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WMWP: Digital Kids, Digital Literacies


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A keynote address about digital literacies for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project: October 2012

Published in: Education
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WMWP: Digital Kids, Digital Literacies

  1. 1. Digital Kids - Digital Literacies Presented by Kevin Hodgson Western Massachusetts Writing Project October 2012
  2. 2. Gary Hayes’ Social Media Counter
  3. 3. Image from
  4. 4. Hold Up Your FistRelease a finger if, in the 48 hours, you: Used a cell phone or mobile device Went online to the Web to find information Sent an email or a text message Watched a video (or parts of a video) on television or the Web Used a social networking space (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  5. 5. Curriculum Standards Ask Us to Address:* Reading* Writing* Speaking and Listening* Language image from
  6. 6. But ...What kinds of writing and reading, and speaking and listening, andlanguage mechanics are taking place outside of our school? image from
  7. 7. My students talk about: Gaming Texting Social networking Video production Music remixing Fan fiction eBook reading
  8. 8. from Doug Belshaw at
  9. 9. Digital Literacies Web Literacies Cultural Exploring Cognitive Authoring Constructive Connecting Communicative Building Protecting Confident Creative Critical Civic from Doug Belshaw:
  10. 10. Think About This• “How can you make sure that every student who walks on graduation day is well Googled by his or her full name?” -- Will Richardson - from Why School?: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere
  11. 11. Consider ... Reading Image from
  12. 12. What Happens When We Read Online? Image from
  13. 13. And When We Follow the Link? Image from
  14. 14. A crowdsourced comparison of reading characteristics From
  15. 15. So, How Do We Teach Online Reading?Help students track Use tools to avoidtheir reading paths clutter and distraction on webpagesSynthesize vastinformation into Understand themanageable chunks “weight” of a hyperlink beforeExplicitly teach following the path“scanning” ofwebpages Navigate a path
  16. 16. Consider ... Writing Audience Typography Space Layout Affordance Design Image Context VideoHyperlinks Collaboration
  17. 17. Is “writing” eventhe appropriate term anymore? Image from Peanuts comic strip
  18. 18. What Does It Mean To ... Compose with video? Allow readers to have a Associate your text with “choice” over what to read in other text via hyperlinks? your text? Add images to your text? Create multiple versions of a Collaborate on a single single text for multiple document with a group of audiences? people (that you don’t Think of “design” when know)? composing a text? Add voice via an audio file?
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Or Consider ...
  21. 21. Consider ... Speaking and Listening from the National Day on Writing
  22. 22. Technology and Voice Podcasting “This I Believe” essays Video Debate/Opinion Note: this Voicethread project by 4th graders now has had more than 70,000 visitors!
  23. 23. Consider ... Language and Mechanics R U ready? Image from
  24. 24. What We Can Do Explicitly teach informal language Celebrate language in all of its forms Establish expectations for formal language and writing Create opportunities for informal language and writing
  25. 25. Where Do We asTeachers Even Begin? Image from
  26. 26. And Let’s Pay Attention to Our Students... Image from
  27. 27. Want to Continue the Conversation? WMWP Inquiry Theme for 2012-13“Student Voices in Digital Spaces”DATE: Thursday, October 25TIME: 4:15 - 6:00 p.m.PLACE: Smith Vocational Agricultural High SchoolComputer Lab
  28. 28. Remember the Social Media Counter?