3 jo back to school night


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3 jo back to school night

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THIRD GRADE! Thank you for coming. Tonight I hope to help you gain a better understanding of the work your child will be doing throughout this school year. I look forward to working in partnership with you this year to support your child to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. Please take a moment to take a look around the classroom and look at what your child has left out for you to see.
  2. 2. A LITTLE ABOUT ME– PAUL JOHNSON (FEEL FREE TO CALL ME PAUL, MR. J, OR MR. JOHNSON)  2nd year at AISD  7 years teaching in a public school near Seattle, WA  National Board Certified -Middle Child Generalist o I have a three year old named Bo, and my wife, Nora Strauch teaches Grade 1 here at AISD.  I love to read, ski, garden, cook, surf, climb mountains, fly-fish, travel with Nora & swim with Bo.  I am passionate about making learning fun, meaningful, and relevant to the world that we live in. Each day through constant goal setting and small group interaction I work to meet each student’s individual needs. It is important that each and every child is challenged, but also feels like he or she is growing in a nurturing and safe setting. I look forward to getting to know all of you this year!
  3. 3. CAROL PREWITT, SUPPORT TEACHER VARSHATRIPATHI, TEACHER’S ASSISTANT  Push-in (in class)  Pull-out (during modern language)  Areas of Support: EAL Reading Writing/word study Math Organizational skills Extension activities
  4. 4. 3JO SCHEDULE  School hours: 7:45 to 1:40 Tuesday 7:45 to 2:40 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday  Daily Schedule: Recess and Lunch 12:20-1:00 SNACK! 10:20-10:40 Day 1- Spanish Day 2-PE, HCS Day 3-PA, Spanish Day 4-PE, Library Day 5: PA, Spanish, Art Day 6-PE & PA Day 7: HCS Day 8: PE
  5. 5. CLASSROOM AGREEMENT & EXPECTATIONS  AISD Vision: Preparing students to become stewards of a just and sustainable world.  As teachers we expect students to manage their behavior to the best of their ability so that they can function independently in class as well a collaboratively in groups.  The students developed the following agreements they felt were important in order to achieve this goal: Help Each Other & Cooperate Listen to Others Have Fun! Do your best Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Honest
  6. 6. UNITS OF INQUIRY •Water: River Systems •The Human Body •Exploration •People Helping People •Looking Into the Mirror •Energy We cover six units of inquiry in which we try to incorporate all areas of curriculum. Each unit last approximately six weeks. Our Unit Work often provides great interest and excitement in our classrooms, as we explore the following fascinating topics and issues:
  7. 7.  As a part of our unit of inquiry on water, students of grade 3 will record the amount of water used at home over seven days. Students will tally daily household use of water on tally sheets for a week in September.  Our goal is to record the amount of water used, analyze the results, and identify ways we can help to conserve water at home. Students will record, compile, graph, and analyze their data.  Thank you in advance for your support of this environmentally aware project that includes math skills as well as the use of technology. River Field Trip September 8th or 10th Permission Slip Coming Soon
  8. 8. READING WORKSHOP  Small group mini-lessons focused on comprehension  Independent reading  Literature Circles  Reader’s Theater focused on fluency  Word Work- Structured Word Inquiry/Words Their Way
  9. 9. Writing Workshop oWhole or small group mini-lesson oIndependent writing oGuided writing and conferencing with children oFree Writing 6 Traits of Writing Guides Instruction •Ideas •Organization •Conventions •Voice •Word Choice •Sentence Fluency
  10. 10. Math Our mathis designed to be interactive, encouraging students to build upon their natural curiosity to investigate and understand the world around them. Our goal is for students to think and reason mathematically. This year we will continue to work on integrating math across the curriculum. Our major focus in third grade: •Multiplication and Division •Analyzing Data •Subtraction across zeros with regrouping •Fractions
  11. 11. HOMEWORK 30-40 minutes per night including at least 20 minutes of reading every night. Research has shown that reading is the MOST important indicator of school success.  Homework Routine help your child set up a homework area with supplies  Reading Log please sign your child’s planner  Homework reinforces learning in school
  12. 12. PARENTS AS PARTNERS o I look forward to working in partnership with you this year to help support your child academically, socially, and emotionally. o If you have an area of expertise that you would like to share with the class, or know someone who has a connection to something we are learning about please let me know. Contact me Email: pjohnson@aisdhaka.org Cell phone: 01713396753 Send a note with your child Make an appointment Conferences: Student-Involved November 5th
  13. 13. A FEW LAST THINGS  Buddy Classroom/Blog/Dietary Restrictions  Things that should come home each night & then returned to school (book bag, planners, Homework Folders, any school journals or folders associated with homework)  Bus Arrangements (if anything changes, please contact Kavya by 12:00 noon)  Please write a note to your child