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October 29 pdf


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October 29 pdf

  1. 1. 0CTOBER 29 2010 W E E K L Y U P D A T E Dear Parents, Happy Halloween! This is always a special festival at CDNIS and today was certainly no exception. With costumes of every type on display, I certainly felt the urge to cheer on our students! We had an awesome grade level party that included two spooky movies, crafts, games and the ever-so-popular disco room. Thanks so much for contributing snacks to fill everyone’s tummies and to raise the sugar (hyper)-level of the kids. Check out the Photographs section of the blog for some awesome Halloween pics. More will follow as I receive them from fellow teachers. We participated in the ArtJam session on Tuesday. It was a great artistic experience for the students. Please see below for an invitation to attend our Grade 5 Art Exhibit in the LLAC on Nov. 5 from 3-5pm. It’s a drop-in session so please come for a glass of wine and see all of our excellent masterpieces created in Grade 5. Check out the Photographs section of the blog to see all the great pictures of our ArtJam. This week we started our summative assessment for our current unit of inquiry, “How the World Works.” Students are working in groups across the grades to complete a webquest that focuses on changes in materials and the benefits and advantages of those changes. The Grade 5 teachers agree that it’s been a tremendous success having students work with others that are not their classmates to reach the common goal of completing the webquest. Our investigations into number have continued with an exploration into the language and meaning of division. Next week we’ll continue these investigations by looking at different strategies we can use to group larger numbers, how to deal with remainders and how to choose the appropriate operations to solve problems. Several excellent resources have been posted on the blog under the Numeracy link. Please note: Portfolios go home on Friday, November 5 with the Learning Update. Your children have been preparing diligently to prepare their work/learning to present to you. Please allot a sufficient amount of quality time to discuss in a positive manner your child’s learning with your child. Research states that this is one of the best ways children can find progress in their academic, social and personal development. Please note: Family Fun Fair will be on Sunday, November 7. Check out the CISPA website for details. Kind Regards DJ MacPherson Mad Scientists, ArtJammers, Cheerleading and the Spooky Festival GRADE 5A @ CDNIS
  2. 2. 0CTOBER 29 2010 W E E K L Y U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS