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December 2013 newsletter format


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December 2013 newsletter format

  1. 1. December 2013 Newsletter Can you believe this is the last newsletter you will receive in 2013? This year has been busy and has really flown by. A few highlights for the year are: • We have 5 languages represented in our classroom. They are English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Welsh. We’ve been working on teaching the children some phrases in all of these languages. • KELC partnered with our local Child Care Resource Center to have our staff just participate and complete a yearlong book study on Conscious Discipline and how to implement it in the classroom. Afterwards the ladies from the CCRC just raved about what great teachers we have and how lucky we are! • KELC also partnered with Ohio Guidestone to have Rachel Meeks come into the classroom and work with the staff and children on self-regulation and implementing Conscious Discipline. • We started using a new curriculum this year and online assessments through Creative Curriculum. • KELC staff attended over 40 hours of in-service on Ohio’s Early Learning Development Standards, Creative Curriculum, Step Up to Quality, Conscious Discipline, and ASQ screening. If you have not already given me proof that your child has had their flu shot, I need this information as soon as possible, and no later than December 13, 2013. Thursday, December 12th, is our KELC holiday program at 6 pm. We invite you to join us and bring a dozen cookies to share afterwards with our families and relatives. Have a great month, Jeni Hoover Birthdays This Month: December 26 – Brandon turns 5! Happy, Happy Birthday to You! January Parent Meeting: Our annual January parent meeting will be Thursday, January 23rd, at 5 pm in the administrative conference room. Please mark your calendars as we will be discussing our goals for 2014 and results from the parent surveys. In addition we will go over how to use the Gold Online Parents’ access. (Layla and Phoebe holding hands on the bus coming back from the ELI trip.) Intergenerational News: We will be having a “Twigbee shop” Wednesday, December 11th, from 10-11 am in the café area outside Fox & Fell. Residents will be setting up a little store where the children can buy Christmas gifts for their families. We are asking that each child bring $1 to spend that day and then we have residents that will help them wrap their gifts before going home. Upcoming Dates: December 5 – Birds’ trip to Library December 5 – Hanukkah tea at 3 pm December 9 – New Cycle – Tuition Due December 11 – Santa visits at 3 pm December 12 – KELC holiday program at 6 pm December 20 – Giraffes’ trip to Library December 23 – New Cycle – Tuition Due December 24 – Closed for the holiday December 25 – Closed for the holiday January 1 – Closed for the holiday January 2 – Birds’ trip to Library
  2. 2. Bird Tweets: November certainly flew by! We want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone for coming to the Thanksgiving Luncheon. We love seeing all of the families together! We have such a great community here at Kendal; families like you are what make this such a special place. We have finished our tree study and are now talking about Holiday traditions around the world. The children are really enjoying talking about their own family traditions. We have a few parents and a grandfriend that are going to talk about the Holidays in their native countries. Santa will be coming to Kendal on Wednesday, December 11th at 3:00. Please feel free to bring your child or children back to see him and take pictures. Also don’t forget that our Holiday Program is Thursday, December 12th, at 6. Please drop your child off at the center at 5:45 and head on down to the auditorium with your plate of cookies to share. Have a great month! Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year! Sara and Robin Giraffe Whistles: We know Thanksgiving has now past but we really want to say how thankful we are am for the wonderful group of parents we have this year. We had a terrific turnout for both our Harvest Luncheon and our Fall Conferences. It means so much to us to know how dedicated you are to your children and our program. We really appreciate getting to spend the extra time with you! In the classroom we just finished up with our study on trees and now have a much better understanding of how important trees are to us. Our Creative Curriculum really gets you to look at and learn about all aspects of the given study. We also spent a great deal of time discussing what it means to be thankful and what we are thankful for. We always love to hear what they are thankful for. The children also really enjoyed preparing for our luncheon. They always seem to love cooking projects. In December we will be talking about holiday traditions around the world and also those of our families. We have also really been practicing for our annual Holiday performance so please be sure to join us. The Giraffes have welcomed two new smiling faces. Haleyrose Hall joined us in November and Elizabeth Sutton will be joining us on December 9th. In addition we will welcome Eli to our classroom in January. Happy Holidays! Karen and Julie