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October 8 pdf

  1. 1. 0CTOBER 8 2010 W E E K LY U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS Bloggers and Scientists Dear Parents, By the time Friday arrives I think we’re all ready for a relaxing weekend! We’ve had yet another learning-packed week! We started off with a pre-assessment on operations so the students can see where they are in their learning and to help them set some goals for this new unit. By the time students reach Grade 5 they are expected to know their multiplication tables to at least 10. We’ve been practicing our skills in this area; please assist your child by ensuring he/she can recall his/her times tables at home with you as well. These skills are vital as we begin multiplying and dividing large numbers, and which will lead into decimals and fractions. Those who struggle with their number facts tend to struggle with new, more complex concepts that are introduced int Grade 5. We’ve been exploring the scientific method as well as the changes in the states of matter. Students have their own “Science Journals” to which they can add entries when they wish. I have encouraged them to try doing some ‘kitchen chemistry” experiments at home as well and record the results in this journal. You can assist your child by trying these at home; let them show you some interesting sites on the blog that have plenty of experiments that can be done at home. Discuss these experiments and how they relate to the changes in the states of matter. I’ll let your child tell you about our Literacy this week. It was quite fun. I don’t think they’ll look at jam sandwiches quite the same way again! Thursday was a celebration of International Library Day and the students visited the library where booths of books from all around the world were set up. Student blogs have gone live! I strongly encourage you to visit your child’s blog regularly and even to comment on their entries. It is a perfect way for the students to understand that their writing has an audience. I advise you to subscribe to an RSS feed on their blog. Their blogs are still very much in the beginning phases, but they are started nonetheless. I think this will be an excellent way for you to communicate with your child about their learning! You can access the blogs through the class site. Please note the following: • Grade 5A will have class photos on Wednesday, October 13 at 8.20 • We will be involved in art activities next week that will include paint. Please send an old, oversized t-shirt for your child to cover his/her uniform. No shirt = No painting • The Grade 5 Assembly will be on Friday, October 15 at 8.00 in the Alan Dick Forum • Monday is a half day and dismissal will be at 11am • A permission slip for the Grade 5 visit to ArtJam will be sent home on Monday and should be sent back to school no later than Friday with the required cost. Kind Regards DJ MacPherson donaldmacpherson@cdnis.edu.hk http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/teachers/donaldmacpherson//