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The Oral Sex Void: What Married Men Do


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Based on an Internet survey of nearly 7,000 women and men, fascinating discoveries are uncovered related to attitudes regarding why men married men seek extra-pair alliances. The survey was conducted by Dr. Leanna Wolfe and funded by Avid Media which hosts the Ashley Madison website.

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The Oral Sex Void: What Married Men Do

  1. 1. THE ORAL SEX VOID: What MarriedMen Do Leanna Wolfe, Ph.D. Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality November 4, 2011 Houston, Texas
  2. 2. Abstract More than half of married/partnered men believe that other couples are having more oral sex than they are and 81.1% have addressed or would consider addressing this absence through an affair. Contrary to previous beliefs, the oral sex void is rarely filled by visiting sex workers or prostitutes. Based on an Internet survey of 5,711 respondents who most commonly report having sex once a week with their spouse/partner, 33.7% of males contend that they would find a secret lover, while just 7.5% would pay for the oral sex they are not receiving at home. Participants in the survey included subscribers to, an Internet dating site for married people, and a similarly situated control group with the highest concentration of women between 35 and 49 (56.5%) and the highest concentration of men between 40 and 59 (58%). Males on the site were twice as likely (as the control group males) to consider pursuing a secret affair (35.6% vs. 17%) if a spouse/partner refused to participate in oral sex. Moreover, males were more likely to pursue oral sex through an affair (48.4%) or to fantasize about having one (35.6%) than the control group where 38.7% report having had affairs and less than a quarter (21.9%) would consider having one.
  3. 3. Research Overview  Internet Survey - “Sex and Relationship Happiness Survey”  IRB: Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality  Survey Monkey Software and Data Analysis Tools  August 23, 2010 - May 8, 2011  Avid Media: March 31 – May 8, 2011  Ashley Madison, Cougar Life, Swappernet, Established Men  6970 – Total Respondents  81.9% Completed Survey (n. 5,711)  82% Ashley Madison (n. 4,692)  18% Other Sources (n. 1,029)  Dr. Leanna Wolfe, Facebook, Twitter, Ask Isadora, SSSS List, Polyamory e-Lists, Fet Life & Pucker Up  A Collaboration between Dr. Leanna Research and Avid Media (
  4. 4. Overview of Respondents  Gender  Males – 63.7%  Females – 36.3%  Age  81.5% between 30-59  Modal Males: 40-59 (58%)  Modal Females: 35-49 (56.5%)  Heterosexuality  94.7% Males  82.8 % Females  Married  69.8% Males  62.3% Females  53.3% in current relationship between 6 and 25 years
  5. 5. Sexual Activity Weekly Twice Weekly Ashley Madison 15.1% 12.8% Control Group 18.3% 17.9% Activities Regarded as Necessary for a Successful Marriage/Relationship Frequency with Home Partner
  6. 6. The highest concentration for both groups was between 4 - 20 sexual partners, with 10-14 being the most common choice. Modal Males (ages 40-59) Modal Females (ages 35-49) Lifetime Sexual Partners
  7. 7. Attitudes Towards Oral Sex Males enjoy participation in oral sex slightly more than females; 3% more females consider it to not be a “favorite activity.”
  8. 8. Relationship Agreements Cohort Control Group Ashley females are much more likely to have secret lovers than Ashley males. Control Group males were slightly more monogamous than Ashley males.; they report half as many instances of secret lovers and incidental cheating. The control group was seven times more likely to identify with being polyamorous.
  9. 9. Marital/Relationship Happiness Cohort Control Group The control group are more content in their current relationship/marriage with 58.2% reporting that they are happy vs. the cohort where just 40.8% report marital/relationship happiness.
  10. 10. Extra-Pair Lovers Cohort Control Group Ashley males have slightly more extra-pair lovers than the control group males. Ashley females differ dramatically from Ashley males and control group females, with 63.7% reporting outside lovers vs. 40.4% of the control group females and 37.4% of the Ashley males.
  11. 11. The Belief that Others Are Having More Oral Sex… Cohort Control Group The majority of Ashley males (59.9%) believe that other couples are having more oral sex than they are. Females were more evenly distributed among the three choices-- they were most likely to select “about the same,” not experiencing the sort of oral sex void that the males are.
  12. 12. Incidence of Extra-Pair Oral Sex Cohort Control Group The Ashley females were the most likely to have gone outside of their home relationship for oral sex (54.5%). Just over 60% of the control group males have done so or would consider it, while 84% of the Ashley males consider themselves ripe for extra-pair oral sex. Relative to the control group males, the Ashley males have a higher interest in giving it a try (35.6% vs. 21.9%).
  13. 13. Reasons for Extra-Pair Oral Sex Cohort Control Group Ashley males were most likely to report their home partner was not interested (61.2%) while all others were most likely to contend that they enjoy exploring with a new lover (Ashley females 55.7%; Control Group Males 58.5% and Control Group Females 54.3%.)
  14. 14. When the Home Partner Refuses Oral Sex… Cohort Control Group While both groups were most likely to “let it go and focus on what their partner likes,” there was much interest in addressing this void with a secret affair with 35.6% of the Ashley males and 35% of the Ashley females. Finding an open/polyamorous lover was a relatively popular choice for the control group (26.5% of males and 22.2% of females). The traditional practice of going to a sex worker or prostitute was a dramatically low choice for both Ashley males (just 7.7%) and control group males (5.6%).
  15. 15. Conclusions  Males experience oral sex differently than females  For males it can be visual and psycho-emotional  Females often regard oral sex as foreplay  Men who report being happy in their marriages seek and fantasize about seeking extra-pair sex  The women who were the least happy in their marriages (the Ashley females) were the most likely to engage in extra-pair sexual affairs  Economic factors may keep Ashley women in their marriages and cause Ashley men to seek an extra-pair lover rather than pay a sex-workers.  The confluence of desire, opportunity (re: websites like and risk assessment can lead to an affair, but certainly not always.
  16. 16. Limitations Internet surveys such as the “Sex and Relationship Happiness Survey” are wrought with limitations. Respondents may not read the questions carefully and ultimately pick inaccurate or untruthful selections. Being a single-time engagement that typically lasts about 10-minutes, their current emotional state may color their answers in an overly negative (or positive) way. Some respondents believed they were still on the site in that they were invited to click a link to the survey as they exited the site. This may have clouded their survey taking experience in that they may have believed their answers might in some way assist them in making a connection.