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Must Familiarity Breed Erotic Boredom?


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Scientific insights on why long time partners don't feel the urge the ways they did when they just met.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Must Familiarity Breed Erotic Boredom?

  1. 1. Dr. Leanna Wolfe November 18, 2013
  2. 2.  Adolescent Perspective on Romantic Love ◦ Valentines Day  Contrast to Uganda  Ideal Spouse is One’s Best Friend ◦ And a Soul Mate ◦ French and Italians  More Deception and More Passion  Americans seek a Quixotic Paradox ◦ Trust PLUS Enduring Erotic Excitement
  3. 3. Lust Attraction phase Attachment phase
  4. 4.  Adultery is idealized as the highest form of love among the aristocracy  It is impossible for true love to exist amongst people who are married to each other  Any man in love with his wife is a man so dull that no one else can love him – Montaigne  Nothing is more impure that to love one’s wife as if she were a mistress
  5. 5.  Difficult to Fix ◦ Hormonal Imbalance ◦ More common in Women ◦ Boredom ◦ 15% success rate for couples seeking treatment
  6. 6.  Separate Lives ◦ Generate More Mystery  Date Nights ◦ Build up anticipation with texting; little notes  Push the Envelope! ◦ Humans are Novelty Junkies  Jack Morin’s, The Erotic Mind  The Spouse-Sibling Dilemma ◦ Difficult to consider engaging the Mother of One’s Children in Fantasy Role Play, BDSM & Anal Sex  Serial Monogamy
  7. 7.  Cheating ◦ Always Secret  Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell ◦ Presumption that there are secrets, but retain bond  Monogamish ◦ Explorations with some disclosure  Swinging ◦ Recreational Sex done as a couple  Many variations  Polyamory ◦ Full Disclosure ◦ Tribal Bonding with a variety of sources for excitement and erotic release