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The solar system claudia

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The solar system claudia

  1. 1. The solar system CLAUDIA BASTIDA
  2. 2. The universe The universe is all the matter that exists. It includes many different celestial bodies: like galaxies,planets,stars,satellites,co mets,asteroids and meteorites.
  3. 3. The sun • The sun moves in two ways: rotation and revolution. • ROTATION:The sun rotates on an imaginary axis. • REVOLUTION:The sun revolves around the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.
  4. 4. The planets • The planets are celestial bodies. They revolve around the sun. • The inner planets are Mercury,Venus,the Earth and Mars • The outer planets are Jupiter,Saturn,Uranu s and Neptune. • The inner planets are made up of rocks and the outer planets are made up of gases.
  5. 5. The stars • The stars are celestial bodies made up of gases and with a spherical shape. • There have many different colours:red,orange,yellow and white.
  6. 6. • THE EARTH in The Earth moves two different ways: rotation and revolution. • ROTATION:the Earth moves on an imaginary axis. • REVOLUTION:the Earth revolves around the sun and causes the seasons.
  7. 7. The eclipses • When the moon ,the sun and the Earth are in a straight line they produce an eclipse. • The solar eclipse: when the moon is between the sun and the Earth blocks the sun light and projects a shadow on the Earth. • The lunar eclipse: when the Earth is between the sun and the moon it blocks the sun light producing a shadow on the moon’s surface.