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Interactive texts in a digital age


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Interactive texts in a digital age

  1. 1. Interactive Texts in a Digital Age Presented by Kevin HodgsonSixth Grade, Norris Elementary School, Southampton, MA Western Massachusetts Writing Project
  2. 2. A mentor text is a piece of reading or writingthat can be used to teach a writer about someaspect of writer’s process or craft.What happens when students are composingdigitally? How do we use traditional texts toinspire digital writing?
  3. 3. Choose an Adventure • Choices for the reader • Adventure/Mystery genre • Dozens of books in the series (recently revamped)
  4. 4. Using a Wiki for Writing • Online writing • Use of hyperlinks • Peer feedback • Engaged writers • Authentic audienceInspired by the book
  5. 5. ActivityStart a story. Provide two paths. Pass it on.
  6. 6. What’s next?How can we use the narrative design structure and interactiveelements (and popular appeal) of video gaming for inspirationof game design and story writing with our students?
  7. 7. What story does this inspire? From the immersive game Riven