New media marketing in today's connected world


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New media marketing in today's connected world

  1. 1. New Media Marketing Internet Marketing In Today’s Connected World
  2. 2. The Ad & Mktg. Trends Broadcast Simulcast Narrowcast/Tivo/On-Demand
  3. 3. The Ad & Mktg. Trends Push Promotion Pull Promotion
  4. 4. TraditionalMedia The Push T.V. RADIO PRINT
  5. 5. NewMedia The Pull Podcasts Videos Presentations Webinars Blogs Whitepapers
  6. 6. Podcasts Videos Webinars Blogs Whitepapers Presentations
  7. 7. New Media vs. Social Media New Media Social Media Digital communication, Digital Media that requires including audio, video, and the participation of text that includes social individuals or groups via media but does not require personal interaction. interaction in its forms of communication.
  8. 8. New Media vs. Social Media New Media Social Media Blogs Blogs With Comments Podcasts Pictures With Comments Pictures Videos Videos Webinars With Comments
  9. 9. New Media Spending U.S. Marketing Spend in Billions Source: Forrester Research
  10. 10. Where Are They Going? Estimated Monthly Traffic on Top Social Sites - August 2010 Estimated Monthly Traffic Hits in Millions Source: Website's Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank from both Compete and Quantcast (via ebizmba)
  11. 11. Social Media Steps Analyze Strategize Optimize
  12. 12. Analyze Ask “Why?” Define Your Audience Listen
  13. 13. Define Your Audience
  14. 14. Define Your Audience Personas • Provides a set of characteristics for each segment of a given target market • Increases your ability to relate via content and communication relative to personalities
  15. 15. Listen Why listen? • To monitor conversations • To analyze positive or negative brand sentiment • To review clients, competitors and partners via blogs, wikis, micro-blogs, video & picture sites • To take advantage of real-time alerts
  16. 16. Listen Listening Tools Free Paid ALERTS, BLOG SEARCH, READER Search
  17. 17. Strategize Establish a Plan Choose your Team Produce, Publish, Promote, Monitor
  18. 18. Choose Your Team d Source: Creative Commons licensing via Flickr
  19. 19. Analyze Strategize Optimize Podcasts Videos Presentations Webinars Blogs Whitepapers
  20. 20. U.S. Marketing Spend in Billions SEM Spending
  21. 21. Achieve The Right Balance During the Strategize phase discover the optimal tools and don’t be afraid to rule out those that aren’t applicable.
  22. 22. Perspective on the Tool When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail. -Maslow
  23. 23. Acme Lending B2C residential lending
  24. 24. Internet Mktg. – Case Study Identified market trends specific Analyze Phase to interest rates – targeted SEO Trained staff on Facebook, LinkedIn Strategize Phase and initiated a rate specific keyword PPC campaign Adjusted landing pages, calls to Optimize Phase action, and site content
  25. 25. Within the first 40 days there were 63 leads generated with the following: Name: Joanne Prospect Phone: 414-443-5555 Amount Requested: $125,000 Loan Type: Refinance Approximate Credit Rating: Good
  26. 26. Geek = “an intelligent but socially inept person; A person more comfortable with computers than with other persons.”
  27. 27. Internet Mktg. – Case Study Geek = “an intelligent but socially inept person; A Defined target market based on the Analyze Phase client’s business model & devised person more calls to action based on target comfortable with Strategize Phase Established segment specific computers than with micro-sites, blogging, and other persons.” established SEO campaign Monthly SEO based on ranking Optimize Phase results and analytics
  28. 28. 95% of all specialty insurance business comes from these sites alone
  29. 29. Summary Push to Pull – Old to New Media Analyze – Strategize - Optimize Focus on the plan not the tool
  30. 30. Tony Meister COO & President 888-711-0077
  31. 31. Content & Data Sources Images & Graphics from iStockPhoto & MicroSoft unless otherwise noted. SLIDE SOURCE URL Slide 8 Podcast -- Flickr Creative Commons - Slide 9 Forrester Research data via Mashable - Slide 10 Compete & Quantcast Data via eBizMBA - Slide 10 Compete & Quantcast Data via eBizMBA - Slide 18 Social Media Team – Flickr Creative Commons - Slide 22 Forrester Research data via Mashable - Slide 25 Screw In Wood – Flickr Creative Commons -