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Health and illness

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Health and illness

  1. 1. Your health is a state of physical , mental and social well-beingIllness are health problems that affect your bodys organsA general practitioner is a doctor who treats the motscommon, everyday illnessA general specialist is a doctor who treats specific illness, for example adermatologist treats skin diseases and a cardiologist
  2. 2.  By personal contact By droplet contact By contact with contaminated objects By animal carriers By consumption food By consumption of contaminated water
  3. 3. Infectious diseases are caused by microorganismsexamples are influenza , measles and chicken pox.Non-infectious diseases arent caused by microorganisms examples allergies , obesity , malnutrition , and mental illness
  4. 4.  Bacteria , viruses, protozoans and fungi are common microorganisms Some of them are not harmful to humans but others can cause infections diseases Bacteria are harmless to humans but some of them can cause diseases like tuberculosis tetanus or salmonellosis . We can treat some bacterial infections with medicines called antibiotics Viruses are harmful to human begins like flu, measles , rubella and AIDS these viral infections with antiviral medicines Fungi cause diseases of the skin , hair , and nails.
  5. 5.  To prevent infectious diseases we must keep healthy lifestyle habits and follow a schedule of vaccinations Wash your hands with soap and water when they are dirty Brush your teeth after you eat and before you go to bed at night Clean cuts to prevent infections and then put a plater on them to keep Keep your pets healthy wash your pets regular an take them toveterinarian to get their vaccinations Wash raw fruits and vegetables with clean water before you eat them
  6. 6.  Try eat balance diet Try regular exercise Get 8 -10 of sleepFollow road safety rules accept and respect accept other people