DYSMORPHIA A males sex organ is easily accessible to stimulate. There are many aspects of persons’ individual bodies Because of this, it is much easier for a man to that people feel uncomfortable with and causes lower reach climax (through penile stimulation). self-esteem. Males are often concerned about the A womans sex organ (specifically the organ that adequacy of their penile endowment largely due to stimulates pleasure) is not as easily accessible. There a social stigma that says ‘real’ men are big. are many instances where men are completely In popular social culture there are also many incapable to locate the clitoris. This often leads to ‘sex’ misconceptions of what ‘average’ size is. finishing even before a womans organs’ are ever stimulated. Women in turn also may feel concerned about their Other physiological concerns that may interupt sex physical body. Primarily, it may be concerns of their are health concerns including temporary physical weight which in part connects to the size of their breasts, ailments (cold, flu, fever) or longterm STD’s. the firmness of their hips, thighs and buttocks.
  3. 3. Sex remains a behavior to be improved due to the large unsatisfaction in achieving the pre-conditions or cognitive implications/expectations partners may hold for the sexual encounter. A simple way to improve sex is by providing equal access to the importance of each of the phases so that both partners have the same expectation and understanding of sex . A simple way to do this, is by determining the mean of what men and women constitute as ‘sex’. In order to do so, we can add the numbers for the relevance of each phase according to each sex, and divide it by two. We can then take those numbers to create a new graph determining the idealic proportions of a sexual pattern. 10 30 40 Foreplay 45 Foreplay Penetration Penetration Climax Climax 60 15 27.5 35 Foreplay Penetration Climax 37.5