September 17


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September 17

  1. 1. SEPTEMBER 17 2010 W E E K LY U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS Poetic Wordsmiths and Technological Innovators Dear Parents, Another week, another five days of excitement, enthusiasm and learning! This week was particularly special as I had a chance to meet many of you at our annual Curriculum Night on Tuesday. It turned out to be a nice evening and I hope it was both informative and engaging for you. If you did not have an opportunity to make it you can view the slideshow presentation on the class blog and the video here. If you were there and want to see pictures of you in the role of a student in the Math classroom, then please click our new tab Photographs. Other pictures taken throughout the week are there as well. I will try to add new slideshows as much as possible to provide you with a more visual summary of how your child is being engaged at CDNIS and in Grade 5Awesome. We’ve pretty much wrapped up our Place Value unit and the students will be assessed on Monday. Unfortunately this week turned out to be busier than expected so that particular assessment did not happen today. As part of our unit of inquiry we’ve also investigated and negotiated questions that interested us about communication technology and used Google Documents to create a survey that was both posted on our blog and sent to the Grades 5 and 6 students and teachers. We’re now using this data to form conclusions. We’ve also agreed that Google Documents is an excellent tool that we can use in the future to collect and organize data. Check out our Wordle Summary too. Students have continued “having a go” at writing a variety of poetic structures and using a variety of literary devices. We’ve engaged in Sharing Circles through which we offered constructive feedback on each other’s writing. This feedback will inform the editing and revising process as students begin to publish their poetry. We’ve collaboratively decided upon the assessment criteria. With some effort, students will be completely published by the end of next week. We hope to share our final work through the class website, to each other through a poetry recital and by reading and sharing with our Prep A reading buddies. Students are beginning to think about their summative task, in which they will create and present their own communication technology. If you have not seen the TedTalks video posted on Wednesday, I encourage you to do so. By the end of the video, the students were standing and clapping. Quite inspiring stuff as we enter into the final phase our our unit. I can’t wait to see what our Little Innovators produce! Please note: Thursday is the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday and there will be no school. Please note: DDD has been changed to September 27 and the theme is PINK, in remembrance of Alan Dick Congratulations to Kelly Yeung (1st semester), Cherie Chung (2nd semester) and Nicholas Spence, who have been elected as our Grade 5A class representatives. Kind Regards DJ MacPherson