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Why women swing

  1. Swinging Leanna Wolfe, PhD Swinging Leanna Wolfe, PhD
  2. The Culture of SwingingThe Culture of Swinging • Provides sexual variety for the man who cannot afford a harem or a mistress or risk a clandestine affair • Clear distinctions are made between one’s spouse and those who are play partners • No Sex Object / Success Object Exchange • Female popularity based on willingness to say “yes.” • Male popularity based on appearing kind, considerate and sensitive to women’s needs.
  3. Variations in SwingingVariations in Swinging • Watch / Be Watched • Engage Others As a Couple • Create a Three (or More) Way Menage • Engage Others As a Single • Anonymous Sex • Regular Play Partners • Regular Play Community
  4. Reasons Couples SwingReasons Couples Swing • Enhance Their Relationship – Discuss people / adventures – Expand erotic repertoire – Sex is for FUN • Be Part of a Social Community – Friends/Activities – Bonded through group sexuality – Reduce possibility of “special” relationships
  5. Swinging and AIDSSwinging and AIDS • Minnesota Club Tests • Lifestyles Organization Response • By 1987 50% drop in attendance • 1980s books on adultery and gender dynamics – Contrast to 60s and 70s books on open marriage and communalism.
  6. Swinging TodaySwinging Today • House Parties (private) • Membership Clubs – New Horizons, LA Couples, Lush Club • Hotel Dances • Vacations and Resorts – Hedonism II, Lifestyles, Caliente • Conventions • Internet – Personal Ads, Links to Clubs
  7. Sperm Competition Syndrome Sperm Competition Syndrome • Evolutionary Psychology Theory • When men witness their partners having sex with other men their own desire to inseminate their wives is increased promulgating an inter-uterine sperm war
  8. How Swinging Limits Jealousy How Swinging Limits Jealousy • No Elaborate Seduction – taste but don’t surrender • Limited Sharing – preserve social/legal monogamy • Safer Sex – viral and emotional
  9. Microdrama IMicrodrama I • Moment of Fear – watching partner look lost in someone else’s embrace…in passionate kisses – watching their body melt into someone else • Joy, Relief and Wild Passion – partner returns! (connection is reaffirmed) – momentary fears of loss and abandonment are over, BUT the adrenaline is still there
  10. Microdrama II (the other side) Microdrama II (the other side) • Your partner is watching you make love with someone else – in some moments you’re lost in the embrace, the kiss, the considered passion – in other moments you sense your partner’s fears--you might never return – these fears confirm their passion for you – this fires up your adrenaline
  11. Microdrama III (the return) Microdrama III (the return) • You bring the passion you created back to your partner • This passion becomes part of your own home fire • The adrenaline cycle becomes so satisfying that both of you openly invite more microdramas into your core relationship
  12. How Women Become Swingers How Women Become Swingers • Husband’s Fantasy • Safely Practice Bisexuality • High Sex Drive • Curiosity
  13. Why Single Women Swing Why Single Women Swing • Enjoy Sex • Emotionally Secure • Financially Independent • Not Necessarily Looking for a Relationship
  14. Why Women Leave Swinging Why Women Leave Swinging • Not Fulfilling • Trouble with STDs • Husband Too Jealous • Difficulty finding compatible partners • Other obligations (family, work, etc.) • Marriage Ends
  15. Why Women Stay Swingers Why Women Stay Swingers • Shift in Consciousness • Enjoy the Freedom to Express Themselves Sexually • Bond with other Women • Women Controlled Scene • Enjoy Voyeurism/Exhibitionism • Free to be a Slut and Still be safely Married