February 18


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February 18

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 18 , 2011 W E E K LY U P D A T E GRADE 5A @ CDNIS Student Empowerment ... PortfoliosDear Parents, The central idea of our current unit (which is rapidly coming to a conclusion) focuses onactions and choices by people in society that can have consequences on children’s rights.Stories such as Iqbal and The Breadwinner and even recent newspaper articles aboutchildren begging in China have helped us understand not only this idea, but also thatchildren themselves can feel empowered in their lives - to take some control over theirdestinies through their own actions and choices. For quite a few of our students this unit hasbeen an “eye-opener”! At the moment, students are engaging in their summativeassessments, which includes an imaginative recount and public service announcements. Ilook forward to seeing the students’ final products, as, I’m sure you are as well. We concluded our (very long) look at fractional numbers by exploring decimals andpercentages as we see them in everyday life. The students had to calculate taxes and pricesafter sales discounts. Through their discussions, the students have been making realconnections between the math of the classroom to the math of everyday life. Our Literature Circles with The Breadwinner have concluded. The students are nowworking on individual reflections, considering what the novel has to do with their own lives,our central idea and our concepts of causation and responsibility. Their final reflections willbe posted onto their blogs next week and I encourage you to browse through them andmake some comments. The students get very excited when they receive comments on theirblogs. They are coming to learn that their audience consists of more than the teachers andfellow classmates. Progress Reports and portfolios have been sent home today. Your children have spent agreat deal of time constructing the story of their learning. Please provide them some time toshare their learning; prompt your children with constructive questions that encouragedialogue. Remember, an important goal of the portfolios is to empower the children to takeon more of the responsibility for their own learning.Please note: Swimming for Grade 5 will begin on Monday, February 28 and will follow thesame timetable as last semester. 5A will have their swimming time on Thursday. Spring into Reading information and documents can be downloaded through the linksfound in last week’s blog post.Kind Regards,DJ MacPhersondonaldmacpherson@cdnis.edu.hk & http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/teachers/donaldmacpherson//