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Social insight connect_globalpark

  1. 1. m a n a g e w h a t m a t t e r sHOW CAN YOU CREATE VALUEFROM FACEBOOK FANS?Social Insight Connect is the first Facebookapplication offering a new way to interact with,understand and activate consumers.
  2. 2. ...there is no intrinsic value to a Facebook fan. … It is what companiesdo with fans that creates value, not merely that a brand has fans.«Augie Ray, Forrester Research Inc.(forrester blog, what is the value of a facebook fan? zero!, july 8, 2010)Having an authentic and engaging voice in social media is criti-cal for most every organization these days. One of the first steps iscreating a Facebook page where consumers can go for information,post their thoughts, and even “like” you, thereby becoming a fan.But even for brands that have several thousands of fans, manyquestions remain unanswered:» Who are our Facebook fans?» How do they compare with our target customer base?» How can we interact with them to create value?» How can we build sustainable, symbiotic relationships with our fans? e n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  3. 3. Social Insight Connect: creating value – and insights – from facebook fans Social Insight Connect is a full-powered feedback platform that seamless- ly integrates with Facebook. Using Social Insight Connect, marketing and research teams have a private channel with consumers directly within their fan page. Going far beyond quick polls, they can find out the attributes, actions and attitudes of this at-the-ready audience. Fans par- globalpark ticipate in surveys and interactive forums without ever leaving the site. npageFacebook Fa social insight The resulting insights are tracked over time and can be used to inform connect future interactions, product development and brand strategy. More than social media monitoring: interaction Instead of passively monitoring digital behavior and projected senti- ment, Social Insight Connect provides a new way to interact with fans to both understand and activate consumers. An array of valuable feedback and interaction tools are available for co- creation and ideation, concept testing, usage and attitude research, and viral marketing. What’s more, it’s private. Access is controlled through a Facebook application. e n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  4. 4. facebook your fans brand insider access Social Insight Connect: like an exclusive club for fans All (or selected) fans that install the app and agree to take part receive privileged access to an exclusive area where they become more engaged with the brand and participate in activities that inform future interactions and decisions. What’s in it for the fans? Insider access. Social Insight Connect creates a “VIP Club” within a Facebook page, where simple recognition is sometimes the best motivator. e n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  5. 5. Regular Facebook target group Fan Base Willingness to recommend Likability Purchase Intention Customer Lifetime Value Customer Satisfaction Category Spending Customer Profit LoyalityMarketing metrics: Understanding Facebook fans Added value of Facebook fansby measuring the differences in KPIsThe key is understandingInteraction begets understanding, and Social Insight Connect In compiling and measuring fan profile data, common brand in-allows companies to build both quantitative and qualitative dicators – likely to recommend, customer satisfaction, purchaseinsights to help understand individuals and market segments. intention – emerge, and provide a dashboard for marketing and management teams. It provides another input to feed algorithms that predict customer value scores and optimal brand actions – making the profile of Facebook fans more tangible, actionable and extendable. e n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  6. 6. Engage individual fans based on their profileActivating consumersSocial Insight Connect also helps brands activate consumers to help shape new products and marketingcampaigns, or even spark viral marketing activities and move product. Targeting specific individuals orgroups with activities that match their interests and abilities is critical to building mutually-beneficialconsumer relationships.Typical groups may include ADVISORS: creative and critical fans, ideal for product innovation work-shops; and ADVOCATES: especially enthusiastic and influential fans, who can be enabled to sharetheir joy. e n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  7. 7. Creative Enthusiastic Critical Influential BRAND ADVISORS BRAND ADVOCATESTesting the market before launching new products, Enthusiastic and influential individuals are amongmarketing campaigns or regional expansions are a the most valuable fans. In addition to profile infor- common market research activity. Now, you can mation, you can identify them by tracking online leverage Facebook fans as an at-the-ready activity to measure the impact of their posts or audience to provide feedback or even spark recommendations. This group can become highly innovation. With Social Insight Connect you not credible in promoting your brand - for example, only engage with fans, but create value through in targeted social media campaigns or a mix ofinsights – often with unprecedented response rates online and offline promotions to extend reach and rapid turnaround. and reputation. e n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  8. 8. DECISION-MAKER CHECK LIST: Does your brand have a Facebook page and “fans”? Social Insight Connect: Do you want to be more active in the Social Web? Part of the enterprise feedback platform Are you uncertain about who your fans are Social Insight Connect is a solution within Globalpark’s Enterprise and how valuable they are for your brand? Feedback Suite: an integrated platform to manage communities, Do you lack information about whether fans actually panels and surveys across channels and devices (including mobile). buy your product? Organizations apply it to engage with their target audiences and Would you like an instant opinion from your customers glean insights that inform future interactions, product development on product plans or new advertising campaigns? and business strategy. It is an open platform that can integrate with third-party systems, to feed business processes or aggregate data Is one of your marketing goals to identify market shapers and influencers? from disparate sources. enterprise feedback suite g l o b a l pa r k a g / / m a n a g e w h at m at t e r se n t e r p r i s e f e e d b a c k s u i t e : : w w w. g l o b a l pa r k . c o m
  9. 9. About GlobalparkGlobalpark provides panel community and survey software that en- Founded in 1999, Globalpark software is German-engineered andables organizations to manage what matters across the enterprise. globally-tested by leading brands and top market research insti-By capturing feedback and tracking behaviour of customers, em- tutes, including: Continental, Daimler, General Mills, GfK, IDG,ployees and partners, they gain insights that drive better business Nintendo, Sony, TNS and Warner Music. Globalpark is staffeddecisions. By identifying and empowering influential advocates, by renowned research pioneers, with offices across the US, UK,they build reputation and extend reach. Germany and Austria. m a n a g e w h a t m a t t e r sGermany Great Britain United StateS of america aUStriaGlobalpark aG (headquarters) Globalpark uk ltd. Globalpark, Inc. Globalpark ÖsterreIch Gmbhkalscheurener strasse 19a 19-21 Great tower street, 1st Floor 299 broadway, 19th Floor wasserGasse 2550354 coloGne-huerth london ec3r 5ar new york, ny 10007 1030 VIennaphone: +49 2233 7933 6 phone: +44 20 7403 3900 phone: +1 646 597 6725 phone: +43 1715 0289