Leverage earned and owned media to create effective paid media programs


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Fundamental changes are happening in online marketing. Most businesses thing about their marketing strategy in silos. They have separate budgets for paid media, social media, PR, SEM, SEO, etc – all separate budgets with little communication between each silo and little data shared on what works.

Smart marketers are re-evaluating the ability of paid media to serve as a vehicle to amplify the impact of earned and owned media rather than viewing each media channel as a separate and totally disconnected effort.

This slideshow will walk you through a proven strategy of combining earned and owned media data to create effective and cost saving paid media program - no matter the size of your budget.

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  • Fundementalchange happening in online media buying. It’s something very few companies are taking advantage of today. Most companies are marketing in Silos. Paid Media budgets, Social Media Budget, PR Budgets – all separate budgets with little communication between what works. smart marketers are re-evaluating the ability of paid media to serve as a vehicle to amplify the impact of earned and owned media rather than viewing each media channel as a separate and totally disconnected effort.
  • Consumermedia consumption habits have evolved in recent years with the growth of social networks, mobile devices, and tablets to cause a shift in the ways that paid, owned, and earned media are created, implemented, and leveraged.Fortoday’s short dicussion, when I mention “Content” I am referring to Blog Posts that may/not be enhanced with pictures, infographics, videos
  • Long feedback loop, group think takes place, expensive. Not suited for the rapid fire always on communication that takes place on twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Real-time, low cost.Never before have we witness such instant feedback. It’s a blessing and a curse. It’s perfect. Because we have to react so quickly, we will make mistakes but the traditional focus group isn’t perfect either. However, if all that social media energy is corralled correctly, we can do great things with it. Which I am about to show you.
  • Across your companies paid, owned, and earned channels, how will you promote your beautiful piece of content?  How will you get the word out and ensure the right people see it and share it?  This can’t be taken care of as end piece – these questions have to be answered before you ever start your content creation efforts.For years, marketers have viewed paid, owned, and earned as separate strategies: paid (i.e., ad buys) to blast their messages, owned (i.e., branded social media pages, blog, website) to showcase their own marketing messages, and earned (i.e., articles, social media commentary, and engagement) to provide third-party validation about their products.
  • We have a simple 3 step process that doesn’t matter the size of budget or company you work that you can easily implement and reap rewards.
  • Step One
  • Develop a plan to promote your content that is native to each unique platform and/or channel. Build it once and recycle. For instance, if you’ve developed an infographic, create some extracts from it with interesting statistics.  These make great social updates for Twitter or LinkedIn.  Take each statistic and dive deep into a blog post on each starting with quality content makes optimizing across channels easier and provides seamless messaging
  • For all the thought and creativity that we invest in the creation of cool content, we need to put an equal amount of thought and creativity into its distribution through all available channels. The majority of content today is consumed in some stream or feed like environment – the headline, just like the subject line in an email, becomes the most important piece of your time. Really great content is in the 140 characters you tweet. Once the click happens, it’s the rest of the content that keeps them coming back – be known for writing great content that inspires, that causes someone to take action
  • Can you imagine sending one email at a time to thousands of customers? You wouldn’t do that. Automating the syndication of long form content to social is like sending an online newsletter.
  • But don’t over optimize so it makes no sense for humans.
  • Reduce Paid Media budgetHow? Repurpose what works in Earned/Owned media
  • Has been a gamble. Put out an ad or several and hope that it performs but you waste a lot money for testing.
  • Likes, retweets, pins, reposts, shares – time, geo, There is a trail of data that we leave behind when we interaction on social media. Pictures we post, the comments we make and the people we associate with can provide a revealing portrait. Reach. You might want to measure the number of fans, followers, blog subscribers and other statistics to gauge the size of your community.Engagement is measuring retweets, comments, average time on site, bounce rate, clicks, video views, white paper downloads and anything else that requires the user to engage.Competitive data may include thebrand’s “share of voice” across the web or number of competitors’ brand mentions.Sentiment. You might want to measure the numbers of mentions with positive or negative sentiment.Sales conversions. Do you want to measure social media referral traffic to the top of the sales funnel or number of sales aided by social media efforts?
  • There is just so much data that we feel overwhelmed. Ask yourself what you really need to make a decision.
  • My opinion is you don’t need a lot of different data points to be successful. Track a few key indicators. We have found the above can have a big impact on helping you create compelling content, lower your media cost and reduce waste
  • No traffic = no conversation Paid media can be useful to consumers who are making a considered purchase,
  • The PRO plan for paid media planning. paid media can help spread messages and also further increase fans, followers, subscribers and sales,
  • UTM parameters are simply tags that you add to a URL. When someone clicks on a URL with UTM parameters, those tags are sent back to your Google Analytics for tracking
  • Often overlooked advertising method to recapture attention of blog visitors. We have found re-messaging blog visitors with a sequence of content or offers is a great way to walk them down the conversion funnel.
  • Distribute to owned media.Measuredowned and earned performance. Amplify what’s working
  • This plan allows you to quickly test a few pieces of content and reduce your media dollars by amplifying what works. If it works for your owned/earned audience it will have a better chance of succeeding with a paid audience. Likely you are trying to attract the same audience.
  • Leverage earned and owned media to create effective paid media programs

