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Sutra book-23-38


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Samarel's new book entitled "Sama Sutra" is now available at

It shows positions for making love like the Kama Sutra does. Erotic short stories by Femme de Scorpion, gorgeous erotic art by Samarel, and a bunch of erotic poetry by Deni. Can be enjoyed and given to your lover(s).

Don' miss your opportunity to hold this in your hands, and feast upon it with your eyes!

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Sutra book-23-38

  1. 1. 2 Part Art of The Sexual positions Art by Samarel • Poetry by Deni024 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 025
  2. 2. The 69 | Variant 1 Flow of Need Ooooooh the need Cooing, cooing that rises within, As my mouth devours His lingual caress begins His flow of need. At my core as I suckle He bucks into my mouth, His sweet crème So full of promise. rewarding my kiss Yes! I find myself close, Drop by drop, In soaring flight. Dewlapped desire His head penetrates. Eager to please. His tongue so deep, His coming explosion, A lapping sweep. His grunt of desire His nose so delicateFlow of Need As I hear myself Will I weep? I am so close, So full of need I feel her swell. He grunts again And begins to buck Oh my GOD! What a fuuuuuck!026 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 027
  3. 3. Giving Him | Variant 1 I think it’s the pleasure I see When he’s staring at me That makes me like this actGiving He looks so intense As I suckle his glans As I fondle his cute little sack He gets all a’boil I feel him coil To strike at my very depths I treasure his need How he shares his seed How he explodes his deed How He loves that act My Love and Acceptance Now a fact028 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 029
  4. 4. Giving Her | Variant 1 After our shower His hands flirt as he bathes me I shudder deep I caress and tease as I cleanse his skin I shudder long Our urgent kisses hold promises I hear only sensual song As the water heats our needs I scream for prong Giggling, we quickly dry But he teases me yet some more Then run to bed I gasp for air Diving headlong into form His submissive whore He turns me to his fantasy As his tongue does bore He opens me OH GOD! Can I live? So he can see Can I stand yet more? So he can be I spiral up and up So he can suckle me And again I soar His mouth envelops she He’s proud of what he did Thumbs spread her need For blowing off my lid Such soft lingual suckling For making me his eager slut His nose probes her pristine lead Not even using chocolate! Tongue’s invasion Then suckling more As his nose fuckles core I soar and soar and soar030 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 031
  5. 5. I could tell . . . He lasted till I had three Blue Spread You know how it is . . . Each one better than before He wanted ‘Some’ Each one lighting up my score But I stayed mum Each one made me soarSome... As the evening wore on When he finally expired It became clear I was again no longer wired He is such a dear And we both were tired But he really NEEDED ‘Some” And a baby he had sired! Mother’s advice . . . I shudder deep For a good marriage . . . I shudder long Is “Never say no” I hear only sensual song So I decided to give it a go I scream for prong I didn’t stop his hands But he teases me yet some more Or his kisses I gasp for air His fondles His submissive whore Or his missives As his tongue does bore How we ended up in this position OH GOD! Can I live? I will never really know Can I stand yet more? But all of a sudden I spiral up and up My lust began to show And again I soar Maybe it was that special spot He’s proud of what he did But I got real hot For blowing off my lid I wanted it a lot For making me his eager slut I was like a robot Not even using chocolate! I started cumming I started humming I forgot I wasn’t in the mood I was suddenly hot for my dude032 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 033
  6. 6. Up Legs | Variant 1 Unexpected Passions Four years since my divorce We ended up in bed Four years since my Ex And what I thought was dead Four Years without sex Came to life, enough said My Ex was sooooo course . . . (Sometimes I even led) But I got bored He was quite inventive So . . . a bar I explored Which gave me incentive I even danced a bit To ride him hard, very hard But I DIDN’T get lit The light fantastic . . . unmarred He kept me on the floor The positions we tried! Dancing more and more He took me for a ride Having actual fun galore Ending in long glide I felt my spirits soar My hips astride I stayed all night To his delight I am not contrite Next day in daylight034 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 035
  7. 7. Up Legs | Variant 2 So Deep His smile trembles Our passion grows As he looks at me No need to hold It’s our night Back my deep need Together to be For his soft touch Why am I so shy Our cloths melt away With him tonight? In the heat of our need We both want this I can’t believe This night of delight We’re doing the deed I step to him His hands on my body My face upturned So tentative at first He looks down at me Gain boldness His cheeks are burned As our lust does burst His touch down there I close my eyes Makes excitement flare His lips touch mine I press to him He tastes like wine His tongue caresses mine His lips so soft and fine I kiss him as I dine On his sweet gentle love036 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 037
  8. 8. Up Legs | Variant 3 Deep Need Deep I beckon to my love With one finger crooked A trembling smile upon my face Kiss his lips, heart fluttering like a dove He smiles at me so fine His eyes knowing what I want His hand upon my back Need His hips thrust tight to mine I yield to his knowing touch I delight at his ready clutch He raises my legs on our bed His steely member to embed He slams deep Just like I want He grunts as he feels me flinch I moan as I accept his mensch He pounds me hard He grunts while deep I feel his eager member seep As I explode without a peep038 Sama Sutra Sama Sutra 039