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Innovation and slide presentation at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Design workshop.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Learning Commons: A 21st Century Space to LearnDe sign Te am on Li bra ry & Media C en te r
  2. 2. Sample of our Work
  3. 3. Sample of our Work
  4. 4. VisionThe learning commonsserves students’,teachers’ and thecommunity’s needs byoffering them creativespaces, diverseresources, digitaltools and inspiringprograms to furthertheir understanding forhow to effectively workwith information tofacilitate their learning.
  5. 5. MetaphorsLearning Commons •Mall •Apple Store •Coffeehouse
  6. 6. What does a 21st CenturyLearning Commons look like? flexible spaces paths for lighting colorful adaptable furniture resource rich
  7. 7. What does a 21st CenturyLearning Commons feel like? busy open inviting fun social warm friendly
  8. 8. What are learners doing in Learning Commons? reading listening talking collaborating sharing researching thinking helping
  9. 9. Learning Commonsprovide resources that energize learners
  10. 10. Learning Commons Face of the School You don’t journey to the learning commons you journey through it!
  11. 11. offers learners creative spaces, diverseresources, digital tools and inspiring programsto further their understanding for how to effectivelywork with “information” to facilitate their learning.
  12. 12. Toolsbooksebookse readers, IPadsWeb 2.0 toolspresentationtechnology Collaborative technology podIdeapaint walls
  13. 13. Evaluation Learners actively using LC• Faculty engagement in integrating LC into curriculum• Parent input• Student self-reflections• Use of the LC for after- school activities• Community input on accessibility to LC• Measure the use of digital resources
  14. 14. Learning Commons of the FutureDream
  15. 15. The Fabulous TeamSarah MurrayBeverly NagaoElizabeth Nelson FacilitatorsJohn PoelkerJames Rogers Chris ButtimerRobert Ryshke Tristie TajimaMary-Anne SmirleRussell Wallace