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. PRESENTS:How to Leverage Earned & Owned Mediato Create Effective Paid Media Programs Bill Flitter • 15+ years online marketing experience • 3x Entrepreneur, founder dlvr.it • Content Marketing Strategies Conference creator • Youth basketball coach 2
    3. 3. Agenda• A few creditability slides• 3 step promotional action plan• Q&A 3
    4. 4. Mission: Distribute the world’s content Distribute the world’s content 4
    5. 5. dvlr.it scales syndication for350K businesses who rely on dlvr.itto distribute 2.5M stories daily to600M fans, followers, subscribers 5
    6. 6. Integrating earned, owned and paid media Save media dollars 6
    7. 7. Content connects brands… …and people. 7
    8. 8. But content promotion is messy. 8
    9. 9. Find peace with paid distribution 9
    10. 10. Definitions 10
    11. 11. Feedback cycle of yesterday 11
    12. 12. Today’s focus group 12
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Reduce your paid media budget Content trafficData Owned Media Earned Media Blog Free Social Retweets Website SEO sharing Data Paid Media 14
    15. 15. Promotional PlanDistributeTo Owned MediaMeasureOwned & Earned PerformanceGrowAmplify what’s working 15
    16. 16. Promotional planDistributeTo Owned Media 16
    17. 17. Build content onceREUSEREFORMATREPUBLISH 17
    18. 18. Make content searchable, snackable and shareable 18
    19. 19. Automation is not a dirty word 19
    20. 20. Assembling the pieces Video Recipes News Press ImagesWebsites Mobile Search Social 20
    21. 21. Shared on social 21
    22. 22. Optimize for search 22
    23. 23. Syndicate to blogs and websites 23
    24. 24. Format for mobile 24
    25. 25. Tools to help Earned & Blogger OwnedOutreach distribution Mobile SEO 25
    26. 26. MeasureOwned & Earned Performance 26
    27. 27. Reminder: What’s the goal? Save media dollars 27
    28. 28. Buying media 28
    29. 29. Lots of social media signals 29
    30. 30. Overwhelmed with data 30
    31. 31. Monitor actionable dataContent Analysis: Create a list of headlinesranked by activity generated (clicksretweets, sales)Demographic Analysis: Determine whoclicked whatSentiment Analysis: Surface popularthemes or keywords 31
    32. 32. Monitor actionable dataContent Analysis: Create a list of headlinesranked by activity generated (clicksretweets, sales)1. Cut non performing content2. Continue with what works in paid media3. Change and republish low performing stories 32
    33. 33. Monitor actionable dataDemographic Analysis: Determine whoclicked what1. Discover what resonates with different social groups2. Determine what content to create for each group3. Direct paid media to the exact audience 33
    34. 34. Monitor actionable dataSentiment Analysis: Surface popularthemes and keywords1. Surfaces future story ideas and direction2. Serves as a signal for future product, sales and marketing ideas3. Supplies keyword and category data to inform paid media 34
    35. 35. Tools to help Earned &Website OwnedDemos Social 35
    36. 36. GrowAmplify what’s working 36
    37. 37. Let’s be realistic about earned media 37
    38. 38. The PRO PlanPromote: Proactively drive trafficRetarget: Re-message blog visitorsOptimize: Review and refine 38
    39. 39. The PRO PlanPromote: Proactively drive traffic1. Assembling the assets  Targeting: Keyword, category, demographic.  Content: repurpose what resonated with earned & owned audiences2. Automate with RSS3. Add tracking link appends (example UTM codes with Google Analytics)  Example: http://dlvr.it/?utm_source=dlvr.it_blog&utm_medium=display&u tm_campaign=Dlvr_blog_distr 39
    40. 40. Promote: Related articles 40
    41. 41. Promote: Dynamic display ads 41
    42. 42. Promote: Native placements 42
    43. 43. Promote: Native placements on mobile 43
    44. 44. The PRO PlanRetarget: Re-message blog visitors1. Recapture visitors attention after they leave your site or blog2. Remarket a sequence of articles or offers3. Retain existing customer’s attention and share of wallet 44
    45. 45. The PRO PlanOptimize: Review and refine1. Apply same technique discussed with owned media: • Content Analysis: Create a list of headlines ranked by activity generated (clicks retweets, sales) • Demographic Analysis: Determine who clicked what • Sentiment Analysis: Surface popular themes or keywords2. Create or curate new content to feed the cycle 45
    46. 46. Tools to help PaidPress Earned OwnedPaid Content Seeding 46
    47. 47. Uber list of social toolshttp://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/social-lumascape/ 47
    48. 48. Recap Content trafficData Owned Media Earned Media Blog Free Social Retweets Website SEO sharing Data Paid Media 48
    49. 49. Did we accomplish our goal? Save media dollars 49
    50. 50. InvitationMay 7 WorkshopMay 8-9 ConferenceBerkeley, CASAVE 50% with promo code: verticalmeasuresREGISTER: http://ContentMarketingNow.com/conferences 50
    51. 51. Q&AMore Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881 www.VerticalMeasures.com 51
    52. 52. FREE WEBINAR SERIESJoin us May 9th at 11am PST/2pm ESTPowerful and Effective Link Strategies with Advanced Search Commands Co-Presenters:Brynna Baldauf & Kaila Strong of:Learn about:• Advanced search queries, their meanings and best practices• Effective search commands for link building• Using social media and search commands for link building• How to diversify your search queries for maximum results• Specific examples of advanced search commands Visit www.verticalmeasures.com/webinars for registration information. 52
    53. 53. Contact:Bill FlitterCEO/Founderemail: bill@dlvr.itphone: 415 286 5606website: http://dlvr.it 53