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Writing : A Linked Poem


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This is an example of a linked poem to show my students.

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Writing : A Linked Poem

  1. 1. A poem project By Mr. Hodgson Writing Writing Acrostic Nonsense Concrete Couplets
  2. 2. Concrete Poem Click on the poem to move to another poem. Click on the poem to move to another poem.
  3. 3. Nonsense Poem A pen! Oh when will I have my laptop again I find the act of writing by hand to be hard as if my words were caught blend-er but then, once again, I turn to my trusty computer whose keys are like friends.
  4. 4. Couplets The stories I tell are of wonderful places I write with precision so you see the faces of characters who live there in my imagination and fill me with deep and wonderful fascination
  5. 5. Acrostic Poem P ossibilities of poems O ften get tangled and E ntry into this writing can be T ough unless you're R eady to let the words dance off Y our tongue.
  6. 6. Thank you I hope you have enjoyed the poems that I put into motion And I also hope that the linking hasn’t caused a commotion And made you confused about what you have read But this the way that words come out of my head! -- Mr. H